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question JMg

Jackson, SC(Zone 8a)

a friend has some and they start for her but then they die. what is it she need to do after germination. they form their first leaves but that's it.

I have tried to advise her but I don't know why they would die after germination and forming their leaves. Told her to try shade at first then move to sun. She grows in 1 gallon pots no transplanting. She doesn't soak them just plants them. I looked at them and they look great when they come up but a few days later they die.

any advice???

(Becky) in Sebastian, FL(Zone 10a)

Marie - I have no idea what is happening unless she has some soil borne pests that are eating them at the root level or the roots have developed some kind of disease.

Mesilla Park, NM

Marie, maybe she is growing in the direct sun and it is killing them during the hottest part of the day, could be they need to be grown in dappled shade till they get strong enough to take the heat. I know that even the ones growing in the ground here are taking a beating with the heat and the wind here. You might want to ask her to give you step by step of what she is doing and how she is doing it to grow the seeds out.

Jackson, SC(Zone 8a)

What she does is

in a gallon pot plants 2 seeds doesn't soak or anything. puts in warm sunny location. the seedling show up open their leaves then die.

Makes me kinda leery to even start any of the jmgs I got also our weather has dropped back into the 60s again. cold for me and them. hehe

Clatskanie, OR(Zone 8a)

My guess is that she is trying to start them outside at the wrong time of year or in used media..taboo. That is why we start them inside where it is too warm for the fungus spores to progress, at the plant's most vulnerable time. Clean, fresh potting mix only for seedlings.

You ought to tell your friend about DG, all the reading is free.

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