Water Lillies in an Aquarium

Mesilla Park, NM

Has anyone grown water lillies in Aquariums? I've purchased 4 hardy waterlillies and plan to put them into two aquariums, one is a 55 gallon and one is a 35 gallon aquarium. I have the gravel for the bottom, the lights, plants, and heaters, but I don't know if I need a pump of some type for oxygen and do I need a filter, I'm worried about mosquitos laying eggs. Or do I even have to worry about that if the water isn't moving? If they are indoors, maybe I won't get mosquitos, I just don't know.

The other thing is we have well water, but, we have a water softening system and I don't know if the salts used in there affect the water, and do I need to use some water conditioners in there?

Right now I've got the new plants/bulbs soaking in a kitty litter bucket till I put the gravel and water in the aquariums. I also want to add some other water plants if I can get a hold of some other types. There will be two water lillies in each tank and I think that I can get a couple of others in there.

If anyone can help me, I really appreciate your help here. I tried growing them two years ago in containers outdoors, but, there were mosquitos and I used those mosquito donuts and I think they were too strong for the containers and they killed my waterlillies, (or I think that was the cause).

Thank you for your help.


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