The coconut wireless - chat thread

Hillsborough , NC(Zone 7a)

I have taken the liberty of starting this thread, it's so nice to see old friends dropping by for a chat! I love to keep up with everyone and hear about what is going on in their world. Hopefully we will make some new friends too...

So very happy to hear that you are home safely Katie, and that the brace is making a difference. Don't go and overdo now just because you are getting some relief! My hat is off to you making that long trip up the Baja all the way to California and back on your own. Any trouble or hold ups at the border this time?

Christi - have you got most of your MIL's stuff sorted out? Did you sell her house? It will be a relief for you not to have to make that long trip to see to she still as honery as ever, or has she accepted the fact that she can't run that big place on her own?

Nice to hear your news Pepper - Spring is just around the corner and you will be able to get outside into your garden. What are you planning on growing this year?

We had a very noisy thunderstorm two nights ago and although there was a lot of thunder and lightning flashing out at sea we only had a sprinkle of rain from it - I believe Oahu really got drenched and a waterspout was spotted. We don't get thunderstorms very often here.

Right now my Mother is going crazy because the Monkey Pod tree is dropping all of it's seed pods all over the driveway. Mom hates this tree for 6 weeks every year because she has elected herself the picker-uper of the pods - especially before we run over them in the cars and they stick to the ground like glue. They drop down right behind her back, and if we don't get them picked up every single one germinates 5 or 6 trees in a flash! One of the most prolific trees I have ever come across except maybe the the Kiave, which is a type of mesquite I think.

We have just seen in the paper that my area is going to be the test area for a green waste pick up. Thank goodness because, even though it is only going to pick up every other week, it will be fewer trips to the green waste facility at the dump. We produce such a huge amout of trimmings, etc - far too much for my compost pit to cope with. Of course it's not going to start until after the Monkey Pod tree has given up all of it's gifts!

Have a good day everyone!

mulege, Mexico

Jenn, Thanks for starting this thread.

I came through to Mexico at Otey Mesa and had no problems. I was pulled over but let go quickkly. I took my time coming home as I was tired. Very uneventful trip - my favorite kind. I am now recuperating. I have a slight cold and need to rest up - the trip is tiring. However, my foot is so much better that is was worth it. I'm still having a little trouble sleeping with the cast on my foot -= and five dogs - but I' getting used to it.

My fifth dog, Scout, belongs to my friends Jon and Sharon who are both in the States now. They adopted Scout from me several years ago and she still remembers me and is getting along OK with my four. A little jealosy but no blood - just a few growls and snaps.

I just got my T R Hovey papaya potted up. Got it and three low chill blueberries from Logees. Still have to do the blueberries but they are looking fine in their current pats.

Tony washed a LOT of the plastic containers I use for seed starting yesterday. I brought bck lots of seeds.

My schotia tree is finishing its blooming. So many birds flock to it that it's like I'm living in an aviary. Once or twice a week we have to catch a bird that has flown into the house and can't find its way out.

We are still doing what seems like endless clean-up and finishing of the house. My favorite word is "permanent" as we gradually find homes for things. Sorting out stuff to send to Tony's wife and her family.

Think I need a nap.

hugs, katie

Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

Seems as though we are all extra busy. Yes, we actually got a contract on the house about 2 months ago. Buyer came to us. Surprise of all. We expected 4-5 years to sell it. Mike's mother had put the house into a trust back in the day when they had a business and lots of liability. It is taking forever to sort it out. Seems she made some changes AFTER her husband died in 2000....on her own...without a lawyer. Not allowed. We had to hire a trust lawyer. Still don't know what that is going to cost. Only 1 out of a 100 will even touch a trust. We think every week that this will be the one when we close. Still have one more truck load of "stuff" to move from the house. We had a sale there with little luck. Gave away as much as we could. Have brought several loads here so we may have another sale. If it were me, I would give it all to charity. I don't have any say...just the assignment to do it.

Beautiful day here and I have discovered two more brugs that have "come back". The two I loved the most, I put in pots and in the greenhouse. Every single thing in the gh froze with two continuous days of 16 degrees. Heaters could not keep up. The ones I left in the ground disappeared but are now coming up from the roots. Can't win. Have some 9 plumies potted and they are stunted because they really need to be in the ground. May try planting out a couple and then dig them in the fall. I know without a doubt that they would not survive 16 degrees. Two are about to bloom now.

Thank you for the chat thread, Jen. Can ya'll think of others we have missed that we might want to invite? I can think of two or three.

Love each of you very much.


Delray Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

Aloha, Bonjour, Howdy, Hola my friends!

What a wonderful idea to start this Coconut wireless chat thread. Mahalo, Jen.

Gail and I are doing very well. I have been gardening and keeping busy. My house has become Adenium Obesum central. It started innocently enough, as these stories always start. I was visiting houses for a foreign client when I came across this abandonned adenium obesum sitting in a broken down plastic pot. It hadn't seen any care since the Kennedy administration. I offered $10 for it and the owner agreed. When I opened my wallet, I only had $6 on me. No matter, they wanted to get rid of it, so $6 sealed the deal. When I got home, I showed Gail and she had a fit because she would have been ashamed to put it in a green bag and drag it to the curb on trash pick-up day. It quickly became one of her favorite plants. Then, I managed to buy an adenium obesum that belonged to one of our dearly departed gardening friends (Giancarlo, aka Armando). We were then up to 2 desert roses. On my birthday, a friend of mind told me about this house that the county was going to buldoze over because it had become an unsafe structure and home to a small army of squatters. A sign on the lawn said to walk around and dig up anything we wanted. And that is how I became the proud owner of 2 more full-grown adenium obesum specimens. I have managed to start 2 from seeds and I bought one from a store. So, I now have 7 of those caudiciforms. They are highly addictive. Here is a picture of one of the rescued plants, along with a blue ceramic pot that was laying there, used as a garbage can.


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Delray Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

Also, I planted a lotus bucket mid-February. They grew and grew and on Easter day, I was rewarded with this awesome bloom. Another bloom should open tomorrow morning.

Take care, all.

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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I love your rescued desert roses!! I have one that I got from Wally World on clearance last year. Hasn't bloomed since winter but now that it's warming up I'm gonna find a bigger pot for it and let it spread it's roots some more. It has dark pink blooms on it. Not too happy right now with me cause it's cold at night and really nice during the day so it's outside. lol. It needs to develop thicker skin if it's gonna live with me. lol

I've been working the greenhouse at work now that spring is here. We've had a warm up the last couple days and have just about been wiped out. Luckily more plants coming tomorrow.

My own veggie garden will have 12 tomatoes- Beefmaster and Mr.Stripey, 6 bell peppers, 1 cucumber, 1 or 2 yellow squash and if I have room for more stuff I'll figure something out. lol. I'm also doing herbs in a pot but gotta wait til we get my nephew for a day and have him help me plant them. This way he can pick the leaves and eat them all he wants. lol. Got licorice basil, lemon basil, sweet basil, sage, and peppermint. Oh and purple basil. I might be missing one or two but that's most of them. He's 3 and is curious as can be. So curious that if I am weeding a bed he tramples right thru all my plants to see what I'm doing and to help. LOL. I jus sigh and hope my plants are hardy enough they can handle it. lol.

Christi, did you have to mention plumeria? LOL. I've been trying to think of ways to convince a cousin who is stationed down in Hawaii to bring one back for me next time he's on leave. Legally of course. lol. It's been my plant dream all winter. I'm trying to think of a spring one now. lol

Thanks for the new thread Jen!! It's great talking to everyone over here again.

Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

Haven't downloaded the pictures yet and don't really know how to get them posted since I bought this imac. However, this afternoon my neighbor discovered a swarm of honey bees working their way around a limb in her magnolia tree. Checked the internet for a beekeeper and a young man came out to collect them. Another experience of holy ground. He brought a rubbermaid tote and his protective gear with a ladder. Scooped them into the tote. Looked for the queen (she is larger than the others) put her in a clear water bottle. Punched holes in it and her pheromones called the worker bees and the drones into the tote with her. Made a big neighborhood experience. Three years ago we had Monarch butterflies by the thousands spend the night in our combined yards. Then we had not one, but two, Luna moths. These things are not common and seldom seen. God has blessed us once again. Yay!!! Love your blooms, Pu'ole.

Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

Some years ago I had the great idea of getting us all together. Regional Ru's are common. I want all of you to come to MY home. It would be absolutely Heaven on Earth.

Princess Kilikina

PS> You're the only ones that understand my alias.

Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

Anyone know how to find Randy Judd?

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Check cubits maybe or facebook. I thought I had seen him posting a few times here on DG not too long ago but may be thinking of someone else.

Hillsborough , NC(Zone 7a)

Aloha everyone.

Great to hear everyone's news - how busy you all are!

Lovely Adenium Sylvain - I think that having 7 now qualifies as a collection! I have one myself, but it is not doing too well due to the fact that a huge Brug has grown out of control and has now put it into full shade, I must try to remember to dig it up and give it a spot with full sun, goodness knows I have plenty of hot, dry spots around the place. I love the Lotus, what a nice Easter day surprise. Say Hello to Gail from us, glad to hear that she is keeping well.

Wow Pepper, that is going to be a very nice veggie / herb garden - especially with all the help you are getting from your nephew. I have given up on growing tomato here because they get under constant attack from white fly and powdery mildew. We do have some wild tomato that come up all over the garden, planted by the birds no doubt, which are very small but very sweet and they don't seem to be hit by anything at all. You mention that you want a Plumeria - they sell cuttings at all the tourist stores around here which have been already inspected by the Ag dept, and are ready to send through the mail. They are only about 8" or so, but it would be easy enough for me to mail you a couple if you want - LMK.

Princess K, thank goodness those were not Africanized bees - when I lived in Arizona it was a constant worry every time you saw a hive!

It sure would be nice to go to a RU - wish sometimes I didn't live 3000 miles out to sea! One day I shall just arrive on your doorstep! Please ask the others that you have in mind to join us, I haven't "seen" RJ around for quite a while perhaps he his over at the other site, I know that Carol (Aloha Hoya) doesn't come to Daves anymore.

Katie, hope that foot keeps improving - it sounds as if you and Tony are going to be very busy with all the seeds you bought in CA. Glad to hear that the Cherimoya are doing so well for you - they are so delicious! My tree is in the process of dropping old leaves and growing new ones at the same time - it's very weird how all our trees do that here.

Of to help Mom pick up Monkey Pod seeds before it gets too hot in the driveway - also got to sweep the road as the darned tree spreads so very wide the street gets covered too, and we don't have any road cleaners in my neighborhood. Grumble, grumble!

Have a good day my friends.


Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

I'm here guys...Katie found me.
Hi LouC! I'm assuming that was Mike's Moms house? I couldn't imagine you selling your house.
Just got back from Colorado Springs- My brothers 50th birthday...was nice a couple of days then it got pretty cold, even saw snow flakes.
Been slowing down on the gardening, can't seem to keep up anymore- After the last couple years of freezes I have down sized the plants "on hand" just don't have the room in green house or the garden. The tree fern still lives and is about as tall as I am now.

Am still trying to transfer to an airport before our office moves to Chicago- Most of the airplanes now are now painted United. A few of us are considering getting a "crash" pad in Chicago and commuting every couple of weeks..dunno what will happen.

Hi Jenn, Pepper, Sylvain!
I looked into picking up some property next to Carols on the Big Island. Would love to, but...ya know..$$, and the job thing.


KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Hi Rj!! Hope you are able to transfer to another airport in time. I have a feeling you would have a hard time adjusting to the frigid winters of Chicago. lol. Especially with the lake effect winds.

Was hoping to work in the garden tomorrow but it rained all day today and it's a muddy mess out there. Too muddy for me to try and do anything. So just taking my grandma plant shopping instead. Be a nice change for her and she can get some plants for her gardens.

Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

How wonderful that one by one we "old timers" of DG are gathering again. Really tired tonight but have a lot of good news for tomorrow. Take care.


Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

Randy, Mike asked about you just this evening. He has missed you as well as I have. Big heartache, the morning glory tree just couldn't take the 16 degrees we had for 48 hours. Even killed the cutting I had saved just in case. One of my favorites.

Later. PK

Your brother's 50th birthday. June 9th we will be married 50 years.... much to everyone's surprise.

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks Pepper, your feelings are uncanny!

Christie, we must rendez-vous in June, My Birthday is June 7th my Continental anniversary is June 9th! I just got this retirement present from Brian today.
Left to right my friends Steve, Phillip and Brian...oh yes..the present are those airline seats!

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Hillsborough , NC(Zone 7a)

Aloha all,

Nice to catch up on all your news RJ, and I sure hope that you find a transfer before having to make that big move to Chicago. Even having a crash pad and going home every couple of weeks would be difficult, I imagine. I hope you can find a way to move to the Big Island, it is always tough to live in the more remote parts of Hawaii - I myself would love to live in Hana (the windward side of our Island) but no jobs, and living "off the grid" would be too difficult for us unless we were super wealthy, like so many of the well known personalities who have homes there. Even the tourist industry (which is the mainstay of jobs) is mostly centered around the leeward sides with the beaches and the sunny weather...perhaps after retirement?

PK, can't wait to hear the good news...

Woke up to light but constant rain here this morning - not at all usual for us, these types of showers are called "God's Blessings" here which I think is rather nice. The garden really perks up and looks so fresh and green after some rain - I have noticed that bananas seem to ripen up quickly after we get "Blessings". I wonder if it has something to do with the ozone?

We are starting to pick quite a lot of figs and the papaya are going nuts. We always have papaya but they are more than we can keep up with in the spring. The birds help us out a lot, especially the white eyes that hollow them out - from the ground level the fruit looks perfect but after it's picked you find that there are no guts left at all! The Mango trees are starting to ripen one by one - it's not going to be a heavy bearing year this year, but more than enough for us and anybody else who crosses our path. I am not quite sure why anyone would want 6 old Mango trees in their garden, but that is what the previous owner planted.

Off to take Mom If this shopping this morning and run a few errands around town. If this drizzle keeps up it looks as if it will be a good day to work on my quilt...


Keaau, HI

Hey Princess K, if we're all coming to your place, what's for dinner?

Thanks Randy, for showing us that we don't have to get on the plane to fly!

Great to see everyone here!

Aloha, Dave

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mulege, Mexico

I have a second pomegranate blooming. It is the one that is on the side of the arroyo where it gets very hot during the summer. If I get enough of these maybe the hummingbirds will leave one or two fruits for me. They love the and ate all of last year's crop.

I have been potting up cherimoyas and arhats. Both are sprouting now that the weather is warming up.

I've been drinking lots of hot lemonade. Slept well last night and feel much better this morning though I'm still very low energy. I can hear Jenn and her mom both saying "Don't overdo." Ok, I'm resting.

Almost no foot pain and the cold is almost gone. I know the energy will be back soon - just not today. The good news is that I'm not depressed, just very tired. Worrying about my foot and whether I was going to need surgery or just be lame forever really took a toll. I'm glad to be recovering and to know that I will soon be going up and down the steps in the arroyo.

The schotia tree is almost finished blooming but we still have lots of birds. I've never noticed before how cheery it is to have so many around. I brought a big bag of food from Wal-Mart to encourage them to stick around. It was funny coming through to Mexico as I explained what bags were for plants, what for birds and what for dogs. They let me through with no hassle.

Must rest more.

Waiting to hear Christie's good news.


Delray Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

Hello, all.

The mango across the street seems to have a regular crop on it; nothing close to the bumper crop we experienced last year. The trouble here is to keep the groundskeepers from knocking down the unripe mangos. They eat them green with loads of salt. My neighbor Doreen makes it her business to protect the tree whenever the groundskeepers are on duty. They fear her. She guards that tree as if it were one of her children. We have quite a few mango trees on the property, so the groundskeepers pick their green mangos from the other trees and we get to eat all the fresh ripe mangos we can handle. I have this recipe for a mango cobbler that makes your toes curl upwards.

Take care, all.

Baytown, TX(Zone 9a)

Hi everyone!

I'm here but will have to catch up on the read later. Been visiting with my sister. She loves all of the miniatures. Now she wants a dollhouse!

Garden is making a comeback, slowly but surely. Finally watered yesterday.

Hope everyone is ok! Sure is good to almost have everyone back.....miss Shari and Tropicman......

Get back with y'all later. Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mom's!


KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

I took advantage of a super nice day and took my grandma shopping for plants and spent a ton of money. LOL. Came home and planted several of them and just enjoyed the nice weather before the rain hits again tonight. Got lots more to plant but I'll get there. I put a serious dent in them today!! lol

Thumbnail by pepper23
Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

Well, I thought I had mastered uploading pictures to DG on this imac. not. Have had this almost 2 1/2 years and cannot master iphoto. I can upload entire albums to FaceBook but not just one photo at a time. Printed out instructions from plantladylin and still could not get it work. Guess you all have to friend me on Facebook so I can show you our flower garden and the extended deck and patio area. Recently built a Tiki Bar on the property line to share with neighbor that has the koi pond. Even put a thatch roof on it. Dave, we would start the visit with whatever libation anyone wanted. I make a mean virgin Mary (bloody Mary with no alcohol). Mike gave his pull-behind smoker to our son as it is just too much for us anymore. If you are not familiar with The Big Green Egg, check it out on the internet. We bought him the largest size and he is happier with it than any cooker he has ever had. Best part is it doesn't get hot on the outside and presents no fire danger on this wooden deck. Uses about a 10th the amount of fuel to cook and gets up 750 degrees. I wanted to show you a picture but.....

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. If you are not a mother, you have one and it is a day of thankfulness for all.

Princess Kilikina (just love being a princess again)

Amanda, you are one precious granddaughter.

Hillsborough , NC(Zone 7a)

Mornin' all,

Hi Dave, how is everything going in your neck of the woods? I'm with you - what's for dinner Christi?! Lovely picture of the turtle, and nice to hear from you.

Glad to see that you are feeling better Katie, that arroyo will wait for a few more days - it's a huge job you have taken on, but it's going to be ideal when you finally get it done, and I think it's going to look rather beautiful too. Is a garden ever done - mine isn't! I keep having to tweek things and move stuff around because they have grown much larger here than I ever imagined they could. Those pom's are a perfect choice and should thrive for you, so nice when something gives food as well as eye candy.

Hey, how about sharing that recipe that is going to curl my toes Sylvain? I imagine that you could use peaches instead for those of you that have access to them instead of mango. I had to laugh about Doreen the keeper of the mango fruit! Many of the folks around here only eat green mango too, I believe it's a favorite of the Phillippino people and they really don't thank you for a ripe fruit!

Jeanne, glad you have found us. I hope your Mom (and you) are doing better now. How nice to have your sister there and make those wonderful miniatures together. Your doll houses are incredible! Do share some pics.

Nice hanging pots you created Pepper, I bet you and Grandma had a lovely day browsing through the nurseries. Just how many plants did you come home with?

I had a disturbed night last night due to a cane toad serenading. He /she kept it up all night long and got progressively louder as he / she couldn't get another toad to come to the pond I guess. Anyway at 3 am I went out armed with a net and a flash light, but missed him / her every time. I finally trapped it under the net at 4.45 am. Ah! peace and quiet for a whole 15 minutes before the calling started again. That little bugger was sitting right on top of the net! A quick flick of the wrist and I managed to dump him into a bucket and slammed the lid down fast. Success! He / she will be relocated this morning into a swampy area - it will take him / her weeks to walk back to my house with any luck! I know, I know, toad are good for the garden - but I really draw a line at Cane toads. By the way, anyone know if it's the males or the females that croak for a mate? Always like to know the enemy!

Off to the beach for a short time early this morning to meet up with a gang of friends that just gather to "talk story" on the weekends. It's always fun, and they are such a diverse bunch of people that it is always interesting to talk to them.

Aloha to all,


Hillsborough , NC(Zone 7a)

My current bete noires.
Monkey Pod tree

Thumbnail by Braveheartsmom
Hillsborough , NC(Zone 7a)

And stupid cane toad...

Thumbnail by Braveheartsmom
Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

Hey, Jen. Saw a teaser on some channel last night (I never know, other than it is usually HGTV,History, Green or something of that nature) that there is to be a special Sunday night on cane toads. How they have taken over areas and are killing native creatures. They are menace wherever they are. Next time, kill it with no qualms. One less OBL Toad.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Those hanging pots I cheated on. I bought them that way at work. LOL!! I will be making up plenty of regular containers for the deck though. I have flowers galore waiting to be planted into containers right now and I'm not done buying yet. LOL. I also have 2 cardboard trays loaded with plants in my truck and they won't come out till sometime tomorrow when I can sneak them out. LOL.

I'm planting for hummers and butterflies. Some lantana, verbena, petunias, sweet potato vines-for my cats to play hide and seek under, cabrilochia aka mini petunias, elephant ears, and I know I'm missing a couple. For the ground I'm mostly doing perennials and throwing down zinna seeds and annual aster seeds. My nephew will help with that. I'm trying to turn him into a gardener even though he's only 3. Never to early to start!!

Allium blooming

Thumbnail by pepper23
Delray Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

A glorious Mother's Day to all you moms out there!

Yesterday was a great day for me. I was up bright and early. It was coffee on the deck at 6:15 with some of my daily readings. I was behind on my reading, but now I'm all caught up. It feels good.

I then headed to my friend Ginger's house. She was having a garage sale and I offered to lend a hand. A lot of her customers only spoke Créole and French. So, I was the international host for the event. In the process, I relieved Ginger of 3 large terracotta pots and at least a dozen medium terracotta pots. Symbiosis is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

Then, I headed to a pet shop specializing in reptiles. We were having difficulties with our pet ball python, Lucy. You see, Lucy has been raised in the lap of luxury with all the amenities and privileges of royalty. That snake has a huge living enclosure with a heated hide-out, a large water dish, a slate tile patio, a jungle gym, an infrared heat lamp and all the food she needs. Add to that Gail and I doting upon her every day and you get a good pet snake. She is absolutely gorgeous. She spends hours wrapped around my neck or draped on my shoulders in the evenings. Lately, she has found a new thing. She puts her head on my nose and just sits there, apparently enjoying herself. I include a picture of Lucy when she was just a wee little hatchling. She has grown quite a bit since then. I'll take a fresh picture soon and post it here.

Oh, I know snakes are not on everybody's list of good pets, but such is life. You are welcome to go EEEWWW. I was like that 2 1/2 years ago. Had I known what I know now, I would have kept a snake a long time ago. Live and learn certainly applies here. We are positively gaga over that ball python. A week ago, Lucy was getting ready to shed her old skin. I replaced her shaved aspen substrate by a special bark substrate that can be kept moist without rotting. You don't want your snake to breathe mold. It's not good for us and the same rule applies to animals. The moist bark did its job and Lucy enjoyed an easier, very successful shedding process.

But there was a problem. We noticed that Lucy only slept on her unheated slate patio under her infrared lamp, instead of taking refuge in her deluxe heated appartment. We came to the conclusion that she didn't like slithering and sleeping on the rough bark. Who knew snakes could be finicky? So, first order of business was to acquire a new bag of aspen shavings. When I came home, I removed the bark and laid out a new bed of aspen shavings. Two minutes later, she went into her heated hide-out. We now have a happy snake again. She has trained us very well, hasn't she? You have got to love Lucy.

Today is going to be a much more relaxed day. I have to plant a new acalypha. I may do it today, or leave it until tomorrow. I will dig up that mango cobbler recipe and publish it here later on; maybe today.

Take care, everyone.
Pu'ole, a.k.a. Sylvain.

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Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

Oh dearest Pu'ole. A snack lover I am not. If I even see a little grass snake in my garden I am out of here. They are all deadly to me as I would die of heart failure should one actually touch me.

I'm glad for you and Gail that Lucy brings you both so much pleasure. I'm more of a dog person myself. This past week I have pulled up the half acre of poppies and saved seed heads. Many I cut off where they stood and let them fall and then pulled out the stalks. I have been moving towards mostly Texas natives (much easier and more successful DUH) as I lost so many plants the last two winters. I observed that Mother Nature does not store seed. The drop of blow with the wind and with no preparation, regenerate the following spring. I find seed grown plants to be much healthier and longer lasting. Right now the blooms are gorgeous but I know that in about 2 weeks we will be hoovering near 100 for at least 3 months. Just as hard as the 16 degree days we had last winter. Finally closed the windows last night and turned on the AC. I hate when that becomes necessary but the 90+ we are having makes it difficult to sleep.

I'm going to concentrate, once again, to learn how to upload pictures from iphoto. So frustrated over this problem. If you are on Facebook, please "friend" me as I can easily put up and album with no problem.

RJ, I dug up the root of the Morning Glory Tree yesterday hoping to find life....not to be. Of all the plants that I have lost to the weather, I miss this one the most.

Dave, Mike cooked Country Style Pork Ribs last night along with his signature homemade potato salad. Had corn on the cob and sliced tomatoes from our vines. We are testing different menus for our get-together. Oh, how I wish it could be so. Cannot describe the feeling I had when I met Jen and I can easily pull it up from my memory. And then there was the fantastic visit with RJ at his home and better yet, when he came here for a long weekend. The miracle of the internet has changed my life. I love each of you.

Princess Kilikina

Took the speakers outside to the deck and we play Bro IZ almost constantly. Did you know his recordings are #1 in Germany and France right now. Amazing.

Hillsborough , NC(Zone 7a)

Morning all,

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Will try to catch up later as I have work today and I have to jump into the shower by 6am, or risk being late.

Have a good day everyone.


Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

Guess I should start proofreading before I hit "send". More typos than the law allows.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Happy Mother's Day!!

Had a few family members over for dinner and just had a relaxing day. My dad did have to go out and send my neighbor back into their yard because she kept riding her motorbike into our yard again. Wasn't tearing up the yard but we don't want her to get hurt over here and there are several slick spots. Not long after he told her no she parked the bike for the day. lol

Thumbnail by pepper23
Keaau, HI

Happy Mother's Day!

My Mother is always correct.

My mother is an angel.

No one can argue with my mother!

Thumbnail by Metrosideros
Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

Hey, Dave. Sounds like a couple of mothers I know.

Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

Just realized you have polar bears in your picture. In Hawaii?

Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Christi, I forgot all about the morning glory tree. I'll have to look for some more as mine bit the dust a couple of years ago!

Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

The one you brought to me was huge and gorgeous. It died to the ground two years in a row but this last winter got it. The Mexican hydrangea has spread EVERYWHERE. Don't really mind as it blooms and blooms and blooms. Just like a four o'clock, it needs no care whatever.

Hillsborough , NC(Zone 7a)

Aloha all,

Finished work for the week - now to catch up on all of your news...

Pu'ole, I just gotta see a picture of Lucy perched on your nose! That is one well loved snake, her home sounds more comfortable than mine! She obviously brings you and Gail much enjoyment and more than a few laughs with her unusual antics. ^_^

Pepper, the garden sounds as if it going to be as pretty as a picture. I just bought Mom a Cabrilochia for Mothers Day - do you know if you can take cuttings from it?

PK, you simply got to get with the program so that we can see your photo's on Daves! Nothing is quite as pretty as a patch of poppies. I have a Morning Glory Tree - sort of a pinky lavender color - do you want a cutting? I have to go to the airport at the end of the week to have plants inspected to send to Pepper and I can get MGT cuttings done for you at the same time...LMK.

Dave, do you know my Mom?

We have had a few cloudy days here, not at all usual for us at this time of the year, but no rain. The garden is enjoying the respite from the unrelenting sun but it hurts me to have to put on the electricity for the solar water heater - we are so used to having piping hot water all the time that 115 degree water seems just too cool. LOL.

I have to spend a few hours this morning cutting up and dehydrating bananas. I hate the job, but the kids really enjoy them. We currently have two bunches ripe (Frank estimates them at 30lbs each) and it looks as if there are more to come very soon so I better get cracking as the darned things ripen over night.

Katie, I hope your foot is still on the mend and that you are settled back in at home. How long is Scout going to be your house guest? For those of you that don't know, Katie has rescued all of her dogs from the dump area in her town(wasn't it, Katie?) as pups. She really is an angel and gives those unwanted pups the most comfortable and happy life you could imagine, including cooking chicken for them and giving them lots and lots of love. Way to go Katie!

Is this the MGT that you lost PK?

Thumbnail by Braveheartsmom
Hillsborough , NC(Zone 7a)

No where near as beautiful or lush as Gangajays orchids are, but I am still quite proud of these given to me as "throw outs".

Thumbnail by Braveheartsmom

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