seed ball question

St. Louis County, MO(Zone 5a)

Hello everyone,

We plan to make seed balls for a weedy field next to my daughter's house where the builder went bankrupt and now the land will just sit there for who knows how long.

What I'm wondering is this: we have purchased nice quantities of 4 plants that are native to Missouri. Should I mix them, or make balls that have just one kind of seeds each? If a larger plant and a small plant both come up near each other, will the larger plant smother the small? We plan to brush hog the field before we put out the seed balls. There are ruts and bumps that should catch the balls.

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!

Ossian, IN(Zone 5a)

Most of the time, seed balls are sold as "mixtures" of wildflowers. However, if you want clumps of a certain color, then you could just put one type of seed in each ball. Also, since the seeds you will be planting (or throwing:), are natives, then they're probably tougher than your average plant. As a result, there are always PLENTY of native wildflowers around, and you may not need to worry about plants smothering each other since seeds often sprout right next to each other in nature. I hope this helps!
Happy Gardening!

St. Louis County, MO(Zone 5a)

Thanks Ella, maybe I'll do some of each way.

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