Rain Lilies

Cedar Hill, TX

I have just been given some rain lilies from a friend. Curious, I looked them up and found a lot of information. I found the flower after a rain!! Wondering why the question had not already been asked, I thought I would! If Rain Lilies flower after a rain, will they also be forced to bloom after a fine spray from an hose sprayer?

Mebane, NC(Zone 7b)

It is amazing how smart God is with His flowers! My rain lilies pretty much only bloom after a rain. If it hasn't rained in a while and the ground has been dry for a while, sometimes they will bloom with a flood from the hose, but for the most part, they just look at me like I am stupid! :) Obviously, they didn't bloom much this past summer (I think twice). No rain for about a year here and temps were 100+ all summer!

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