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hope you get a bit of "ME" time tomorrow.

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There is much laughter across the world when reading your post about Me Time. I think that all pet owners and parents identify with it. Your only hope is that you can train them to eat on the patio as soon as you get home; thereby locking them out of the house while you get a bite to eat and rest a bit.
I am so sorry that you are allergic. It must be one of the stages of he11 to live with allergies. I have had it for 35+ years and living with the feeling that I have 'the flu' for most of the year is awful. The compromise of living with the side effects of allergy meds or living with the allergy is a tough one.
Here, because of the toxic micro-dust that blows in from China; we are told to vacuum our pets when we bring them into the house and then to wipe them down with a damp cloth and to wash our hair, face,eyes and teeth, and change our clothes when we come in. These things are great to do for allergies but do not leave much time for the rest of the evenings agenda, especially when you do the rest of the recommendations: Sweep and mop floors twice a day, vacuum walls, furniture and light fixtures twice a week, and wet-wipe everything at least monthly. Whew! No time for anything but cleaning there!

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I TOOK lots of me time today, thanks. It was actually last night when they were making me crazy. I managed to 'lock' the cats outside this morning after lunch. Then I took took the rest of the afternoon for me time. It was a bit humorous though that just a few min ago when I started typing this response, I could have sworn I heard a cat - and then Cocoa came down the hall from out of nowhere. Apparently, he had manage to stow away in here all afternoon after all, but he left me alone during my afternoon quiet time.

Then when I went to the door to let him out, Kitty came in and wanted to be served dinner - and, of course, I had to go feed the raccoons, and...

You see, that is the secret of the game they run on me. They pretend like they are feuding when actually it's all a cover for this relay thing they have going, where by each coming in separately and then handing the door off to the other on their way out, they manage to keep control of the house from the time I get up to let Widget out until I go to sleep. Every time I walk one to the door thinking, oh, good, I'm going to have the house to myself now, another one comes in. All day. Nonstop.

I've finally figured it out. That's why sometimes one gets to the door and then refuses to actually go out. He or she looks out and sees that the next arm of the relay is not in place, so they have arrived to soon and must find a way to stall for time or risk loosing control of the house for the rest of the day.

They are smarter than me. I admit it. They are conspiring to take over the entire house. And they are winning. It's just a matter of time...

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Hi June,

LOL. Hopefully everyone knows I was just blowing off steam and laughing at myself, not that they weren't driving me nuts last night or that they didn't keep me busy until midnight catering to them. As to the allergies, for me that's just a relatively minor annoyance, an aggravation. It's that time of year here when the pollen is at or near max and has been for weeks. It's really bad twice each year, spring and fall. Guess that's the case most places. Once I took the allergy med I felt much better - and then fell asleep due to the side effects. Oh, well.

As I started reading your list of things the gov advices you to do I was thinking, OMG, I would never get anything else done. Matter of fact, I would never finish the things on that list. Oh, that is just too funny - if it weren't so serious, that is. Those things probably work, too, except that it isn't humanly possible unless you can afford servants. Good luck with that.

Geez, life will kill you if you aren't careful.

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I managed to get them all back out again. Kitty even agreed to go out again after eating. But like I said, they are cunning. They're out there, right at the front door, waiting. You can count on it, and they know it's ok to let go of the door this time of evening because Widget will have to go out again in a few hours, and then they will both take the opportunity to come back inside - and start the game all over again.

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The last few days it seems I've been running at peak speed all day and then 'passing out' at the end. Today I ran home after work to chauffeur Widget across town to see the vet. It's past time for his annual tests, shots, and exam, due in Feb when I was too broke to make it. My stockpile (what would I have done w/o my stockpile of stuff) of Sentinel finally ran out last month, so he needed more of that ASAP. In addition, he had just recently begun to show a few worrisome symptoms. They didn't seem indicative of an emergency situation, but had persisted for a week or two: light, shallow, nonproductive cough which reminded me of my allergies, intense ear scratching, and persistent watery eyes - nothing thick and yucky, just waking up with pools of clear water around eyes.

So, you will never guess what the poor boy has? Allergies! Probably seasonal. I can SO relate. Wasn't it just the other day that I was experiencing 'death by pollen'. We have had very high pollen counts for a few weeks now. I'm living on Sudafed.

Widget got ear drops and allergy pills with a combination of antihistamine with low dose steroid. She thinks everything from his light hacking to his eyes, ears, and the light skin flaking she noted is all due to allergies. When she diagnosed his hacking as very likely due to the high pollen count, I immediately thought of Heidi who, as some of you may recall, goes through bouts of hacking every year about this time, usually either when she is pregnant and the size of a beach ball or when the kits are very small. She does it every year. For years I worried that she had some serious illness until some of you suggested allergies, and it seemed to fit.

Widget got his annual rabies shot (2-3 months late), but the vet wants to hold off on his other shots until his allergies calm down. She was fearful of inundating his system with so many chemicals while it's already 'under attack' with the pollen. I SO wanted to have this behind me when I left today, but what she said made sense. I didn't want to risk overwhelming his immune system. Plus I need to take him back in a few weeks anyhow so she can see how he's doing.

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Buddy too gets that hacky cough during high pollen times up here... no issues at home. hopefully with DH dealing with crap at home... he and Bud will miss the pollen season -- which i think is May -- can't recall. it's so hard to see our furkids struggle like that. and yes, that includes miss heidi.

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Hi Terese,

Sorry to hear about Buddy. I took Widget in primarily because it was [past] time for his annual, but I did want to mention his cough and other relatively minor problems while I was there, just to be sure they weren't more serious. Honestly, his runny eyes and itchy ears were a bigger concern for me as I didn't want to ignore a possible eye and/or ear infection. It's just so hard to know how serious or not their problems are when they can't tell you how they feel. Widget is somewhat prone to eye infections anyhow due to all that hair, and I like to nip those in the bud fast.

A couple nights ago he woke me in the middle of the night panting. At that point I was pretty sure something was amiss. The vet said he had a light ear infection probably a complication of his allergies and because of that he was probably hot and not feeling well in the night. Thus, I'm glad to get it treated. The allergy meds for him are just temporary to try to get him past whatever seems to be overwhelming his little system. Maltese, and this is my last one, are not particularly rugged dogs, shall we say.

Glad you have the guys to take care of things at home while you are out vacationing. :-)

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I wasn't super worried about Widget. Figured it was all relatively minor, fixable stuff; however, these days I'm reluctant to ignore even a light cough. Sassy presented with a very light cough which totally didn't seem serious at all. Two weeks later she was dead of a very aggressive blood cancer for which the cure rate is basically 0%. It still amazes me how she went from seemingly fine to light cough to dead in two short weeks. She only appeared seriously ill for the last 2 days! After that I've been reluctant to ignore a mild cough.

edited to fix major typo. I meant to say I wasn't worried, but I seem to have left the all important "nt" off the end the 1st time around. Oops.

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Just got this warning from emergency email warnings. FYI, we discussed this previously on another thread, but this link and the organization that sends the warnings is safe. I never, ever follow links from unknown sources, emails, adds, etc. Anyhow, I signed up with this site to receive email alerts for weather, homeland security, and food recalls. I've been receiving notices from them for years now, always legit, never any problems. I attached the emergency email site's 'About' page with information regarding the site for those who may be concerned/interested.

This is a warning, just out today, issued by the FBI in reference to a current computer/email scam: http://www.emergencyemail.org/newsemergency/anmviewer.asp?a=1070&z=1

Basically, don't open attachments or access links from unknown or untrusted sources. Period. No matter how interesting or tempting they may look. They are interesting or tempting or controversial for a reason.

As discussed above, the 'picture' below is a screen shot of the 'About' page from the emergencyemail.org, the site hosting the above warning link. I've included it for those who may want to know more about the site before accessing the link.

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Death by pollen again. Awoke all stuffed up with lots of drainage/sinus issues. Having difficulty working/focusing in the midst of my 'pollen flu'. Pollen still maxed out in the area, and Widget and I are both feeling it. Darned plants and their rampant promiscuity. Isn't it about time for this horticultural orgy to take pitty on the ill-adapted, mamalian, respiratory system and end already?

On a different note, thank heavens for Kitty. Who knows when I might have gotten to work today had it not been for Kitty who gently sounded the morning alarm by snuggling with my toes in her efforts to get me up to prepare her breakfast. She makes a fabulous alarm clock. Impossible to ignore. No snooze option. And yet her method is gentle. She wakes me consistantly - no sleeping an hour with Kitty 'going off' as I do with the digital alarm, yet she manages to do so without any shock to the system, no coronary as with those super loud alarms intended to wake the dead. If only Kitty had an interface to allow one to choose a wake time - and turn the darn thing off on weekends.

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Yeah! for Kitty! Isn't it nice to have a friendly alarm clock.
I had a dog once that was our household time-keeper. She would bat the edge of the bed with her tail to wake us up just before the alarm was to go off and there is no sleeping through that either.

I got a warning on Facebook from Sophos and Facebook Security ('friend' these!) saying that we should not click on any links to story or pictures about bin Laden. (This was about 5 minutes after I saw the pictures of him...and, um, uh, it was him, and you don't want to see them.) I am afraid to click on anything now for fear of these evil twerps out there. One of my favorite cartoonists almost lost everything on his computer last night because he clicked on the wrong thing.

Praying that this year the researchers find some way of curing our allergic reactions to pollen & etc.

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Hi June,

As usual, I took a Sudafed and was over it well before lunch. It was pretty intense 1st thing this morning, but the med made it all better. Thank heaven for chemistry.

I never, ever click on random adds online or links in email from spammers, so I'm not likely to ever run across those pics, nor do I care to really. I've seen dead people before.

As for Kitty, unfortunately, she is not inside enough to make a reliable replacement for the real alarm clock - although she did save my butt this morning when I turned the alarm off and fell back to sleep. And, yes, a soft, silky furry alarm clock beats cold, hard, electronics any day.

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Argh! Things have generally been going much better both in terms of pain/health and energy - once I get past the initial, early AM doldrums, that is. Yesterday was great. I was psyched. Stayed at work an extra hour and even then had to rip myself away from my project - very good sign. On the way home, I stopped to pick up a small bag of IAMs to tide us over until Sat when I can get to the holistic pet store to pick up more EVO. (The cats laughed at me when I offered them IAMs as a substitute, btw. My how things have changed. They accept positive change almost instantly, I see.)

I know I should have listened to those of you who told me to use the motorized cart...but I was only going to get a few things, and I felt fine going in, and it was only a few months ago that I could handle the store just fine and...I ended up in almost unbearable pain AGAIN, dragging my stiff leg out to the car and trying to find a way to get it in the car w/o bending it. It was the same thing all over again. Unspeakable agony that came on suddenly and at the very end of my shopping experience (thought I was going to beat it this time). Barely able to stand it long enough to pay for groceries and hobble very slowly out to the car. I hate it when that happens.

Then, of course, despite taking a Vicodin (no effect) at the store, I had to leave the groceries in the car (luckily this time nothing for fridge/freezer). It was all I could do to get myself inside. Feeding the cats was a nightmare, but they don't understand that I get sick, too. Couldn't even bend knee even a little to sit down and rest. Had to stay in bed with leg straight for hours until 'it' finally subsided. I hate 'it'. Accept for this thing, I am otherwise doing pretty good now, but this is a deal breaker when it starts up. Scream.

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when i'm up here in wisc, i always complain about the internet.... some days it's barely like dial-up.
our neighbors across the street just got a new wireless plan... wow it flies. the Mgr got the same set up [so at first it wasn't easy to know who we were tapping into -- but one is insecure the other needs a password]

it's a possibility we will eventually split the costs with the guy and his wife across the street if this works out.

but YAY!! good internet.

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Hi Terese,

Congrats on getting some good internet service there! It makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it? With anything approaching dial up speed, I would quickly get tired of waiting and give up. It's just not worth it. Glad to hear there is a better option now. Hope you and the neighbor are able to split a connection/costs soon.

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

For all of you Mom's out there, Kitty, Cocoa, Heidi, and I along with all of the other members of the raccoon gang would like to wish you a very

Happy Mother's Day!

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Cheryl - on e of the worst things about that 'dial up' is... when i work on the Park's web site, in the middle of updating, i'll TIME OUT because it takes so long... so the update does not take and i have to re-login and start all over again.

Back home... feels good, can't wait to sleep in my bed. hopefully garden for a few days.

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)


Oh, I hate web sites that time out causing me to loose my work and have to start over. Grrr. Even though I've not seen dial up since, well, the days of dial up, I've dealt with the same kind of time out thing you spoke of, just for different reasons. One place I worked, when they 1st rolled out a new security plan (and this was circa 2000), the network guys set the time out to low on the email program for anyone using webmail.

I would barely compose maybe 2 paragraphs of a business email and then I would get kicked off and have to login again and retype the email. One day I tried 3 or 4 times to type the same email. Finally, I had to type it in Word and then quickly cut and paste into the email program and send ASAP before it timed out again. That was SO frustrating, so I can totally relate. And we had a very high speed connection at the time, no waiting. In our case it wasn't the connection speed but the low T.O. that caused the problem, but same result. I've run in to that T.O. problem at work in other situations, too. Always, always very frustrating.

Glad to hear that you are home again. It's nice to get away sometimes, but there's no place like home. Nice to be home for Mother's Day, too, I imagine. Hope you had a good Mother's Day! I've been running to and fro this afternoon, inside and out, trying to get the major things done before we start a new week.

Still have a lot to do in the garden/yard, but I got enough done so that I can very definitely see a difference, and that's always nice. Also doing laundry, changing linens on the bed, along with a number of other much needed last minute tasks. I was outside slaying weeds but decided to come back in when I realized my face was HOT. I went to wipe the sweat off my forehead and my face practically burned my hand. That's when I figured I should take a break to cool down.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day - and get some time to garden over the next few days.

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Do you remember the name of the cat "whisperer" show on APL?

Sounds like you've been busy this weekend - glad to hear that your body is allowing you some energy to take care of home tasks, as well as work tasks. I'm still finding that I use much of my energy during the work week, and need some down time on the weekend (after my surgery). After I spend a couple of hours in the garden, I'm done, until I rest/nap for a while. I did get some veggies into the ground, this weekend - they were seedlings that I'd repotted into gallon pots & kept in my "sun room" (fully enclosed former porch area with lots of windows) - but don't have energy for much in the way of housework, (see says with glee). :-)

You were encouraging reminders: did you have a chance to try the black cohosh for hot flashes yet?

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

Hi Liz,

To be honest, I still don't get enough time for housework or yard work. Still can't catch up from the 1st weeks to month when I 1st started work and just couldn't do a thing. Back then it truly was a challenge just to do 8hrs, feed critters, and sleep.

I've reached the point now where I can run errands after work the 1st few days of the week and maybe get one or two tasks done at home. By Thur and Fri the accumulated sleep loss is taking a toll on me, and I can't get much done other than work and sleep. On Saturday I sleep 1/2 or more of the day and spend the rest of the day and night just letting myself do whatever I want. On Saturday, after a full week of work, my knees and back usually ache too much to do anything. Resting on Saturday and Sunday helps me recuperate for the coming week.

I've clearly made progress. I'm not able to do very much on the weekend. Sat I only worked for about an hour late in the day before sundown. I had to take a pain pill to be able to do that. I just knew I needed to slay those weeds before things got any worse. I hate to admit it, but I had 6 and 7ft high weeds out there. It's embarrassing, but I figure you guys understand since you know I've been having trouble getting around much. Oh, and when I say "run around trying to get x,y,z done" what I mean if working outside is weed whack a 5 or 6ft area in front of me, sit for 2 min, chop down a 1/2 dozen tall weeds, sit for 2 min, repeat, repeat. It's much the same indoors, so I don't get as much done as a 'normal' person would. But I am improving, slowly.

On weekends I sleep late, very late, catching up on sleep lost during the week. Saturdays I try to give myself the freedom to just do whatever. On Sunday afternoon, I try to get some work done. I may only work an hour or two. I try to tackle the most pressing things. I got more done this weekend than any prior week. After a week of work, I can barely walk when I get up on Saturday. Yesterday, I needed an extra pain pill to get around. Today I'm doing much better.

I'm glad to hear that you are able to get out and enjoy a little time in your garden. It's ok if you don't have time for house work, especially if you have a DH or anyone else around to do it. (smile) I know you will be back up to speed in no time. There will be time for housework later.

Oh, the name of that program is, "My Cat From He__". Strange name, but I enjoyed the program. They are still showing Episode 1 a few more times before next week when the go to Episode 2. I meant to post the name of the show above, so thanks for reminding me.

I'm going to check on that Black Cohosh right now when I finish this post. Thanks for the reminder. See how my mind works these days? I have a whole list of things I need to get and will one day, but for now I only seem to remember them at times when I can't shop - like when driving to work.

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)


I just wanted to let you know that I finally ordered that black cohosh. It should be here Thursday. I didn't want to spend 30min to an hour fighting traffic and standing in line at the store, so I ordered it from a place where I don't pay shipping. I ordered the black cohosh along with some much needed and long overdue A/C filters.

When I got off the computer the other night when responding to your post, I tried to order it right away. Wouldn't you just know it, I had a problem ordering and had to wait another day. I wasn't about to forget AGAIN and risk having you have to remind me yet another time, so this time I put a reminder on my calendar for this along with several other things I keep forgetting to pick up - like those filters. I made it one of those pop up reminders with a daily repeat cycle, so I couldn't possibly forget it. I need to do that more often.

I also wanted to tell you that your words helped me to realize and appreciate how far I've come since starting my job just over a month ago. I still have a ways to go, but it doesn't hurt to celebrate what I've accomplished so far. It seems like I made a huge jump forward this past week and week end. That said, yesterday I came home hoping to get more yard work done while it's still relatively cool, but I 'passed out' as soon as I had fed the cats, and I slept until after midnight, 'squandering' the entire evening.

Until I read your post, I didn't realize that you, too, were still battling to get back to where you were before your surgery. I wish you all the best in your recovery - and a rapid recovery. Is your recovery progressing in accordance with your and your Dr's expectations?

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

Yesterday I had one of those 'aha' moments. I jumped out of bed in a pretty decent mood - whereas usually I'm dragging around in pain and hating the world. But that was the very difference. There was NO pain, none at all. I stood up expecting pain, and there was none.

I endure a certain level of pain off and on pretty much daily without mentioning it here and w/o even really thinking of it consciously. It's just the norm for me now and has been for some time. I tell you about those incidents when my pain rises substantially above that 'normal' background pain.

No, this post really isn't about complaining over pain. Really, it isn't. It's about something major that I learned or realized yesterday. That I have grown to expect a certain level of pain each morning and that the pain causes me to get up in a grumpy mood and moving slowly is just important setup information for my revelation.

Yesterday morning was fabulous. I moved with such ease, such totally unexpected ease. I moved around so much faster than I normally do in the morning and was in such a good mood almost looking forward to the day. It was all so unusual, I could not overlook the change, nor could I at first understand it.

Just 2 days earlier on Saturday I had awoken in pain. Remember? When describing my weekend just 2 posts earlier I reported that I was barely able to walk on Saturday, not just upon awakening but for hours after. I had associated that with work, thinking that after 5 days of walking and climbing stairs and sitting all day, I was just racked with pain by Saturday. By Sunday, I was doing noticeably better, although still having at least the 'normal' morning pain upon awakening.

It all seemed to fit. Saturday I had been in pain after working all week. I had rested most of the day Saturday (loosing lots of good work and play time) and had then felt considerably better on Sunday. It made sense. Very logical. Must be true. Right?

Then, out of the blue, on Monday I sprang out of bed pain free and ran to and fro getting dressed with the speed I had a decade or more ago; but the whole time I was doing so, I was trying to make sense of my sudden good fortune, trying to fit this into my theory of Saturday and Sunday. Why did I suddenly feel so good? How did I awaken on this glorious morning feeling so great and so pain free?

Every time I stood up in the course of bathing and dressing, I unconsciously anticipated the stabbing pain that has become my constant companion, the sharp pain that runs down my leg and through my knees - but it wasn't THERE. Wow! How wonderful was this? It was gone. The normally pain racked body that usually dragged about with tremendous effort in the mornings was suddenly lighter than air, pain-free, and moved with such ease. But why? How?

And then it hit me. Now it truly did all fit, fit like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Now it really did make sense.

As I've mentioned before, I take more than one type of pain medication. In addition to regular things like ice, heat, gels, and such, I take a 24hr NSAID, a 24hr, time release 'pain pill', and also have a regular pain pill for those times when I need something extra for what is called 'break through' pain. The 24hr pain pill doesn't really last 24hrs for me. After about 12hrs it starts to break down. By the 24hr point and the last few hours leading up to it, I start to have substantial breakthrough pain - more than that other pill can handle. Plus I don't want to take that other pill every day. I save it for big things.

I take the 24hr pain pill 1st thing each morning so that I my best 12 hrs corresponds with my most active waking hrs, and my worst hours are spent lying down and sleeping. During that time I still have some pain killer in my system. It's usually enough to keep me relatively pain free while lying down but not enough for walking around.

The problem is that I wake up with the level of that medication, my main pain medication, at its absolute lowest point of the day. When I wasn't working, I would routinely wake up around 5 or so (often due to the discomfort). I would take my pill then and go back to sleep. I would wake up again some 2 tor more hrs later. That's about the time it takes for the slow acting pain pill to get in my system and start working. Thus by taking the pill at 5, I would be in pretty decent shape by 8 or 9 when I would finally get up. Remember? 'Breakfast is at 9' was my motto back then when talking about Kitty.

Now, I have to get up much earlier and am almost always accumulating sleep deprivation hours during the work week, so I don't wake up until the alarm goes off (often after it has been going off for an hour or more). The pain medicine is almost completely out of my system, and I have to leap out of bed right away and try to hurry - the latter doesn't really happen due to the pain. The 1st thing I do is take that pain pill, but it's still going to be 9-10AM before it starts working. So this is why I wake up in a bad mood, hating life, and barely able to get around to get dressed and feed critters.

On Saturday, I sleep late to pay back the sleep debt accumulated during the week. This past Saturday I didn't get up until 11AM. By that time, it was a good 4hrs past the time when I should have taken my pain pill. By that time, the level of the medication in my bloodstream had fallen precariously low which explains why I was barely able to walk. Then it took hours for the medication to get in my system and start working which explains my memory of being in pain and having to lie around much of Saturday. (I got up very late. Add some 3 or 4 hrs to that, and it was mid afternoon before I was even starting to feel decent.)

On Sunday, I also slept late but felt more 'normal' upon awakening because I awoke roughly 24hrs after my Saturday wake time, and thus took my pill on schedule.

On Monday, yesterday, I awoke on feeling unusually good (for mornings) and with no pain. That's because I awoke some 4 or more hours before the 24hrs mark. Monday I got out of bed and started moving at roughly 18 and 1/2 hrs into my 24hrs pain pill. Thus I had more of the pain medicine still in my system than I usually do when I wake up and try to start moving. Not realizing this at the time, I took my next pill upon waking up, so actually some 4.5hrs early. And that's why I felt so good that morning and moved without pain (compared to what I'm accustomed to in the morning). By taking the pill 4.5hrs early, it had time to get in my system before the prior pill had 'expired' and before the level of the medication could fall to that really low point. I had no pain, no difficulty moving around to get dressed, and no morning blahs brought on by the fight to get moving while still all stiff and in pain.

So, what have we learned? Mostly, what I knew 2yrs ago when the PA forced me to change the way I took my pills. Instead of one 24hrs pill each day, I used to take two 24hr pills daily, one 2/3 strength, one 1/3. Together they totaled the same as the one I take now, but having 2 allowed me to take the stronger one in the morning and the weaker one at night. I took the same dose in a 24hr period, but by taking it in 2 doses spaced 12hrs apart, I was able to keep the level in my system from getting so low as it does now. That worked SO much better; but since the mfg says to take 1 pill per 24hrs, the PA won't let me do it my way - even though the dose per 24hr period is the same either way. Argh!

When she forced me to take the 1 pill daily instead of two, that's when I started getting up in the very early AM to take the pill so I could actually move later when I got out of bed. I kept the pill and glass of water by the bed so I didn't have to walk until the pill had time to take effect.

Now I'm wondering if I should consider changing the time of day that I take the pill. It would be great if I could take it in the middle of the night while I'm sleeping. Any other time means I'll be running on low (and having pain) the last hour or so before it runs out or the 1st hour or so after taking the pill or both.

While writing this I just realized that I also take my NSAID 1st thing each morning. Although not as noticeable, I guess that one must be getting low in my system at the same time. Although it won't fix the problem, maybe it would help a little if I switch the NSAID to evening so at least its low won't coincide with the low of the pain pill. I'm not as good at taking an evening pill. I'm more inclined to forget in the evening. Also, being an NSAID it may cause stomach pain if I take it at night when I'm not eating, but I could try taking it with dinner - if I remember.

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

Scary/Scary. Last night before bed any time I opened the door the air outside was unusually hot and thick and almost 'pressurized' so that it seemed to expand towards me when I opened the door, almost pushing against me. It was as though the air had mass, volume, weight, as though it were an object of some kind, a hot, puffy, pressurized object. In the near distance, lightening lit up the sky every minute or so, but there was no storm - until now.

It's 4AM. We are under a severe Tstorm warning (meaning one spotted in the area), and now I hear thunder indicating it's close by. The rumbling is fairly constant and severe, like the sky is really, really angry. The warning which expires in 30min (too late now though since I can hear the storm baring down on us) calls for 60+ mph winds (if I'm not mistaken hurricane winds begin at 80 so that's close) and quarter sized hail.

The thunder is growing louder and angrier still, and now I can hear either very large, scattered rain drops or intermittent, smallish hail on the roof. I'm a bit scared of that weeping willow falling or loosing limbs. It's aiming for my MBR. Too late now. It's here. Scary. May loose power soon. Oooh. Big scary crack of lightening. Going to door to check for Cocoa.

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

No sign of Cocoa. I knew Kitty wouldn't be around in this kind of thing but have found Cocoa at the door wanting in at start of storms before. This is one of those storms where you don't need a flashlight because the sky stays lit almost non-stop with endless, overlapping lightening, the static discharge kind. In the midst of the constant light show accompanied by an endless rumble of thunder, giant bolts of lightening pierce the sky every few minutes followed by loud claps of thunder, the kind that make one jump with fright and shake one to their toes. Only minimal rain still. And the rumbling continues endlessly...

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

Just checked local TV station's web site for info. Warning (actual storm sited) ends at 4:30AM, but Watch (conditions favorable) continues until 11AM (earlier it was to end at 7) Tornadoes possible, but hail is expected to be biggest threat. Now they are saying that golf ball and even softball sized hail are possible with this system. Whew! Scary. I hate going to work in something like this. The current storm seems to have slowed down a bit for the moment. Hoping it may be leaving. Maybe we were lucky enough to only get brushed by the outside of it. More rumbling. Not over yet.

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

Whew. That was pretty scary, but we are all still here. Still under risk of severe Tstorms and giant hail through 11AM. Very quiet right now. Overcast but quiet.

I used to never worry about storms. I loved them. Loved to hear and feel and see the awesome power of nature. Loved to observe strong wind whipping the trees about and bending them sideways. I didn't want anyone or anything to be harmed. I just enjoyed the power of nature.

That was before Hugo. Hugo cured me. It not only made me fearful of hurricanes but of any severe storm with the potential to do harm. Recent events like the tornadoes that wreaked such havoc in AL have added to my storm concerns.

Don't misunderstand. I don't panic or even get all worked up during storms. But I do get concerned when bad storms are predicted. I no longer go out to sit on the porch and watch the wind whipping trees to and fro as I did a decade or so ago. Now I get online and bug you guys.

Emerald Hills, CA(Zone 9b)

Hey Cheryl,

I hope the black cohosh gives you some relief. Interesting to read your revelations about the timing of your pills - hope you can coordinate them so the mornings are a bit easier for you.

I'm happy to say that my surgery was VERY successful & my recovery was as smooth as anyone could hope for, but it was major surgery, so it will be a while before my energy is back to 100%. Other than that & occasional twinges, I feel "normal".

Hope that scary storm has passed & you & the cats will have a peaceful night. I would not be a happy camper if I had to drive to work in such weather... but we Californians tend to be wusses.


Redwood City, CA

Well as long as we ladies are talking about surgeries and the vagaries of menopause, I have to say that having a full hysterectomy was a real kick in the pants. I usually bounce back from surgeries, but that one was a doozy!

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)


Just wanted to let you know that I did survive the storm. Things are back to normal for the moment. The storms got about as bad as they could get w/o killing people. It generated dozens of weather warnings one reporting that a 'rotational disturbance' had been seen on radar plus numerous reports of large hail including 1.5in hail in the area where I work and several sightings of golf ball sized hail from trained weather spotters and from a nearby fire department.

I was about to believe that 'wuss' thing - considering that some areas of CA seem to have weather near 70F year round. Then I remembered earthquakes, mud slides, and wildfires that burn for weeks consuming many thousands of acres and countless homes. Wuss? Yeah, right! The earthquakes alone would send me crying to another state.

I'm very happy to hear that your recovery is going well. As for me, the past few days I awoke around 3-4AM and took my pill early while I was up - including the night of the storms. That helped considerably. When I got up again a few hours later to get dressed for work, the medication had already begun to get into my system, so I could move much easier. It's not a total solution but works when I wake up in the early AM.

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)


I hear you. I can image that was bad.

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

I lost you a'm just gonna copy Elvis's note at the doghousell!

I have tried numerous times to post, but it keeps getting erased.

edited to add Elvis's posr from the Dawg House thread


Hi eberybodee,
Elvis here. Momze had what she called a "significant old birfsday" on Monday.
Sombodee broke in our basement door Saturday while Momxz & Granmonz was walkin in the water at the Y. They came straight upstairs and to her bedroom jewelry armoir. All of her gold and precious jewels, rings & earings, some antique pieces nearly a hunderd years old. Also,she only took a fanny pak to the Y and so $120 was taken from her big wallet. They got her Canon EOS camera and a ver spensive zoom lense. Momz is praying for these people . Pookie and I barked and we know who did it. It looked like the people Momz has been ministering to for about 1 1/2 years, helping and encouraging them.

I jes dont understand why somebody who has been here petted me n Pookie and sposed to be Momz's friend could do something like that.
She & ;the police hab been talking bout over $20,000 dollars. that mus be a lot cause she was jus in shock for a day or so. She an some men from the church who builded her a ramp to the driveway has prayed an prayed. They ordered a real gud door for the basement and in the meantime Momz has mthe riding mower tight up against that dool. Don't think anybody can push one of them backward when in forward gear and brakes on.

Those people took 3 crosses & don't realize that they stole from God! Momz always says eberthing we hab isn't really ours it is God's, and He jes lets us use it.

Pookie might hab to take ober my writin job here. I cant see an only hear loud hollars, I leaks an has to wear a "belly band" now. Sometimes I fall trying to go down the steps to the back yard an I gets confused really easy.

Pookie is having nightmares since the bad people came. He cries in his sleep and his whole body looks like he's running for his life. We don't know what kinda people had him for his first 4 (or 5) years...he had jes got comfortable here and not acting scared. Now that is back, Poor little cousin.
He asked me to tell you that he is takin obedence classes an loves em as much as I did when
I was younger like him.

We bof are goin out back to bark real loud to the 4 winds, so...listen for us.

Yer gud buddy Elvis an my nephew (or some kind of related youngin) Pookie sure hopes eberybodies and all the aunties & burdees are doing good

This message was edited May 13, 2011 6:28 PM

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

Hi Sheri (and Elvis and his nephew),

I am SO sorry to hear about your loss. I know that must have been devastating. That sort of thing is why I have been reluctant to advertise anything on Craig's List or the newspaper or even Recycle. I'm wary of having strangers come to the house and maybe get ideas about coming back to stock up when I'm not home. Sadly, while I understand why you would want to minister to people, that probably isn't so safe for a woman alone these days either - unless it's someone you are sure you can trust in your home that way.

I know it must have been awful to loose so much of your stuff that way. My heart goes out to you. At least they didn't harm Elvis and Pookie. That is always a concern of mine, too.

How awful that you've lost your 'new' camera. It was great that you had the ability to take pictures to show us things. On the other hand, it looks like they left your computer. That was lucky. I hope you will be able to get some of your things back, but I don't think that is usually the case.

Glad you are back. I was worried about you.

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

I was really, really down for a little over a month. Barely got out of bed, slept 12-15 hrs/daysself care and cat boxes got ignored for way too long.
A new med had me way of ballance and had a # of bad falls Hips, knees, back, sping, arms and head were all bruised at times. Felt like I'd been put in a blender for a spin. LOL... That is past now. I got a rolling walker. That really helps me to be mobile and has really been a Godsend, as I can just sit on the seat if I am winded or faint or just plain weak. Have started going to the YWCA 'Silver Sneakers'program (free to AARP members!!) Currently just doing water walking and the arm bells + bycicling using the water noodle.
I am so looking forward to the day when I regain some stamina and strength.

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

Hi Sheri,

I'm glad to hear that things have improved somewhat and that you have found a way to deal with the situation. It's especially encouraging that you have found something you can do to improve things (through exercise) and look towards a better future.

You had written one post on this thread when you were really down and out, falling, and such. Then you didn't respond to any other posts. I was worried about you. I'm glad that you are back and doing better.

As for the breakin discussed above, I forgot to mention the best thing of all, that being that YOU weren't home at the time and possibly injured. Glad things seem to be going a little better for you. Just in how you handled the issue with the breaking and the door, I can see that you are a fighter and a problem solver. You will get through all of this just fine.

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

&&%$##@$%^*( I have just typed for nearly an hour!) all gone! think the OJ that I spilled a couple of months ago has finally done its damage. I have no fault ins coverage for repair or replace w/ equal or better. I just have tried to hang on as I dread being without my puter for a month or so.

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)


Remember what I suggested about some ways to mitigate the damage:

(1) type in Word with auto save on. Save to temp file. Cut & paste to DG. That way, if you wipe it out while typing, you can get it back.

(2) Send frequently. You know how sometimes when I do a really long post I will 'Send' maybe 1/3 of the way through and say 'continued'? Then type more. Send again. And again. Etc. If you Send it 1 paragraph at a time, you won't loose more than a paragraph at a time.

(3) When you wipe it out, STOP, then type Ctrl Z or Ctrl V immediately before you hit any another key. That should put the stuff back.

waukesha, WI(Zone 5a)

Someone once said on another thread you can put your keyboard in the dishwasher without damaging it. Leave it plenty of time to dry out. I don't know if this is valid....but if it's shot, what the heck.

Charleston, SC(Zone 9a)

Interesting, meezers,

It probably would work since there probably is minimal circuitry in the keyboard anyhow. On a related note, several years ago I put my camera's memory card through a complete wash and dry cycle in my pants pocket (laundry not dishwasher). I figured it was done for, but as it was my only memory card at the time, I put in the camera and held my breath. It worked fine - and still works even now some 5 or more years later. Never had a single glitch. Go figure. Oh, and it's very, very clean now. ;-)

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