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how to use used brewer's yeast

Fredericksburg, TX(Zone 8a)

There is a micro brewery here that gives away their mash (not sure that's the right term). I remember reading something about using this stuff for fertilizer or making compost or something, but I can't find the thread. Does anybody remember that. I checked the tags for brewer's yeast and didn't find anything. I am not exactly sure I can get this stuff yet, but I thought I should first ask and see if it's something I can use without stinking up the neighborhood or attracting deer. I attract enough deer already.

Shawnee Mission, KS(Zone 6a)

Try googling used hops, spent grains or spent hops. I saw an article on keeping dogs out of the hops because they are poisonous to them and smell sweet.

I would also see if you can find something on the salt content of the used hops as vegimit is very salty.

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