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Help Requested... Columbine plants won't flower

Kenner, LA


I have a few potted Columbine plants that have grown from seeds that wife harvested from last year's flowers. The plants are doing great, large leaves and lush. However, they are not flowering. I am in Zone 9B, and most Columbines that were sold at the stores and nurseries are now almost finishing up because the temperatures are getting a little too hot.

Can you please direct me on how to force these Columbine plants of mine to start flowering?

Thank you for your help.

Athens, PA

I would wait until next year before I give up on your columbine. I have started columbine from seed and more often then not, they have flowered the following year. There have been rare occasions where they have followed the same year, but this has been more the exception than the rule.

I don't think these plants can be forced like a bulb can be forced....

Kenner, LA

Thank you Carolyn for your reply. Last year my Columbines grown from seed died. I think the intense Zone 9B heat killed them even though they were in the shade. I hope these survive and make it to next year. Do you protect them in the Winter or just let them as is?

Thanks again.

Athens, PA

You seem to be right on the edge - I think they prefer the cooler weather. I know there is a lady in Alaska on DG that does very well with them. I would make sure in your zone that you have them growing in shade. My understanding is that the sun in your zone is so much stronger than the sun in my zone....

Northern California, United States(Zone 9a)

Mine are in pots and in my last garden I had several in the ground, all with only morning sun or dappled sun and they do great.

Kenner, LA

Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply. I will keep my fingers crossed and see if they can survive a year and be productive next year.

south central, WI(Zone 5a)

I would echo that shade is important. They take a bit of time (sigh) to mature. Mine have also sulked for a year when I moved them.
good luck.
Also wouldn't let them die from dry heat, but mine have also suffered from crown rot when the ones were planted in a too wet place. I don't protect them in the winter, usually get enough snow cover and are not in the areas that suffer from ground heave,

Olympia, WA

OTOH - I find columbines coming up all over the places - as in between the pavers, or in a random pot w/ soil!!!!! Why is it that way??? They certainly are successful at seed dispersal. They seem to love the PNW climate, and I can't even say that shade is a prerequisite here.

Trussville, AL(Zone 8a)

I am in zone 8a and columbine flourish for me in all parts of my gardens ... sun and shade. We have very hot weather in the summer, and the plants still thrive. They reseed well, and I also collect and scatter seeds. Sometimes it takes a couple of seasons to get the blooms, but most of the time they bloom for me the first season. Only problem I have with them is leaf miners, but the lovely spring blooms are worth it.

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