Uncaria Roeoesliana Bloom

Yardley, PA

I just don't remember a spring where I have gotten so many blooms. What a treat.

Thumbnail by Sally0
San Diego, CA(Zone 10b)

Sally, your plants always look so healthy. The bloom on this one is beautiful! It didn't leaf out much before setting a bloom. Did you add fertilizer or do something slightly different this season?

Yardley, PA

I used the Bayer and didn't get any bugs and I think that really made a difference. I do always fertilize a little each time I water.

Phoenix, AZ

Very cool!

San Diego, CA(Zone 10b)

Many of my caudiciforms are waking up too. They stay outside all year. Maybe I should give them a little food. What fertilizer do you use and what ratio?

Yardley, PA

I put in a half tsp. of whatever I have. I try to rotate what I use. With s/h you need to feed every time unlike soil.

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