Please Help with pumps!!!

Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

We've been running 2 pumps, 2700 gal each, on our pond/waterfall for 10 years. Not the same pumps, we have to replace them every 2 years, and sometimes every year when we are unlucky. This is getting expensive as they ar around $500 apiece. What brands of pumps do any of you use, and how often do you have to replace? Our pumps are in a skimmer, under the filter, and we are pretty good at keeping the skimmer cleaned out so I don't think we're 'abusing' the things. We run the pond from about April-Nov.
Thanks much for any help/suggestions!!

Athens, PA

We used Pondmaster for a number of years, replacing them about every two years or so as you suggest. Four years ago, we started going with EasyPro This is our main falls and I believe is 3900gal/hour. I can't remember what we paid for it, but I do remember when DH ordered it, that it was a bit pricey versus what we had been paying for pondmaster or Little Giant pumps.

Personally speaking, I would rather pay the extra money and have something last a bit longer.

Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

Thanks Carolyn! I will look there. Hubby tells me I am all wet :-) that our pumps are 4200 gph each. Whatever, we need to find more reliable ones. Hate the hassle of replacing them all the time!

Virginia Beach, VA

We use aquasurge and they are over $400.00 and so far we had replaced our pump 3 times in 10 years that we had our pond. We bought ours on ebay which is cheaper that then some companies on line. Good luck to you. Bellie

(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

We've had an Aquascape 3500gph running from about May 1 to Sept30 for four years and is starting on it's 5th year. No failure yet. It is in the skimmer like yours along with a little 750gph that pumped to a small uv filter and thence to a little minifalls. We added another one to the deep end (4') last year (a tetra I think, 2200gph) to try to keep the bottom a little cleaner and that one goes to the pressure filter and thence dumps to the side of the falls below the biofilter at the top. We have paid an average of $500-800. I want to replace the one in the skimmer with a larger one, 4500gph as the other one doesn't have enough umphhh to pull the water in the skimmer. We have a fairly constant low grade wind from W to east that fights the pump which is feeding east to west. probably another one by Aquascape although a different model - spending for sure as I think it will run around 800. May try online rather than the local shop.

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