Overwintering Colocasia in a container, in the house

Highland Park, IL(Zone 5a)

I read the post below about elephant ears, and have an idea of the container size, but am concerned at the conditions I should try to maintain to keep it alive in the house over the winter. It is in a pretty large container. It has been growing in this container all season outside, inside of a larger pot, that I keep about half full of water. It did very well outside, but I think indoors, this water will become stagnant. I do want to replant it to a larger pot, the roots seem to be coming up out of the soil, and coiling around and back into the soil. Do I need to have it in high, full sun for the winter? It was in filtered shade all summer. Any help or if someone can steer me toward a site that will give instruction for over wintering them, other than letting it go dormant and drying out the bulb or tuber and replanting it next spring, I would be interested in any and all ideas. Thanks.

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