Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Here we are moved again. My goodness, sneaking our way through May, it will be the middle of the year in no time. Anthony, I'm sure spring cant be that far away. My daffodils are coming up. Poor misguided things. They will get a shock if their stick their yellow heads out here any time soon. Its quite cold but at least we havent had the icy winds. YET!!!
Hubby says , just wait, they will turn up.
My son in Perth tells me that they are still having very dry weather with warm days. I may have to move back over there to keep warm.
As much as we complain about the cold, it is needed by so many of our favorite plants.
Where would I be without my lovely irises which love cold winters, or all our bulbs which also need that rest in the cold.
Anthony, do you have chestnuts there to cook on the fire? I used to love winter in Bright for that. Delicious.
Hello to everyone out there, I hope you found the right path back to our Tea Room. I had better get over and put up a direction sign. Have a happy day.
We came from here...

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Southwest , NH(Zone 5b)

I can't believe I'm actually the first to find you here, Jean!! Happy Mother's Day to you too, and to all of you Moms there. I popped in to make sure you are all enjoying your Mother's Day as much as I am today. Hank took me on a lovely plant whistle stop trip. We went to several plant places along the way and ended up with quite a nice haul. We bought some heuchera, a dark red bleeding heart, yellow, fuschia and deep blue primroses, pansies in many different colors and a chartreuse spirea with dark red flowers. I also have a number of hybrid petunias to plant yet. So far, Jean, I have put in dark red snapdragons, fuschia and white trailing petunias, bright red geraniums and white/purple eye osteospermum daisies. Mostly I've been cleaning up the gardens and getting them ready to plant some colorful flowers here and there between the daylilies, etc.. I wake up excited to be back and waiting to see what has come up and what birds are stopping by to say hello. On our travels today, I bought Hank his first birthday present ....an outdoor cement bulldog with a red shirt that will be painted Yale colors as soon as I can buy the right color paint. He saw this bulldog last year when we were shopping at this garden center on my birthday, and he has mentioned him a few times since. So, I bought him today and he is now out in the yard for the girls to play around. Here's a photo taken right after they discovered him today. I think they are huddling to discuss the fact that he is now wearing Yale's rival's colors and figuring out why I would do such a thing to Hank! :)

Dianne - that bathtub area looks divine....you must love a good soak in such a peaceful and pretty place!!

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Merino, Australia

Louise, the girls are looking like mischief is afoot. Maybe they don tlike the idea of another dog in the yard, especially if wearing the wrong color. lol
Your garden sounds as if it is going to be just one beautiful rainbow. you will have to show us when it is in full flower.
What a lovely hubby Hank is, taking you on a plant trip. . Mine tends to be a bit softhearted when I want plants , but will drive past nurseries pretending he didnt see them sometimes.
Better get up from here and brave the cold. I have to put out the washing.
Enjoy your day.

Sydney, Australia

Hi Loise we had a lovely Mother's day (Yesterday:) we are a day ahead of you over in the USA ...I hope you all have a lovely day over there too!
It's still brisk here ...hard to get out of those warm covers in the dark morning here, must be disciplined though.
My day has half gone and nothing much done because it was nurse day here.
Better go do some washing and cooking now ...way behind.
A big wave to all our tea room friends ...back a bit later.
Brugmansia S.white in the jungle this morning.

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Christchurch, New Zealand

this morning we had the insurance assessor out to check the earthquake damage here...
the back wall needs to be demolished & rebuilt, and the patio like wise.
About 20 pavers need to be lifted & relaid as well.
All in all pretty minimal damage.
We are very lucky.
I took Mum out for lunch today, we had Mango chicken which I haven't tried before. It was nice but I think I prefer butter chicken, not as sweet.
I managed to plant my cyclamen while I was waiting for the insurance assessor. I also dug up some volunteer poppies & will take them to the RSA for the garden there.
I spread a few around my garden too, I started with one lonely plant a few years ago & have gained more each season.

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Quote from dalfyre :
this morning we had the insurance assessor out to check the earthquake damage here...
the back wall needs to be demolished & rebuilt, and the patio like wise.
About 20 pavers need to be lifted & relaid as well.
All in all pretty minimal damage.
We are very lucky.
I took Mum out for lunch today, we had Mango chicken which I haven't tried before. It was nice but I think I prefer butter chicken, not as sweet.
I managed to plant my cyclamen while I was waiting for the insurance assessor. I also dug up some volunteer poppies & will take them to the RSA for the garden there.
I spread a few around my garden too, I started with one lonely plant a few years ago & have gained more each season.

Hope it doesn't take too long before everything gets fixed for you.

Another wet and cold day here at Buderim today. I am so over this wet weather.
I did manage to get some sewing done so when it is fine I can get straight back to the garden.
Found a herb pot at the tip when I dumped some garden rubbish...painted it and have one fern planted in it so far. I intend to plant all ferns in it.

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se qld, Australia

I'm not too keen on fruity savoury dishes either Teresa. Dishes such as apricot chicken, and sweet and sour, or even sultanas in a curry, I've never been able to enjoy. Yucky!

I love fresh mangoes, but find the smell of them quite sickly. Seems a bit weird to me. lol

Sunshine Coast, Australia

My fern pot.

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

yes jean,chestnuts here,but,i dont think i'll cook them[horse],.theresa,if you tried my chilli chicken,[hot+],you would think the mango chicken was delish!!!,.,.the 'big red van'[not the wiggles] pulled up out front today,with my orienpet lilium order,..,big luscious purple bulbs screaming out''plant me,plant me'',so i did!!,..,i placed another massive bulb order over the internet this arvo[i need rehabilitation help],.,.at least its healthy addiction!!!.,.,Footy starts soon[12 mins]-so i must get prepped,-anthony

Clifton Springs, Australia

Jean, I am so glad that you mention those plastic GHs when you do....that's why I bought mine the other day......
All of my Brugmansia seedlings, Desert Roses,Liliums and one poor Frangipani seedling without a head, due to a ravenous snail, are all tucked in for the Winter.....I have confidence that the Frangi will sprout again...fingers crossed..
the best part is that they are next to the glass doors and so I can see them at all times.....

Louise, I would love to say that I can have a restful soak in that bath, but as soon as I get in, Matilda, my dog brings all her rubber toys and drops them in....I am usually sitting on a rubber Kong, while she drops more of her squeeky toys in amongst the bubbles.
When she was a pup, she would walk around the edge...now she is too chunky and there is only room in there for me.
Many's the time I have laid back and closed my eyes, only to get a tennis ball dropped on my head.
I have tried to lock her out, but who can resist those big bug eyes......so I shower more these days.

I like the sound of your dark red Bleeding Hearts.....I have a pale pink one but nothing like the size of the one you showed us last year......I can't remember ever seeing a dark red one, pics please when you can.....I will get the darker pink this year.

Marlene, great pick up that pot..good size for your ferns...
Good luck tonight, Anthony...

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Still quite dull here as there is a lot of cloud. I dont think we will see the sun any time soon. Its annoying that the sun manages to come out and be lovely for about half an hour in the late afternoon when I am going inside to get tea on.
Everything in the garden seems to be growing in slow motion now with the cold. Except the weeds that is.
Hello Dianne. I have 3 of those g/houses now and they are just great. The sellers say they are only a temporary shelter but the first two of mine have been up for quite a few years you can do so much with them . I have my 3 tier mini g/h inside the new one. Great for extra protection for the really delicate things. Not that I grow delicate things, but good for starting seeds in cold weather. I have shadecloth over mine which slows any deterioration in the sun and also holds them down in high winds.
Hello Anthony. Sounds like you are going to be up to your neck in beautiful liliums . I have mine all in pots along the new g/house where they get sun all day and some shelter from the wind.
Cant wait to see pics of all yours when they bloom. Yes , it is a healthy addiction which gives so much pleasure.
Hello Teresa, so glad you will get all your things repaired . You can feel a lot better about letting Copper out in the garden too.
Great find with that pot Marlene.
Chrissy, hope your brother is coming on well.
Hello to Colleen, Pam, Karen and Elaine.
Charleen, loved that photo of the long ears. Louise, pats for the cuties.
I am going to finish my cuppa and warm my fingers up.
Have a great day and enjoy those gardens.
Stay warm and try some of these Chocolate Brownies. .

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barmera, Australia

Brrrr bit cool here this morning. I think we're in for some cold weather this year. Good morning everyone. Hope all are keeping well. Karen hope you're feeling lots better after your hospital stay. The neighbours all but one are cutting down their palms today, so the wagon has to come out to tote them home to the broms. Thought that I might cut some about 6" deep and plant broms straight into them. I reckon ferns would look good in them too. It will save on pots anyway. Got myself another lot of shelving yesterday. I didn't have to pay for it.. My kind of price. John has posted my camera express post so we'll see if it gets delivered overnight. You will know when I have it. I'm sure that you'll hear me let out a whoopeeeeeee!!!!!!!. Oh, I have missed my camera. I still have some flowers out on the brugs so get ready. lol. Be back later. Colleen

Clifton Springs, Australia

Colleen, you will be catching up to Jean, with your GHs...so glad that your camera is on it's way.....can't wait to see that new Brug.

Whew, that was close Anthony, bet your heart was in your mouth....

Bought an old fashioned Aster" Monch" yesterday and an Osteospermum "Voltage", brilliant yellow....

When we bought this house going on 4 yrs ago now...I had planned to include all of my favourites and being a small garden, I planned it very carefully....since the Brugmansias and Liliums came on the scene....there is chaos.....colour co-ordination has gone out the window....I looked at it all yesterday and thought "oh well, now it looks like all my other gardens"..not such a bad thing.

Very cool this morning, only 8c outside....all the babies in the little plastic GH look very snug...It's great being able to see them while I am inside.

Sydney, Australia

Shhhh Colleen ...maybe we won't,

(pssst but I think that's right)

I have been out in the sunshine ...beautiful soft gentle sunlight.
Been chatting with my plants saying goodnight to some as they start to fall asleep and admiring the ones enjoying the cooler times.
The Oak tree next door has already lost all of it's leaves,so you know Winter is upon us here early.
We are very lucky because if the sun comes out on Winter days here it's just a delight, so long as the wind stays away.
We do on the whole have sunny Winters except for the last one and I love Winter for that reason.

I recently read somewhere that my area is well known for it's cloud cover in Summer, now they tell me ...I thought everyone was having that.
I guess that is why we are but 10 mins from Warragamba Dam.

Is anyone planting Winter veggies?
I am going to try some hard wood cuttings this year and am looking forward to trying my hand at that.

I hope everyone enjoys their day.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Hard wood cuttings of what, Chrissie?

I used to grow Caulis, Broccoli and Brussel Sprouts, they grew very well, but I got sick of dusting them for aphids......Broad Beans are easy.....but I'm getting lazy in Winter and prefer to give the garden and me a rest.

If anyone remembers Lazy Toc from the school readers, then that is what I am turning into this Winter...
The convenience of having those seedlings right next to me while I use this laptop, is marvellous....I can see what they are up to at any time of day.

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barmera, Australia

I'm back in to let you know that my new camera is here and it works beautifully.

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Sydney, Australia

Oh Dianne I am jealous now ...that looks so good ...what a nice way to enjoy Winter.

No I would not grow those things ...I grow greens in Winter ...all the leafy stuff.
Peas too usually but I missed planting lots of stuff this year because I can't be gone outside for more than half hour interludes, so there isn't a lot of time because most that time is allotted to my Brugs.
I usually grow beetroot in the suntrap and they are great for both greens and the veg itself.
I love growing my own stuff but because I don't use pesticides I am careful what I do grow.
Right now the chokos have finally put in an appearance, the Jerusalem artichokes are ready to harvest any time now but they are nicer after the frost, The climbing spinach is finally coming to life with sun. Radishes have just gone in.Sweet potatoes should be ready to start plundering soon.The herbs are pick all the time.

Happy to see the happy snaps Colleen.

Sydney, Australia

Forgot to say ...Hardwood cuttings of everything! Lol.
I want to clear some spaces so I will try to take cuttings of the prunings.
My Jungle is eating the secret garden ...so lots of hacking is in order.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

3 degrees here this morning ,and it was ffffffffff,[very cold],.,.startling game of football last night dianne,[like a game from the 70's],without mud!!!,.jean,im impressed with myself,even with last nights additions,the place looks clean and organised,.,i had a very busy day at work today,but somehow managed to veer off track,to the tip shop,.,.once there,i think i was in ''pot heaven'',-no !not a cafe in germany,but huge 'yates' pots stacked up,.,.i purchased 13,18 inch pots, for $10[almost new].,,.you beauty!!!!!!,..,aureliens love big pots,so these are earmarked,..,.,major aches and pains are cutting in on me with the cold weather,but i'll battle on!,.,.stay warm!!-anthony

Brisbane, Australia

Good morning everyone. A bit soggy here after the rain, but glorious sunshine this morning, so I hope it will dry out a bit. Cool too. Are we expecting a longer, colder winter this year? I didn't order that! It means a lot of nursing of pots, moving them to find some sun but keeping them protected too.

Hospital visit today but just a short one. Then will look around and see what mischief I can get into. Have a lovely day.


Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Well. its lucky I went out to see a garden yesterday as it has not stopped raining since. We have had just over 1/2 inch already. The weeds are laughing at me.
I was in salvia heaven yesterday. I was invited to visit a lady who grows salvias and pentsemons. I now have a wish list a mile long.
She has hundreds of them. The garden was so beautiful. She is on a farm so has lots of room. I was so envious. I came home with cuttings to pot up and I will be going back later in the year to get small plants.
I have never seen so many salvias in one place and so many growing so large. Some are up to the spouting along the house. I simply must have some . I am going out in my garden later to see where I can make a new salvia space. Of course , a lot will not go well here where it is so much windier with less shelter, but I will get what I can. I felt I had quite a few here but my poor little salvia space is midget sized. compared to that garden.
Hello Anthony, you are lucky getting those pots. we used to be able to get any that came into the old tip, but now everything goes to the "transfer station" there is nothing available. Everything all tossed in huge bins and noone can get anything.
Keep battling on with the aches . Moving keeps us all going . Have you tried glucosamine tablets ? I find they help especially with the aches in the hip joints.
Hello Chrissy. I am already getting hardwood cuttings going. Lots of abutilons and a few buddleas so far.
Colleen, congrats on the new camera. Very nice pic. Dont you love that salvia leucantha. . I have lots spread around along with the salvia leucantha 'Pink Velour' They do look nice together as the Pink Velour flowers are mostly white with little pink noses.
Dianne. arent you glad to have the little greenhouse ? Mine sits inside the large new G/H.
Hello to Karen, Pam, Teresa and Elaine.
Karen, if you are up to mischief today, I bet a plant goes home with you . Take it easy after the hospital visit.
Charleen and Louise, I hope you are getting lots of lovely sun.
With winter really on its way here, I may have to take another trip on the carpet to your warm gardens.
Charleen, if you see something flying over it may be me.
I'm off to get another cuppa to warm my fingers.
Try this Coffee Walnut Cake and enjoy your day.

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barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. Oh it's so lovely having a camera again. This is a pic of a palm flower. 7 palms were cut down in my street yesterday, and guess who was toting palm pieces for the broms all day. Boy they're heavy. I was using my little trolley at first but found that the sack trolley was easier. My poor knee didn't like it but my broms and SH will. Have a heap of washing to do today so had better get to it. The boys are nearly ready for school. be back later. everyone have a wonderful day. Colleen

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Sydney, Australia

Oh poor palm ...just look at that,
cut down in the prime of it's life ...good thing you can at least recycle them Colleen, have fun with them.

Well we have had a light Frost this morning ...I thought it might hold off until mid June (the usual time) but no such luck, our fears of a very cold Winter are perhaps about to be realized.

Good deal on the pots Anthony :) yay treasure! stay warm mate!

Jean I love Salvias too ...such giving plants and generous self seeders. Yes your hardwood cuttings are on my list too ...it won't be long now just waiting for the leaves to drop off.

Well finished inside, now going out to see what damage Mr Frosty did :( nothing worse than going to the Window and looking down on white car roofs ...heart sinks.

I suppose it kills the bugs so we must be happy about that.
Stay warm everyone.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Cold and wet here this morning.
That must have been very heavy work Colleen, you will have muscles on muscles....a great feature for your Broms though...
Nice to see your pics again.
Jean, that must have looked lovely, all those Salvias....aren't they a wonderful species....such variety and those velvet ones, unreal.

Karen, how about some of that glorious sunshine.....all I have are grey skies, grey sea, grey day.
Heater on early this morning...
Jean, do your Brug Buds still open when it gets cold like this?....I only had OA flowering last year and it had finished flushing..

Great get on those pots Anthony....now you have to fill them.....do you make your own potting mix or buy in bulk?

Even Tilly looked miserable on this cold morning.

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Merino, Australia

Dianne, I have found that GHA will flower with any buds still on the tree and he is still going with more buds even though it has been so cold.
I see BB is doing the same.
I dont have as many buds as everyone else seems to get as yet.
AM only had the one bud which did flower beautifully. in the cold.
Still raining here and looks like going on for some time.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

dianne,i do a bit of everything with my pot mix,.,.$20 fills the ute with nursery grade mix,but then i add to that,.,.i buy pot mix from a horticultural supply outlet,bagged for about 1/2 the price of hardware stores,..,then i mix all sorts of goodies into it,..,i never use a rich mix under the bulb,..,since i sold all those bulbs to Sid at the market,i have been recycling that soil,with a seive,..,[have ended up with a good mix],and i also get to re-use the gravell,..,I couldnt help myself today,i wandered back to the tip shop,for another 18 pots[$18],..,for some reason,i dont have trouble filling them!!!!!!!!ha ha..,.,,,Mya sent me some goodies that i have to pot up,.,.,.,.best get into it.,.,anthony

Sydney, Australia

Brrr it is sooo cold the Wind is blowing in through every crack and crevice ...one year the Man Hole cover went flying, too cold to even contemplate next Spring right now, oh my poor garden ...a gardeners lot, beautiful one day and stay inside the next.

So Anthony some stuff does get through to you?
That's interesting. Have fun mate it's too cold for me (the wind). I never plant in windy conditions.
Brug blooms will still bloom if it's wet or very humid ...it's cold dry air or wind that will finish them off as a rule, or a very cool night and a fairly hot day to follow. It's different for different places.
I don't have frizzles but now lots of yellowing leaves that will soon drop of ...although some plants look like they like cooler temps.
Off to make dinner
Enjoy your evening everyone.

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Shopping day today and I will be wearing a thick jumper and my coat. It is very cold. I think the rain has decided to stop for a while. it is always cold over in Hamilton when you get into the main street as the wind whistles up the cross streets. A good time to sit in a warm cafe and watch all the autumn leaves blow around.
I may not find any orphans today if it rains as they are kept outside at the shop.
Hello Anthony, Chrissy and everyone else. I hope you are all keeping nice and cosy. I am off as I need to get some washing into the machine before we leave.
Have a great day and keep warm.
Try a slice of this yummy Courgette Bread warm, with a cuppa Jean.

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Sunshine Coast, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Crisp clear morning here on the coast.
The Buderim Garden Club meets tomorrow afternoon. I will have to check to see if I have anything in flower to take for the floral competition.

Can anyone name a variety of Vireya that would be suitable for a big pot I have?
I want one that is a good flowerer. I prefer a pinkish colour.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Same here Jean, Definitely scarf weather....
Mum and I are off to see Water for Elephants today, it looks good......

Hasn't the cold come early? Anthony you have had some really low temps and our northern friends are experiencing weird weather too.

Terrible earthquake in Spain...What next?
Everything in the garden is very happy with the cool weather.....

Mrs Spider is in her shell watching tv, her web is full of takeaways, so she only has to scoot out, grab lunch, then it's back to the tv.

Marlene, I have 6 Vireyas, all have lived in pots for years, so I think that any pink that you like. will probably be suitable.

Back later..keep warm.

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barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. Pretty cool here too. I won't be looking forward to my next power bill. Enjoy your day at the movies Dianne and you too Jean. I bet you can't resist having a look for some orphans. You'll have to get them out of the cold and back to your place. I have so much to do and I don't know where to start so I'll sit here a bit longer. lol My camera is working beautifully but the flowers are getting a bit ratty now. Time to chop everything back, I think. Can't wait for the new lot of palm pieces to dry out. I have some lovely pieces that I reckon ferns might look good in. Just a thought at the moment. Must go be back later. Have a great day. Colleen

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Brisbane, Australia

Hope everyone is keeping warm. What happened to our beautiful, golden Autumn days? Actually, the day today was glorious, but the wind was up, and it was so cold.

Colleen, I am so pleased for you that you now have your camera. That shrub with the purple flowers is gorgeous.


rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

its cold allright!!!!time to buy new socks and boots,.,.brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Sydney, Australia

Yes that's a beaut pic Colleen ...I do love those pretty darlings.
It feels awful to have pretty plants that you can't capture to look at later, I often (as specially in Winter) just look at my pretty blooms in my cyber picture album don't you?.

Glad you enjoyed your day Karen ...too blowy here, not to mention soooo cold.

Dianne movie review? love to hear word of mouth rather than critic's reviews, it looked good in the ads.
I hope you enjoyed it ...nice day for movies I think.

Have fun at your garden club Marlene ...Garden Clubs are so wonderful you make great friends and get to see so many lovely things.

Any poor little orphans Jean?

Anthony ...how do you feel after all that planting?

Elaine? are you ok? how are you coping with the cold?

Loise and Charleen is it warm? I see some places have cold winds your way.

It's cocoa weather for sure here at my place ...the doonas on out too.

Enjoy your evening everyone.
Don't forget the stars aligns in the morning early (Aquarius aligns with Mars ) on Friday the 13th ...I wonder what it may bring.
Stay warm.

Christchurch, New Zealand

we had a raging nor'wester blowing this morning & it was incredibly warm all day.
I suspect we will pay for it with a southerly blast later...

Sydney, Australia

Teresa I was tossed off twice tonight before I got to you ...I was going to say what is happening in Spain must give you flash backs ...the Earth is very restless ...stay out of the wind :) I think it's blowing all the way up here, the She Oaks are howling.
I was trying to post this earlier ...

Christchurch, New Zealand


hope this link works - pics from the heart of ChCh

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. It seems we are all frozen . At least here, so far, we have not had the icy cold winds. I know they will turn up at some stage of the year. Probably early spring. We do get a lot of wind usually, but I am not missing it at all.
Showers most of yesterday and not too cold. I was able to take my coat off after lunch.
I was very naughty and had a lovely pie for lunch. Bacon & cheese. Very yummy.
I found no orphans that I wanted. Mostly daisies and a couple of larger trees. I did buy 2 salvias in tubes.
Looks fine so far this morning so I may get out to plant all the new salvias I am accumulating.
I really must get hubby to help me lift up some long pine posts later. I want them up on the roof of the shadehouse and across to the other side of the frame I am building. This will be higher than the present shadecloth, so the brugs will have more headroom.
I also have a very large echium that has to come out as it is growing right over the path there. I have to squeeze myself between brugs and echium.
I will transplant it elsewhere but I am not bothered if it doesnt survive as I have plenty of them around and they self seed like mad.
Anthony, keep warm down there and please dont push your cold weather up here. We have enough.
Hot soup weather now.
Colleen, you are going great with the new camera. Lovely flowers. I like your palm trunks too. I have only a couple of old tree fern bits but they are good for ferns etc.
Try cutting one in half lengthways and suspend from chain as a hanging container. I have 2 lovely pieces of the tree fern done this way. I just loop the chain around and secure with a joiner link. They will then hang happily from hooks.
I am presuming they will stand this treatment as I have never had any to try. If they tend to crack as mentioned in the brom thread, you could still strap them before hanging. I have epis and ferns on mine. I would keep to a usable size though. Mine are about 2' long.
I may be wrong but I would think the palm would be as strong as the tree fern for this.
Hello Teresa. It seems that the earth is shaking all over the place. Aside from the devastation caused, I do find it amazing that the whole piece of crust with Japan on it, has now moved so far.
We are on a restless planet.
Hello Pam and Karen. I hope you are both in better health now.
Dianne, I am reading 'Land of Painted Caves' now. It came around in the library quicker than I thought.
Chrissy. You keep those winds up there. My garden is looking pretty now we have more autumn color.
The snowball tree is red and the cotinus is turning from red to golden. I must try and get photos but its dull out there and looks like more rain.
Hello Louise and Charleen. I can imagine you sitting out in the sun in your pretty gardens . Pats for the young ladies and the long ears.
I am off to check the washing machine. Now that I am not standing there doing the wash the old way, I tend to forget the machine is going.
It will be a clothes dryer day today too. No use hanging stuff out in the damp.
I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend. Keep warm.
Try this big plate of Chocolate & Rum Truffles.
Happy day

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Brisbane, Australia

Good beautiful morning. I hope that wind stays away today. It was straight off the Arctic yesterday and most uncomfortable.

Chrissy, I woke up too late to go see the stars this morning. Forgot all about it.

Teresa, those photos make me shiver. Yet still I can't imagine the horror those people went through, and hope I never experience it for myself. Seems there is a whole line of earthquakes from NZ up to Japan, including the "ring of fire", then small ones across to Alaska. One wonders if Mother Earth is building up to something real big.

Some running about to do today, so had best go get started. Takes me forever just to shower and dress these days.

Jean, will be interested to know what you think of the book when you've finished it.


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western sydney nsw, Australia

Good morning to All Have not had much time this last week to much out running around then a bit of trying to get the yard in order . Just hate the wind but this morning is beautiful took few pics around the yard will to show how its looking now .
To day have to move afew things around so lunch table is ready for winter sun till later-- elaine.

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