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should I add compost ?

Shirley, IN

I had my soil tested and the ph is 7.4 they said that is a little high . can any one tell me what level your phosphurous and pottasium should be ? I dont know if they are to high or not .The one who would help me figure out my soil test at our local extension office is gone till june. I dont want to wait that long to put out my garden. Also I have been composting and have manure aged to put on my garden soil but now I dont know if I should because I am afraid it may raise my ph even higher. My soil is mostly loam if tha matters

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Aged compost and manure should not raise your pH- and 7.4 is only a very little on the high side

If you have results with rradings,' read this article to interpret them.

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