Purchasing Plants via vendor on Dave's Garden

Kingsville, MD

I initiated the purchase of purple bee balm on a thread I found on Dave's Garden on Tuesday, May 3, 2011. I wanted to purchase 2 purple bee balm plants from Lonewillow Farm. As of Wednesday, May 4, I have not received any correspondence from them about finalizing my purchase. Can anyone explain how this process works? Is it normal for the vendor not to get back to you on the same day? How do I know if they received my request? Thanks! (BTW --- This is my first post!)

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Was this listed in the Classified forum ?
If not you may have been had by a scammer.
Tell us what forum & thread it was in.
Welcome to DG.
You will enjoy it here. Lots of caring & knowing people on this site.

Kingsville, MD

Thanks for responding Country Gardens. The plants were listed on the DG Marketplace. It looked legitimate to me. I indicated how many plants I wanted, hit the "Buy it Now" button, and gave my home address. DG indicated that vendor would contact me. I'm not sure how the vendor would contact me when they didn't ask for my e-mail address. Does DG furnish them with the information? There's a link to Lonewillow Farms, so I'm just going to find a phone number and call them. No sense wasting days wondering if they received my order. I don't think though that I'll order this way again.

Athens, PA

They are in the GardenWatch Dog. I would give them a call..

Phone: (304) 927-2115

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