My Lawn is dead!!

Fort Lauderdale, FL

FL Zone 10 our Saint Augustine grass was attacked at the end of last year by Chinch bugs. Treated, however it was to late to and now I have sand and weeds, lots of weeds. Was told that I could shave the weeds down with the mower and apply Round Up and then lay the sod. Asked about tilling the weeds and was told "NO" that it would just spread the weed seed. I have replaced sod before but not a whole backyard of it ourselves and not over dead weeds. Any help would be most appreciated, Thanks! This is my first time so please be gentle!

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

Of course, we'll be gentle

Do you normally just lay sod that far south? or can you use grass seed? I've killed off large areas of weeds with Roundup and then used a power seeder to over seed the area with success. You def would NOT want to till.
Of course I would love to rip all the grass out and put in flowers.

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