Stacking eggs with a R-Com 20?

(Zone 5b)

Ok, so I got carried away, again. Loaned my incubator to a friend so it was safely out of reach while I got over the hatching craze. She called to say she would be returning it tomorrow. So, I bid on some eggs (onbe dozen) I've been wanting, two minutes after the listing there was another ad forother eggs (one dozen) that I've been dying to have. My friend has an incubator that she hasn't had much luck with, very poor hatch rates. She said I could borrow it, but I don't want to take the chance, especially at the price of the hatching eggs. Does anyone know if it's possible to stack eggs in the R-Com 20? The eggs lay on their side in the bator.

My first bid on the eggs was high so it is "likely" that I'll win them. The other eggs usually go much higher than my highest bid. I may get a litttle crazy on bidding, but only if it's possible that I can stack them i the bator. Any ideas, thoughts? Thanks!

Lodi, CA(Zone 9b)

If you candle when they get there, and don't bother to set the ones with "bubbles" that will cut down on how many go in. If the bubble moves when you move the egg while candling, it will probably not develop. They are called TACs (Trans Air Cell) or some scientific jibberish... it's a possiblity the might develop, but I've never had one hatch. That is the damage they get from shipping.

I've heard of stacking, and as long as they are turned, I guess it might work.

I think you need to look up this word someone once told me.. M O D E R A T I O N... I can't help you, cause I still don't know what it means. :)

(Zone 5b)

Thanks, ZZ's, I've never candled before so I guess I should get one and do that. I'm pretty sure I won't get one of the auctions. It always goes much, much higher than my current high bid, so I'm probably safe there long as I can stop watching the auction LOL


M = MANY is a good number.
O = OBSESSED with chickens
D = DARN couldn't help myself.
E = EXCITED, not rational.
R = RAH RAH, more chickens.
A= AHHHHH, they're soooo cute.
T = TINY fuzzy butts.
I = I want them?
O = Oh, I need some of those chickens.
N = Nutty for more chickens?

Is that about right?

Lodi, CA(Zone 9b)

You did it!!! Finally cracked the secret word! I knew we thought a lot alike!! LOL That is just perfect!

I just use a small maglight flashlight on the top of the egg in a dark closet.. if you didn't get Marans or blue eggs, it will be easy.. you are just looking for an air bubble that moves when you tip the egg sideways, (with the flashlight still shining through it) Some have one big air bubble and it is a little wobbly, but it doesn't move. If there are several bubbles floating at the top, you can cook those & feed em the chickens.

You made my day! :)

(Zone 5b)

Uh-oh. One auction is for blue eggs, the other is for Marans (black, blue, splash). We have one of those obnoxiously bright led flash lights so I might give it a try with that. I'm almost outbid on one auction already, with almost two days left.

Lodi, CA(Zone 9b)

Uh oh... well, it might work on the blue eggs anyway.

(Zone 5b)

I didn't bid any higher on either auction. They went for a few bucks higher than my highest bid. What a relief! However, I did order a dozen hatching eggs. It ended up costing a heck of a lot less too. Wish I had a broody...

Lodi, CA(Zone 9b)

Oh that's good! Now if your seller is generous and sends plenty of extras, you won't have any empty spots staring you in the face.. :)

(Zone 5b)

They're sending 18 eggs! It will be a mixture of pure breds, BCM, Blue M, or W Marans. Fingers crossed some hatch, are healthy, and there are at least 4 pullets. I'm such a sucker for dark eggs. I know they're stingy layers and gluttons for food, but, I want a few dark layers. There should be enough laying pullets to pick up the slack.

I think 3 of the barred rock "pullets" are boys, little to no tail feathers at approx 4 weeks of age. So much for AG Lands "pullet only" tank LOL. Wish there was a DG expert close by who could take a look at them so I'd know which ones are boys/girls. Need it to STOP raining so we can get the little coop delivered. The back yard grass is a dark neon green, beautiful, from being fertilized by the Girl's all winter long LOL!

Richmond, TX

Don't give up on your Barred Rock pullets. I had one I was sure was a rooster: cocky attitude, huge comb and wattles; I even carried "him" around under my arm to establish my dominance... then she laid an egg!

(Zone 5b)

Thanks Porkpal, I'll hang in there with them. I just love the look of them. I think one of the RIR's is a rooster because it has tiny waddles, big comb, and no tail feathers either. We're pretty attached to them so I hope they're girls.

(Zone 5b)

Well, the teenage chicks are fully feathered and love spending time outside. There were out in a large fenced
area all day today and loved it. The new baby chicks arrived this morning - 15 EE'ers, 5 red pullets. The Incubator is giving me FITS! It stopped turning the eggs, the humidity was between 30 and 40%. I upplugged it and think it reset itself as the turned is working now, heat and humidity are perfect. It's only been used a couple of times so while it's under warranty I'm going to have it sent back so they can look at it.

Today the Marans-Taxi people came and took the two piggie Wheaten Marans, one BO, and one EE'er. I cried, I love those gals. I now have 8 laying hens. I'm going to place most of them (keeping Charlotte, Goat, and Vivian the unbroody Silkie). All the rain we've had really got in the way of having the new coop delivered, they will attempt to deliver it the week after next, sheesh! I hope to place the remaiing BO and EE'ers so I can put the teenie bobber chicks in with the 3 layer hens and hope all goes well. The new coop had better be ready when all the new babird are ready to move into it.
Worked hard all day, ache, planted lots of flowers, didn't smoke and I'm starving for something tart, like a fresh lemon. Weird.
Good night all!

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