High Hopes ...

Pretoria, South Africa

I am thinking of using High Hopes to grow up the one side of my pergola. I would appreciate any feedback. I would love something fragrant, and this one was advertised as one of the better roses to train on a pergola / up an arch.

Thanks in advance,

Northern California, United States(Zone 9a)

Never heard of it but I looked it up on HelpMeFind.com for you, reading the member comments under that tab is often very helpful when deciding on a rose.

Richmond, TX

The comments would be more helpful if the people would say where they garden.

Pretoria, South Africa

Thanks, I think I must do some more research...

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

Hello, I am just seeing this. I purchased High Hopes this past April at the recommendation of Pickering. I was looking for something scented, not too thorny and not too rampant. It has turned out beautifully. It is a charming rose, hybridized by Harkness in 1992, that has won many awards. It is said to be very disease resistant, has hybrid tea type blooms, and grows to 8 feet.and grows to 8 feet.

When I am looking for a rose and struggling with it, I email them. I was looking for Morden Snowbeauty and they called my attention to Heidesommer, a fabulous rose. I had been looking for Jeanne LaJoie, which no reliable vendor had, and they suggested High Hopes. It has worked out very well.

And (I almost forgot!) self cleaning. What a bonus. Climbing to deadhead a rose on a trellis can be a real pain.

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Pretoria, South Africa

Thanks DonnaMack,

I decided to buy a lavender midinette, but unfortunately it doesn't have a fragrance. I will have to get something to supply lots of fragarance - I would love a lovely fragrance when sitting on my patio.

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

Dear Elsa,

I'm just sorry that didn't see your message sooner. How nice of you to respond. I understand the fragrance issue. I got Heritage for my balcony because it is thornless, beautiful, and what a scent!!!

Pretoria, South Africa

What a beauty!

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