How much for Proven Winners in your area?

Chicago, IL(Zone 5b)

I've been scouting all the nurseries, big box stores and home improvement places and everyone has a different price but generally much higher than last year. Home Depot is asking $5.00 for a 4" pot and calling it the "grande". The pot is a little taller but the plant looks the same. They also had a Viva Snapdragon for $5.00 (one plant). I was looking for the Sunpatiens but they weren't in yet. I so badly want to try the Sunpatiens; wonder how much they'll cost? The dracaena Spikes that usually go for $1.49 were $2.97. Fountain Grass in small containers were $6.99. I paid $5.00 last year and they were giant! The most expensive place was a nursery that was charging $5.99 for Proven Winners! Really? For an annual that's going to die in three months? Their Sunpatiens were $9.99 a pot, for one plant! Dragonwing Begonia, $9.99 ea. I know, I know, it's the economy, everyone has to make their money but some of these prices are ridiculous in my opinion.

Sorry for ranting, I'm bummed b/c this year is going to be extra lean. I started some flowers from seed so I'll have that and it looks like I'm going to have to do some serious price comparisons before buying anything.

So, anyone else notice a price difference this year?


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