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HAVE: Daylilies, Mints, Herbs, Pond Plants

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

I have the following plants for trade (none for postage at this time). Plants will be well-rooted (not cuttings or seeds). They may be small since it's early in the season, but they've all been grown in ground for a year or more and roots are well developed.

I'm looking to trade for other zone 7 perennials (no cuttings or seeds), roses, etc as listed at the end of this post. I'm always open to suggestions but I usually do not grow tropicals anymore since I'd have to dig and store for winter.

DAYLILIES: One trade is one Double Fan (DF) unless otherwise stated below with TF (Triple Fan):

You can look these daylilies up in the database at to see what they look like and how tall they get. If you need to see some that aren't shown there, let me know and I'll post pics from my gardens here.

Black Plush
Pink Ballerina
Well All Right
Duke of Durham
Siloam Ethel Smith
Wineberry Candy
Hudson Valley - TF
Happy Returns - TF
Franz Hals - TF
Rocket City
Prairie Blue Eyes
Miss Jessie
Green Puff
Two to Tango (Special Trade)
Wineberry Candy - TF
NOID 44 Peach with Petaloids (pictured below)

Other Plants:

Blue Spiderwort

Hot Pink Spiderwort

Louisiana Iris - Little Rock Skies

Louisiana Iris - Blue

Sedum - Yellow blooming, gets about a foot tall - sun or shade, wet or dry

Physostegia - Purple Obedient plant, False Dragonshead

Saponaria - Pink Soapwort

Spice Mint

Blackberry Mint

Ginger Mint - tiny plants - just broke ground

Silver Mint - a few small plants coming up

Lemon Balm

Water Plants:

Parrots Feathers

Pickerel Rush

Lizards Tail

In return I'm looking for plants that are hardy in zone 7.

I also do not accept cuttings or seeds in trade. The plants I send you will be well rooted and I need the same please. I have no time or skill to deal with cuttings or seeds.

I'm looking for the following, but I'm open to other ideas too, and I'd consider something non plant as well if it's something I could use.

a climbing rose, preferrably The Fairy climber, the Iceberg climber, or some other climbing that rose that blooms most of the summer. Something with a romantic name would be nice too since it's going in the wedding garden on an entrance arbor.

Joe Pye Weed

Clematis - red, white, pink, doubles

Tall Garden Phlox - named, as I have several varieties now

Butterfly bushes in various colors

White TX star hibiscus

Named hardy hibiscus like Clown, etc.

Bee Balm - named, as I have several varieties


Other perennials for full sun, butterfly attracting plants

Bottlebrush tree

Unusual shrubs or trees

Plants with unusual foliage, or black or yellow foliage

Anything to fit the themes of my various gardens (Aphrodite's Love in the Mist garden, Unity Garden, Aloha Garden, Petals and Wings Butterfly Garden, Serenity Japanese Garden)

Anything with a music theme to celebrate the release of my son's first professionally produced CD. He does rock/pop, but got his start doing Johnny Cash songs

Non-Plant items I could use:

Molds for making concrete garden decor

Pet meds for two large dogs (Heartgard and Advantix or Frontline)

I'm open to other suggestions. I'll add other plants to my haves list when they pop up.

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