Offerings/Wish List for Plant Swap in Lucketts, VA (May 21)

Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

Counting down the days to the Spring Plant Swap! This is the thread for listing what you have/want for plant swapping. I'm pretty casual about my approach to most things, so I don't have much in the way of rules here. I think what I've seen for previous swaps is that each person has a single consolidated post for their haves/wants which gets edited with info from the chat posts.

Main Spring Plant Swap thread is here:

Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

Aspenhill (Terri) Haves/Wants

Daffodils: Thalia, Double Yellow Cheerfulness, Lemon Drops, Jenny, Hawera, others
Pinkish/Orange Tiger Baby lillies (qty limited - about 5)
'Palibin' Korean Lilacs - ruby
Agastache (need to go find tag, but they are pinkish/purplish) - ruby

From the woods if anyone wants to dig their own:
Mountain Laurel

Anybody have lily of the valley?

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Crozet, VA

Yep Terri, can fix you right up with the Lily of the Valley. How many do you want? I will now need to begin the list of things we have. I cannot think right at the moment of anything I am hoping to get but will decide on my wants as I see what others are offering.

A guestion, do we do private dmails to work out the trades or do it here on the board? In the past I found it worked better to privately dmail with folks expressing a desire to have what I was offering and also vice verse......and then post the final tally here.

Whatever works best for each might be the answer to my question. So, I am just really excited that we can now go about all the excitement of anticipation. Lookng forward to seeing some of my all time favorites folks soon.


Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Iris White
Artemisia Silver King
Vinca Major Variegated
Vinca Minor
Sedum Yellow creeping
Common Daylilies
Ornamental Grass Variegated (runner type not clumping)
Campanula Pink Octopus
Virginia Blue Bells
Hosta NOID Variegated
Wood Poppy

Herbs and Veggies
Choclate Mint
Lemon Balm
Ornamental Peppers

Water plants
Pickerel Weed
Yellow Water Iris

Black Pussy Willow
Curly Willow
Trumpet Vine

Alyssum -Mixed
Bacopa White
Begonias (Dwarf 6”) Dark Foliage
Begonia Dragon Wing
Ivy-Swedish White Fringed
Marigold Discovery
Marigolds Sweet Cream

Blue Agave
Peace Plant

Huntsville, AL(Zone 7b)

As always I won't have much of anything - I'll look around my tiny garden to see what I can possibly dig up - I will as always beg for whatever :-)

Actually, if there are any tomatoes, basil or peppers that needs a good home I'll be happy to provide one!

Anyone want me to dig up:

Violas - Ruby, Nisi
Rose of Sharon - Ruby and 10 x yay, more room to plant! Gone!
Siberian Irises (4 different varieties (white, purple, deep purple and pink)) - Aspen, Ruby, Jill - gone!
"A really pretty, small flowered, deep pink, shrub" - I have NO idea what it is, but I need it gone :-) - Aspen (YAY!) Gone!
Sedum cuttings (ab 4-5 varieties) - plop in ground, watch grow! - Sally
Generic green/white hosta with lilac flowers (which I really, really thought I got rid of, but it keeps coming back!) Gone!
Black Eyed Susan's (same story as the hosta, thought it was gone, but no such luck)!!
Geranium Rozanne - Ruby, Nisi
If anyone wants me to take cuttings (& start rooting) Honeysuckle (Coral & caprifolum) and Silver Leaf vine I can do that - Greenthumb - I';ll chop off and try to keep separate soft wood cuttings from both...

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Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

MySpace ! Back later to refine my list.
(Ruby- I like it when discussions take place off this thread so we don't do lots of scrolling around. Not that I am list police or anything)

8 seedling/ starts Petunia Mini Max Pink seeds from Jill in February
Iris,-- huge purple flower on tall stem
Iris heirloom, from hart, - smallish lavender flower on 30 inch stem that does not flop
Spiderwort- medium lavender color, possibly Little Doll ?
Dozens of Ice Follies daffs-- too small to bloom but if you pamper them they should rebound in a year or two?
Dogwood seedlings- one is 18 inches tall
''Japanese red "maple --seedlings
3 Redbud seedlings --8, 12,18 inches tall

Limbaugh Legacy tomato seedling-

4 Datura Double purple- Nisi, ___,___,___
2 clumps Stellla D'oro daylily--Nisi,___
Penstemon digitalis
3 pots Blue eyed grass, native

2 Northern Sea oats ___,___
Sedum blue juniper- fast growing creeping sedum- lots- greeenthumb, ___,___
Yellow archangel Lamiastrum- unlimited- Ruby, greenthumb, -____


Bec sedum?

Marigolds, or marigold seeds- Holly?
Peace plant = Holly
BUSH butternut or other bush winter squash SEEDS

Coleus that can take some afternoon sun after mid day shade- Gita?
Periwinkle common, for neighbor-greenthumb greenthumb- Allium, Podophyllum
aspehill- Cheerfulness
CHantell- PB Shrub
Iberis- greenthumb
Powder Keg AV- donnerville

Giving (helps me get organized)

Holly- Sedum blue juniper- Some double purple Datura, too.

Chantell- Wintersweet shrub, Rice hulls
aspenhill- Nice Rosemary--note this originated from Chantell , also heirloom hart's iris and large purple iris

Nisi- Limbaugh Legacy tomato, Datura, Blue phlox, Stella D'oro, Geranium bigroot
Bec Heritage raspberry-
greenthumb --some Sedum 'Blue Juniper as well as a tad of Yellow Archangel? Elderberry, Calycanthus Oh, almost forgot, Pat (encalg) is interested in the White Lilac. Blue woodruff

Ruby- creeping phlox, Iris (big purple, heirloom from hart, Wabash) Yellow archangel Lamiastrum,

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Crozet, VA

This is my list of HAVE TO TRADE:

Sedum Sarmentosum
Sedum Autumn Joy
Lavender Bee Balm
Lily Of The Valley
Lambs Ear
Yellow Iris
Historic Iris - purple falls, light lavender standards
Sweet Woodruff
Stella D'oro Day Lily
Marionette Day Lily
Mary Todd Day Lily
Happy Returns Day Lily

That is it for now. Will add more later if we discover something we have forgotten.


Bordentown, NJ(Zone 7a)

If you see something that interests you please request it; I don't have room to bring everything, and in being selective I might leave home something you wanted.


Non-tomato plants:

6 just-germinated Ambassador zucchini in paper pots--Sally
4 just-germinated Sugar Baby watermelons in paper pots
5 Dahlia plants grown from seed (packet says it’s a mix but so far have bloomed only yellow)
2 Painted daisy (purchased and haven’t bloomed so don’t know which color)
3 California Wonder bell pepper--Sally
25 bare-root Eversweet everbearing strawberries (just received in mail)--Gita

Winter sown pots (you dig out hunk-a-what you want yourself)
California poppy

The tomato seedlings run the gamut from tall ones with older, yellowing bottom leaves (which you’ll bury anyway, right?), to “proper Carolyn-sized” 9-inch transplants, to small but sturdy winter-sown little trees, to tender seedlings still inside under lights. Plus there are several four- and six-packs I bought but need only one out of each pack for me.

So here are some of the varieties. I can’t bring them all, so if you see one that interests you, please D-Mail me. (And if YOU have a tomato I don’t have, please keep me in mind!)

Hardened off:

Ramapo (lots of these)--Critter
Supersonic (lots of these)
Roma (lots of these)--Rubyw (2)
Super Beefsteak--BecNoVa (1 plus any two other varieties)
Mortgage Lifter
Mortgage Lifter “Type”
Dr. Carolyn--Critter
Yellow Pear
Big Mama--Critter
Husky Red
Rutgers Select
Sparks Earliana
Camp Joy (cherry)--Sally
Super Sweet 100
Nebraska Wedding
Cherokee Purple

Just put outside today:

Brandywine Pink Sudduth (only a few)--Critter
Brandywine Yellow Platfoot (only a couple)--Critter
Brandywine Red Landis (only a couple)--greenthumbs99
Brandywine Black (maybe only one)
Brandywine OTV (just one)

Winter-sowed some varieties that are new to me, with number available (after I take mine):

1 Casady’s Folly
2 Cowlick’s Brandywine
1 Stump of the World--Critter NONE LEFT
1 Linda’s Faux (very small)
2 Jersey Devil (small)
2 Dr. Lyle
2 Moonglow
2 Goldman’s Italian-American

Still inside under lights:

4 Tami G (grape)
6 Champion
4 Pruden’s Purple
2 Kellogg’s Breakfast
8 New Girl
4 Tomatoberry
2 Believe It or Not
9 Plum Lemon
3 Jelly Bean
2 Mountain Magic
6 Supersweet 100
2 Druzba
4 Aunt Molly’s Ground Husk Cherry (I think you’re supposed to plant at least two for good yield).
Basils, one plant each--
Red Rubin--bonner


Tomato plants that you have and I don't
Other vegetable or herb plants
Dahlias other than yellow
Blooming perennials that are NOTover 2 or 2 1/2 feet high

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Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

Agastache ‘Honey Bee Blue’ - ruby, becky
Agastache scrophulariifolia – Purple Giant Hyssop - ruby
Ageratina altissima – nee Eupatorium rugosum - White Snakeroot - critter
Allium cernuum – Nodding Pink Onion - sallyg
Althaea officinalis – Marsh Mallow - chantell
Aquilegia ‘Double Pink’ - ruby, holly
Asclepias perennis – White Milkweed
Aster cordifolium – Blue Wood Aster -ruby, aspenhill
Campanula ‘Bellringers’ - ruby, aspenhill, becky, critter
Campanula ‘Elizabeth’ - donnerville, ruby, aspenhill, becky, holly
Digitalis ‘Camelot Rose’ -donnerville, aspenhill
Digitalis ferruginea ‘Gigantea’ - donnerville
Digitalis grandiflora – Yellow Foxglove - donnerville, ruby, becky, holly
Digitalis –White - withdrawn due to plant failure.
Dracocephalum rupestre - ruby
Heuchera richardsonii
Iberis sempervirens – Candytuft - sallyg, gita
Lathyrus latifolius – Everlasting Pea - aspenhill
Lily-Of-The-Valley - donnerville, aspenhill
Liriope muscari
Mertensis virginiana - VA Blue Bells - donnerville
Nandina - ruby
Parthenocissus quinquefolia – Virginia Creeper
Parsley - chantell, nisi
Podophyllum peltatum – Mayapple - sallyg, ruby
Prunella ‘Freelander Blue’ - ruby. becky, nisi
Pyrethrum - chantell
Solidage caesia – Blue-stemmed Goldenrod
Talinum calycinum – Flameflower - ruby
Verbascum ‘Temptress Purple’ - ruby, holly
Vinca minor - sallyg
Yarrow, White - chantell

Part Shade or Full Shade Plants

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Damascus, MD(Zone 7a)

I will be the beggar this year. I am on assignment from my company to a project in Baltimore this year and actually stay in an apartment in Baltimore during the week. As a result, I have done no garden work this year :-(. I have a few perennials and some house plants if anybody is interested. The house plants are all currently blooming:

African violet Powder Keg (0 plant left. Can provide leaves if you are interested.)
Steptocarpus Blue Ice (1 left)
Streptocarpus Ruby (0 left)
Lipstick plant (1 left)
Shasta daisy (will pot up only if you ask.)
Brunnera (Potted up babies. Should bloom next year.)
Oxalis Purple Shamrock (Tubers just started to grow leaves. Have quite a few.)
Coneflowers (will pot up only if you ask.)

1 hot pepper plant of any type
2 basil plants of any type
Virginia blue bells
Lily of the valley
Canna lily of any type - forgot to dig mine up last year :-(
Perennial poppies of any type

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Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

Will update as soon as I find my brain....Waving a big hello to all!!!

Yucca and possible Agave pups - no surprise to anyone, I'm sure...LOL
Hardy Ice Plant - Fuchsia colored flowers
Sm hardy prickly pad - pads
Peanut Butter Shrub cuttings
Lemon Balm
Chocolate Vine cuttings
NOID Yellow Yarrow - since I'll be replacing mine with the good ole white variety

Might have - will confirm as soon as able (putting this here as a reminder to self LOL)
Hardy Canna
Mock Orange - Becky
passiflora if up

Smelly goods
Medicinal Herbs

Perwinkle (vinca - right?), ice plant, PB shrub cuttings and Thai ginger - Sally
Hardy Canna (if I find them) - Ruby
Chocolate vine cuttings - Teri
Virginia Mountain Mint & Sensitive Fern - Greenthumb
PB Shrub cuttings, jasmine - Jill

REQUESTS (please and thank you if you're able)
Ruby - Lavender Bee Balm
Holly - Horseradish..and other stuff if avail that we've spoke of... ^_^
GT - White yarrow etc etc etc ^_^
Critter - White Yarrow

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Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Reserving this space.....Have not had time to take inventory yet.....
Gotta finish some garden work first.
OK! Walked around and made a list......May, or may not, be a final version.


--Coleus--Lots and lots growing from cuttings. Asst. colors-- Donnerville (3); Sally-(amt.?).
--Canna Starts--1 or 2 "eyes"--potted up today. Maroon leaves--orange blooms. 8 pots.-- Ruby; Donnerville;
--small Cleome seedlings--2" or so. Several...


--Japanese Painted Fern-- two-- (reserved for Greenthumb)
--Astilbes--potted, growing divisions--(Red??) 5 pots
--Blue Liatris--divided last year. Outside all winter. Now 10" tall in 5" pots--3
--Baby Tiger Lilies---outside all winter. Growing --now 4" tall. 18 pots.
--Daylilies "Frans Hals"--bi-color. Plants outside all winter. 8--4" pots...growing well.
--Columbine seedlings--"Winky pink"-- 4 pots-- Ruby;
--Perennial Geranium "macrorhysium" (Big Root)--6 pots. -- Ruby;
--Foxglove seedlings---most likely pinks-- Lots.-- Ruby;
----Stonecrop "Angelina"--pretty green "needles" with yellowish tops. 6"-8" tall. Hardy to --20*.
Drought and deer resistant. Got broken off pieces at HD, Brought home and potted them.
Still rooting--I hope!!! Leave in pots!


--Swedish Ivy--6 pots. growing great!
--Night Blooming Cereus--really lg. plants by now!--3 pots-- Ruby(1);
--Curly Spider Plant "Bonnie"---4 pots--well growing.
--X-Mas cactus rooted cuttings-- LOTS!
--Red Epis--3 pots--well rooted and growing--good size!--- Ruby gets the best one!
--Ric-Rac cactus--all rooted--4 pots
--Angel Wing Begonia-- 4 pots.
--Wandering Jew--rooting cuttings--4 pots

That's all--for now...

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Crozet, VA

Have a new offering in case anyone is interested. We have a million plus Rose Campion starts. Can't guarantee their survival but am willing to share if anyone is interested.


Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Gotta Chantell, Would you like comfrey? It's a Medicinal Herb.

Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

Holly - you're so sweet...Sally just reminded me that's what she gave me last year...was trying to figure out what was coming up...LOL

Anyone have chickweed? Willing to take as much as anyone has...mightly big of me eh?

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Chantell, What about Perilla? They make a medicinal tea from it in the Asian Countries.

Falls Church, VA(Zone 7b)


Deep blue columbines
Iris "Florentine" (peach color)
Baptisia australis
Yucca shoots
Lamb's ears
Raspberry Yarrow
Tall orange/w red streaks daylilies (only if you ask)
Shasta daisies (only if you ask)
Toad lilies

Pink Muhly Grass
Orange coneflowers
Artemesia "Silver Mound" or "Powis Castle"
Fancy Thymes
Daisies "Banana Cream"

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Foxy, Could I have some Peach Iris? I have Artemesia, Silver king. Very pretty but an aggressive grower. Tall and spreads really quickly.

Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

Holly - wow that sounds like an interesting you have Perilla? If so I'd love some!! thank you and might I beg some horseradish from you as well?

In addition to the previously begged for chickweed - anyone have the old fashion (some say invasive) white yarrow - I believe it is Achillea millefolium but I'm really not sure...just know it's the plain old fashion white.

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Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

bump- Been editing my entry

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

I have some out there haven't looked to see if it is up yet but it should be.

Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

^_^ thank you ! Hugs

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Heya! Got back from vacation late last night... I'll be trying to pot up divisions this week! I haven't even gone out to see how everything has fared that I tried to start before we left, but at a glance they look good... including a little start of that heirloom white achillea you mentioned, Chantell, and I'm sure there's another volunteer or two out there, as it can be a little "thuggish" that way.

potted cuttings: (hopefully well rooted by now but not ready to plant out)

Jasminum stephanense (rated to zone 7; I have it in a sheltered spot)
Lonicera americana (honeysuckle)
Lonciera sempervirens ("coral honeysuckle") sorry, cuttings aren't looking lively

can probably dig:
lamium -- might be 'Shell Pink'. Greenthumb
black eyed susan
purple loosestrife (Lysimachia, *not* the invasive genus! but it does spread through a bed in a mint-like way)
white heirloom achillea (rather thuggish but pretty)
Mint, 'Hilary's Sweet Lemon' Greenthumb, Chantell
Chocolate Peppermint
'Kentucky Colonel' Spearmint (don't have loads this year but can probably get a rooted start)

Felicia's Phlox (tall blue, heirloom from DH's grandmom, 4 small pots) Chantell, Becky, Nisi, Holly

Torenia, mixed Greenthumb Donnerville
Looks like I've got a few extra Torenia, mixed colors, but otherwise my light shelves are far from full this year -- sorry I didn't manage to do my usual assortment of basils, especially! Tomato starts don't look so hot; if they perk up, Stormy has dibs, but I might have a few extras. No extra sweet peppers this year but should have some extra hot peppers (smallish still but look sturdy, will post varieties if interested).

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Bordentown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Posted my have/want list in reserved space above.

This is my first visit to the "southerly" MAG swap; hope I am doing this correctly.

May add or adjust tomorrow when (if) it doesn't rain and I can go outside and look around


Thought I'd add a picture for fun.

Thumbnail by NisiNJ
Crozet, VA

Those are some really beautiful tomato plants Nisi. Yes, pictures are always fun.


Bordentown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Quote from rubyw :
Those are some really beautiful tomato plants Nisi.


Thank you, Ruby. Those were the most photogenic of the seedlings and the picture was taken a week or two ago before all the rain. (They don't all look like that!!!)

Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

I've added NOID Yellow Yarrow to my avail list - only have a couple - give a shout out if interested.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

I finally got a good look at my potted cuttings, and the coral honeysuckle is looking like it didn't take. But I may have a couple of clematis to share!

Ruby, I think you got something from me a couple years ago that turned out not to be Clematis montana rubra, LOL, but I potted up a piece that rooted over the winter for you, and it looks good. :-)

I also added mints to my list. I have loads of Chocolate Peppermint that needs to be pulled from the far end of its bed (wonderful sweet, clean flavor -- my favorite for tea), and Joyanna helped me pot up 4 clumps of 'Hilary's Sweet Lemon' (a Westerfield hybrid) this afternoon.

Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

Critter - raising hand for some of the Lemon...pretty please and thank you (if Joyanna pulled enough up) ^_^ I LOVE all my mints!!

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Holly, if available, I'd love to ask you for a 'Pink Octopus' Campanula, a Black Pussywillow, and a Comfrey plant.

Bec, I'd love a start of white and/or pink siberian iris! And if you can get a coral honeysuckle going for greenthumb, I'd appreciate it (he wanted one & I think mine have croaked).

Chantell, ooh I'd love to try that peanut butter shrub... I remember when you were talking about it on the fragrant gardening forum!

Nisi, I'll try to bring a few tomatoes that aren't on your list, but right now mine are looking pretty puny. I was just thinking I might have to buy some this year, so if you have extras I'd love to request some! Varieties I'm especially interested in are Dr. Carolyn, Big Mama, Stupice, Ramapo, Brandywine Pink Sudduth, Brandywine Yellow Platfoot, and Stump of the World. Thanks!

Greenthumb, I'd love a White Snakeroot and a Campanula 'Bellringers', if available. Thanks!

Gita, please could I have a ricrac cactus? Mine was finally starting to get going (I don't have your touch with it!), but it got neglected last year and I lost a couple of the cuttings in my pot.

Foxy, I'd love a raspberry yarrow!

Sally, could I please have a piece of your lavender spiderwort? (BTW, your purple sibs are blooming their hearts out right now in my garden, and your Bubby Bush is opening its buds!)


Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

No problem - Jill...will bring PB cuttings...she's turning into a small 'tree'...LOL Long as the hummers and/or butterflies are happy all is well w/the world. Chloe still loves sitting out there with me watching them!! I can only imagine Joyanna in your yard

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Will bring you a rooted Ric-Rac and--maybe some extra cuttings--since mine is so huge.
It will never miss it!!!!
If you may remember (or not) my original got so huge that I had to get rid of it--
So--I donated it to Rawlings Cinservatory where it lives, happily, on a rock above a huge pond
in their Mediterranean House.....

Now I have another HUGE one to deal with-----will take a few cuttings for you....
Just shove the cuttings in a 4" or 5" pot--all the way to the bottom--and IGNORE IT...
Keeping it BARELY moist in filtered light. A clay pot may help.....That's all!
ALL Orchid Cactus sections root amazingly! No problem!!!!

And--remember--they like being root bound (which may take several years--so start with a 6" HB)
and shove ALL the cuttings in it. Hang outside in bright, filtered light--and wait.....
Feed throughout the summer--(MG is fine) and then bring it in for a "REST" in the winter....
Water very sparingly--but do give it good light.

In general--I find "ignorance" of many plants as the best way to success.....
Makes them "fight" for survival! So--they come through like troopers.....

Separate request.....

Could I please have a few of the best, largest, rooted or not, cuttings of your Red Honeysuckle?
This is for my Manager, Donn.....
FINALLY!!!! The Coral H-Suckle you gave me a few years ago--that outgrew my bed--
and that I dug up and gave Donn-- are blooming in His garden.
He is enchanted with the aroma--and wants more and more-----like a kid! He IS like a kid!

Please bring whatever you can share.......Thanks--Gita

My Ric-Rac came, originally, from :Kachinagirl" in CA.
The fancy name of it is: "Selencereus Anthonyanus".

I was blessed a couple of years with it's blooms....

Thumbnail by Gitagal
Falls Church, VA(Zone 7b)

Holly--YES--you can have Iris Florentine. A couple of others have made the request, but I have enough for all. One problem is I may not get to the swap. If someone nearby me is going can pick them up and bring them to the swap for me. I'd love to have your "Silver King", but it probably will have to wait.

Did someone say they had pink Siberian irises?? I got lost reading through here. Lots of plants!!

Chantell, I have several clumps of white yarrow. I love it because it stays neat and the flowers last a long time. It is not invasive. It may not be the variety you are looking for. I got it from Thompson & Morgan in a wildflower seed mix. They stayed a decent size in wood chip mulch. I also have the pale yellow short yarrow, and the very tall and bulky "Coronation Gold." The white and raspberry-colored yarrows I can divide for you if you want them. Deer hate them so I think they're good to put in front of your "precious" plants. Sort of foils them.

Sallyg-did you still want one of the peach Irises? I seem to recall you were interested in them. Long story that I didn't offer them last spring, but the big snow had a lot to do with it.

Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Gita, the coral honeysuckle cuttings aren't looking good. I'll see what the plant has to offer, but I pruned it back pretty hard last month (thought I'd stuck plenty of cuttings, so tossed the rest of the trimmings). I'm not positive, but I thought the honeysuckle you got from me and gave to your manager was L. americana, not the coral honeysuckle. ?

My ricrac was doing pretty well, largely neglected as you suggested, and I'd taken a bunch of cuttings from it to stick down into its pot... but it got watered a little *too* sparingly at one point last year... several pieces went altogether crispy, and others had to be trimmed back. I will treat this one better; I promise! That bloom is stunning.

I'll have more of the white achillea to offer... one that came up next to a tag that said "pink yarrow" is now blooming out white... so it's coming out to make room for something that really is pink! LOL The white is nice, but I have plenty of it out there.

Joyanna helped me pot up some more mint this morning. Tomorrow, we'll see if we can grub up a few Clematis virginiana volunteers that I noted in the front bed.

Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

Both of my honeysuckles are going crazy out back...someone describe the color of the Coral H-Suckle or post a pic...if that's what's going nuts, I'm happy to bring CUTTINGS - none will be rooted...simply cuttings.

Foxnfire - thank you re the yarrow but I've got enough being share that I'll be set in my little yard...very sweet of you to offer though.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Did you not show a different Honeysuckle on a "haves" post??? it was reddish/Purplish????

Was the one you gave me a few years ago the "Americana Honeysuckle"????
It's blooms were coral....I thought that was the one I had--dug up--and gave to my Manager...

Then--you posted a link to another one. I thought it was red??? Maybe purple?????

Anyway--Here is the Honeysuckle you gave me in May of 2008. I DO have it listed as
L. Americana.....(see picture below)
I rooted it--planted it--after 2 years--needed to get rid of it--as it was taking up too
much room. Dug it up and gave it to my Manager, Donn...Both of them!

SO??? What is the other one you posted a link to above?????
I thought it was purple/reddish.....

Anyway--IF you have cuttings from any other than the "Americana"---please bring me some....

Just trying to appease the "I want--I want"--childish needs of my MGR.

He IS a budding gardener--IF, only, he could stop being so obsessive and anal about his
position at HD. He IS the best MGR. we have ever had. SO! I should not complain....
I just relate to him on a different level......Plants and Gardening--and I Teach HIM!
--He forgets everything I tell him--and the names of plants....
--He does not know what is an annual or a perennial--and I have been telling him for 4 yrs. now....
--He has "tunnel vision" as to what he wants--irregardless if it is an annual or a perennial....

I feel very sad and empathetic for someone like him--whose ONLY focus is his job!
--NO personal relationships....Nice looking man--NO Girl-Friends....just turned 44yrs. old/young.
One of 6 siblings--NONE of them married--what does that tell you????
ALL of them consumed by their jobs--singular visions.....obsessions....
--NO other interests or focus in his life....Has a home--1 acre of land he is trying to "garden"
and I have been supplying him with plants now for 4 years....He still does not know their names!!!!

I won;t give up! HE brings out a maternal instinct in me. We both have a connection--
but it is garden-related...AND--That is all it should be....

He always says---"I love you"---and I always answer---"I Love you too" ...and it means nothing....
For--It cannot---He is my Store manager----I am his Garden and Plants advisory.....supplier...
It is a sterile "give and take"......

Anyway--I am most fond of him and have tried for now 4 years to turn him into a better gardener...
Sometimes--in life--you just meet someone you can really care about--with ABSOLUTELY NO
reciprocation in mind.....

That be me! Gita

Thumbnail by Gitagal
Frederick, MD(Zone 6b)

Gita, the honeysuckle in your photo is L. americana.. that's the one I gave you, and I think you rooted a broken piece of it in water, too. The other honeysuckle I have is the coral honeysuckle, L. sempervirens, and yes its blooms are red. I stuck a bunch of cuttings that looked great before I left and now look crispy, so I will probably not have that one available this spring.

Here's the coral honeysuckle. Mine is an unknown cultivar from another DGer... I traded her some peach irises for it, because I knew Hart was looking for a coral honeysuckle... she sent me a little extra piece, which I kept, and it has flourished by my deck steps!

Thumbnail by critterologist
Huntsville, AL(Zone 7b)

I'll chop off cuttings from both of mine to take home and root, it'll be soft-wood cuttings so best to root in water (at least in my limited experience)

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Now I know I also have coral honeysuckle. Small from last years swap but thriving. Thanks for the discussion somebody!

Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

Oh good now I know which is which - I'll also bring cuttings if each (which will in turn save me the wrath if my HOA!!) ^_^

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