pink roses that are very hardy, and somewhat shade tolerant

Lexington, MA(Zone 5b)

I have an area in the corner of my garden that gets at least 1/2 day of sun Are there any very hardy pink or rose colored roses that might thrive in such an area? I tried "Knock out" roses, but they were not a huge success.


Richmond, TX

Some pink roses that I grow that are supposed to do well in shade are: Climbing Pinkie, Cecile Brunner, Ballerina, and Kathleen (pale pink).

Winston-Salem, NC(Zone 7b)

agree with porkpal's suggestions and would add Kathleen Harrop. My Mom grows her in a mostly shady spot with some mid-day dappled sun. She gets lots of blooms and graceful long canes- thornless too, smells divine

Troy, NY(Zone 5b)

New Dawn and Mary Rose come to mind. I had New Dawn in part shade at the old house and it still did well.

Harleysville, PA

Here is my Kathleen Harrop and she gets morning shade but afternoon sun. She is the light pink climbing rose on the left of the photo. She is on the arbor with my Parade climbing rose.

Thumbnail by jess2132000
Harleysville, PA

One more

Thumbnail by jess2132000
Winston-Salem, NC(Zone 7b)

Ooo Jess, what a pretty rose arbor! I was just speaking yesterday of digging out some new beds, placing an arbor and training some climbers on it. I've been debating on Kathleen Harrop or Mme. A. Carriere. I think I've settled on Carriere because I already have some large pink noisettes growing nearby. But Kathleen is going somewhere! She's just too pretty.

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

I've grown Heritage, Mary Rose and Sharifa Asma in partial shade with good success. You do not say if this is morning or afternoon sun. Most of the hybrid musks will take some shade and keep producing. I grow Lady Emma Hamilton in morning sun + afternoon shade, along w/Lion's Fairy Tale and Grace and Carding Mill (the last three are not pink really, more pinkish or goes-well-with-pink). All are said to be very hardy and seem to be so--so far--in my nearly four year old bed. It is the only bed I have w/any shade at all! All would need a good watering at least once a week, fertilizer, and the occassional hair cut. Ballerina is a lovely hybrid musk that will take some shade. I second porkpal's vote for Ballerina. It would need a good mulching for winter in zone 5.

Sherman, CT

Zepherine Drouhin is a shade-tolerant climber, medium-deep pink, fragrant, disease resistant.

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