So Far This Year I've Killed

Lost in the Woods, MO(Zone 6a)

So far this year I've killed a small 6-pack of phlox (I thought they were indestructible, but evidently not!) and four small citronela geraniums (the mosquitoes should be very happy). I think I overwatered the phlox and the geraniums probably starved to death (nutrient-deficient soil). Lesson learned: the soil in the small pots from the big box stores is not sufficient to support plant life. Now my new el-cheapo electronic soil tester is being used on everything "just in case."

It's bad when the plants at the nursery try to hide when I approach so they don't get picked to go to my house (short life expectancy)...

south central, WI(Zone 5a)

Not sure about the phlox. I keep the small packs just a bit more moist while they wait and wait for transplant..but if they are in peat moss..I watch more carefully..too easy to let dry out and too easy to overwater and rot them. I do try to get them into containers or ground ASAP..but life gets in the way..
The soil in plants from a couple of local stores couldn't hold moisture unless a sponge was applied..very wet!!!
When in the store,, sneak up on the suckers so they don't run away!!!

Athens, PA

I have this visual in my head..... "Oops! Here he comes! Quick! Hide" ^_^ Too funny.

Definitely plant out as soon as possible and keep moist until the plants have taken. I have seen on some other threads, where some repot house plants as soon as they get home to get as much of the commercial soil off the plant as possible too.....

Lost in the Woods, MO(Zone 6a)

I added a Foxglove to the list...

Athens, PA

what happened to it?

Lost in the Woods, MO(Zone 6a)

All the bells fell off, then the leaves turned gray and fell off, then the stalk turned gray. Not sure if it was suicide or flowercide.

Two of the bogless cranberries are looking deathly ill and all of the raspberries look dead. Haven't given up, but my garden is living up to my screen name.... and my screen name accurately describes my past gardening...

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Lost in the Woods, MO(Zone 6a)

Add the two burgundy bush beans to the list... mowed down by a cat.

Palm Coast, FL(Zone 9a)

ok, well I'll make my confession now :)

I have managed to kill --
Buddleia 'Black Knight (actually, the yard guy weed wacked my seedling thinking it was a rogue weed, but it was my fault for not 'marking' it.)

Lemon Verbena - don't know what happened, I made sure it was watered appropriately but still, it shriveled up and died.

Comfrey - my cat nibbled at this plant so much that it finally gave up the ghost.

Chinese Delphinium-- nothing I did made this plant happy.

Dill -- 3rd year trying to grow it, 3rd year successfully killing it.

Pennyroyal -- 2nd year trying to grow it, it decided to follow the Dill to Herb Heaven.

thats my list so far... but not to worry, the year isn't over yet here in over dry, under watered and Severely Sunny Central Florida! I am sure to add to my list by Fall!

East Dover, VT(Zone 4b)

I didn't know you could kill comfrey! Mine took over a hill by the barn so I'm letting it fight it out with the milkweed. The comfrey is winning! Maybe its the zone:-)

Lost in the Woods, MO(Zone 6a)

All four of the bogless cranberries look dead. Still watering on the off chance the roots will sprout a "new" plant. One raspberry bush is definitely dead, but the others look OK... a couple have "extra" sprouts.

The climbing white rose, Siberian irises, both hydrangeae, all the lemon thyme/basil, and all the strawberries (Sparkle and Ozark Beauty) are officially dead. One marigold is dead.

I can almost watch the weeds grow... maybe I should plant a weed garden and then I can kill weeds!!!

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Gray Thumb,
Don't be discouraged. Concentrate on what is growing and don't look back at what you have lost.
I did not have first time success with planting either as I'm originally from CT. and the ground is very different there. No ammendments or irrigation was necessary. In Fl. you water,water,water. Because we have cows I am able to keep a huge compost pile going at all times. I add kitchen scrapes and grass clippings and thats my top dressing. I also put cow poop in every hole I dig to plant anything. I now have a very lush front yard. It is 350 feet across and planted with shrubs of all kinds, flowering plants and some just have lovely foliage. Also, a koi pond. I started 36 years after we moved here cause with work and children rearing I just didn't have the time to really care for a garden. Started planting in 06 and now it is really beautiful. Takes time to get the hang of what is really happen in this climate. We have had unusual winters the past 2 years and I lost maybe 3 plants. I have a long roll of landscape blanket and cover my most prized plants and usually they make it through.
Whatever you do if you love plants and gardening don't give up. The rewards are well worth the persistence and labor.
Bonnie Davis.

Silver Lake, OH(Zone 5b)

some little tomato plants. seedling zinnias. vidalia onion babies (I have no idea how). an althea baby. hmmm... so far so good. I'm sure some of my stuff is going to die in the veggie garden unless I can hire someone to dig stuff up for me and move it. This is the biggest garden I've ever done and I put everything too close together. My neighbors tried to tell me ... but I got too ambitious/excited.

mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

what a cute thread! lol
so far the only thing i've killed (this year) is a Gardenia but the season isn't over..........sigh.

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