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What is the secret with streps

Saluda, SC(Zone 8a)

What is the secret to getting predictable results with streps?

I have a few plants that are growing well (but have babied for almost a year.

Other small plants (from seeds and leaves) are just sitting. Nothing I do seems to move them beyond a few small leaves stage.

Have received many new plants and leaves in trade; what can I do to get somewhat predictable results?

This hastily made photo taken this morning is a sample of the stages of growth I am contending with..

Thumbnail by gessieviolet
(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

Mabe Jim or Bonnie could answer this better than me.


Williston, ND

Mine seems to do its own thing,but i can tell you have them over potted,not a good thing if you want good strong plants,those two left of the solo cup,should be in a solo cup
keep them cool and dont over fertilize them,they hate it and will burn till they get big enough to take alot of fert,


Tampa, FL(Zone 10a)


The only place I have ever lived and had good result was in San Francisco, CA.

Summer highs in upper 60's to low 70's, nights in the 50's and they grew to perfection. Nothing else seemed to matter as much as the temp.

In SF they grow them as bedding plants.

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

Patience is a key I find. They like it a bit cool, bright light. I let mine nearly dry out between watering. I feed them 1/4 strength orchid food every watering, occasionally flushing the soil with regular water.

Columbus, OH

Jim advised me to underpot, and pamper them less than I was--no bottom heat, let 'em dry out. It works like a charm! I do use Superthrive in the water when I water them, and 1 teaspoon FlowerTone fertilizer when they start to show new growth.

Ann Arbor, MI

Lane -- Red Hot Chili is in solid perlite (I think). Great for rooting the leaves, but I'd add a bit of potting mix to the perlite (maybe 1/3 mix to 2/3 perlite?), slowly moving up to 1/2 and 1/2 as the plant gets bigger. -Jan

Alum Bridge, WV

Any success that I've had came after Istarted using self-watering pots, those two-piece ones that hold water in the bottom piece and looooooose mix and the plant in the top piece. I've also had recent success with wick watering with pots set on synthetic carpeting-lined trays; this had the added advantage of adding humidity to the area around the pots.

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