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Who Removes your Dead? (Wildlife)

Enid, OK

Who is responsible for this less than appealing task at your house - and what do you do with the carcasses?

Every time there is something dead in my yard (which is daily), I point it out to DH and he says: "I will get that for you in a bit honey" - and he never, ever gets it!
I scoop it up with a trowel or whatever is handy and dump it in the garbage bin for the city to pick up on Tuesdays. Mind you, my garbage takes on a whole new aroma this time of year - at least in the winter the little bodies are frozen!

Just had to vent folks, this task is driving me crazy!!

I have two cats that love to hunt - I don't mind because they keep the moles/voles killed off but do they really have to bring me everything they catch?

Athens, PA

They bring you everything they catch and kill, because they are showing you they are doing their jobs... nasty as it can be, you are supposed to praise them.

I have always had the job of disposing of all the little bodies - but it is well worth it for me to do that and to have my kitties.

Thumbnail by Carolyn22
Enid, OK

Ah - too cute!
The gray cat - are it's eyes blue or green - beautiful either way!

Athens, PA

Her eyes are green. She's the princess - or at least she thinks she is....^_^

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