New hive

Orangeburg, SC

Well I m on my way to go and pickup my first nuc. I already have my hive all set up. We are pretty excited. I can hardly wait. I homeschool and my kids are super excited. Any tips for a newbie would be appreciated. Brandy

Marengo, IL

read as much as you on beekeeping.
I've been keeping bees for most of the last 25 years and I'm amazed at how much there is still to learn.
I usually "suit up" to handle my bees, but my kids who are now 20s-30s and grew up "helping" don't and won't wear bee suits. They will flip on a helmet with a screen if we're poking into a hive.
I'm lucky that I know a commercial bee keeper that I can question when the bees are in trouble, but the advantage to "backyard beekeeping" is that you can observe "the girls" daily and minimize a lot of problems before they become fatal.

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