grafting annual onto perrenial mg?

Clatskanie, OR(Zone 8a)

Has anyone here read anything about this idea working . To extend the life of an
annual mg, ie , I.nhil, by grafting onto ( a cutting with roots) I. battatus , could be beneficial for a valuable f1, you need more seeds from next year. It seems to me, that the culling you can get done
in the f1 and f2 is the most valuable culling. It should save you from extensive culling later as you zero in on the goal. Well, here goes, more research on grafting and tissue culture. Frank

Clatskanie, OR(Zone 8a)

This is interesting. I.nhil is used as a rootstock, to make the sweet potatoe produce a profusion of seeds for the seed bank. lol

Sweet Potatoes!!!!! not yams. Yams are in Dioscorea and not related to mgs. Even though the above article is about grafting Battata onto I.nhil, it is Proof that the graft will work. Safeway here I come! Frank

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