Is my Dioscorea elephantipes dead or dormant?

Providence, RI

Here's a picture of the poor thing. Its not squishy which is a good thing. Does anyone know if its dormant? If so, how long does its dormancy last?

I am never sure with my caudex plants whether to put them in full strong sun, or shade the caudex, and give the leaves bright filtered light. My adeniums are the only ones I know for sure can happily bake away in direct sunlight...

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Yardley, PA

If it is not squishy, it is dormant. This plant doesn't like full sun on the caudex. The leaves can take the sun. Mine goes in and out of dormancy with no schedule. Mine just went dormant again, too. Maybe because it is fall in Africa. Yours has a nice shape. I bought mine large about 10 years ago because they are very slow growers.

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Providence, RI

Yours is beautiful SallyO... thanks for the words of wisdom. I'll stop any watering until it looks like its coming back from dormancy...

Providence, RI

So many months later... an update.. it woke up, and grew a vine with tiny heart shaped leaves that grew eagerly into a tangled mess... and its been awake ever since. Maybe it'll go dormant again in the summer?

Winnipeg, MB(Zone 4a)

Would luv to see your plant, fatcaudex! Please post pics!!

Sally luv the shape of yours!!

Yardley, PA

fatcaudex - so glad your plant came out of dormancy. It can be scary waiting. Mine seems to very randomly go dormant and then comes out of dormancy when it feels like it. Nothing consistant.

Yardley, PA

Also, if caudex is hard you are probably in good shape.

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