Newbie needs help with front of house

Port Richey, FL

This is my first house, yard was a complete mess back and front 18 months ago and am making some progress. Have a lot to learn about gardening (started both a container garden and a raised bed garden and stuff is growing like crazy but I have no idea what I am doing yet but enjoying myself ;0). This year is about making mistakes and learning, and I found a few local green thumbs who are giving me tips on my vegetables and fruits.

Now to my question. I cleared the bed at the front of my house. I started a dozen or so calladium bulbs in plastic pots and they came up beautifully and I had intended to transplant them to the front and then mulch around them. A friend mentioned they don't do well in full sun. This area has a slight overhang, but I think the calladium may not do well there, or needs some protection from bushes. So I am looking for some recommendations of what might grow well, look good and provide some shade for the calladium, but not get more than 4-5' high. It should not require a whole lot of work, and I am on a fixed income and can't really afford much in the way of mature plants, so I guess it should be something that has a fast grow rate.

I live in Port Richey, Fl 34668, I believe that is zone 9a

I really appreciate any suggestions. Plants I am considering include dwarf bottlebrush, glossy abelia, Yellow Bush Daisy, red firecracker shrub, texas sage, roses of some kind. I'm not married to anything and happy to consider any ideas.

Here is a picture of the front of the house. The bed is apprx 4' deep x 12.5' long. The window is about 4-4.5' high.


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central, NJ(Zone 6b)

What way does this side of the house face? North, south, etc... That is def a deciding factor on what you plant there.

Port Richey, FL

It faces south

Port Richey, FL

The calladium will definitely not thrive there, moved them to a shadier spot today, so now I need to fill in the entire spot. I am thinking maybe a mixture of things, just really not sure.

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

I like using Better Homes and Gardens garden plans for ideas then I can tailor them the way I want

Make sure you take in consideration the size of the mature plant/shrub you don't want anything that you're going have to keep trimming because it's rubbing against the house, another problem is ants and termites if shrubs are touching the house, basic rule of thumb keep them 3' from the house. and I would think even more so down there in FL

Here's some pre planned garden ideas

I think some really "hot" colors would look great with your house, reds, pinks, purple and with some spiky ornamentals

Check out this Nursery they are in FL and rated one of the top 30 in DG Watchdog

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

You also want to keep to shrubs that have an open structure...nothing that gets so dense you can't see the wall behind it..( Termites and ants)

Port Richey, FL

Thanks, I will check out the links. I forgot about the extention, they have a lot of info, think I even picked up handouts last year and will dig them up ;0)

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

You are very welcome. I hope they give you the info you need. Happy gardening...Moon

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