thunder storms & hail

(Zone 5b)

I really need to turn off the computer but am watching the doppler weather. There is a line of severe thunderstorms and possible quatrter sized hail warning coming this way. I hope, somehow, it misses us! There is no way I can cover up all the plants that I planted yesterday. I don't want to think about the possibility of the electricity going out. Right now it's just light rain, good thing! Lots of thunder and lightening but it's still sort of sunny too, weird. We live on a hill top and can see the weather moving in and all around us, it's pretty amazing even when it's freaky weather.

Ferndale, WA

At first I thought the thunder was the sound of all those eggs hatching...LOL...Positive vibes comming your way darling...{{{{{{{{{{{{

(Zone 5b)

HAHA, Hay you crack me up!! Most of the storm passed us by, thankfully no hail. It did rain pretty hard, which we needed a little. Everything is so green. More rain this weekend.

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