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Is Cleopatra difficult?

Vista, CA

Two years ago I bought Cleopatra in a 5 gallon nursery can, planted it, the two canes bloomed, died back and then the roots melted to nothing. Last year I got dormant roots , planted them, and nothing. This year I did the same from a different source and after 2 months, there's nothing in the pots. The Semaphore/Pacific Beauty I got from Plant Delights as a plant (it arrived about the same time I got the dormant roots) is doing well, right next to the empty pots, so I know it's not the mix or exposure. Any help on this would be most appreciated--I have all the variegated cultivars I know of, with the exception of Kansas City and Cleopatra, plus a number of bronze-leaf cultivars. I'm not familiar with how to do things on Dave's Garden, but when I figure out how to post a picture I'll post one of what I call Canna Court from last year.

Coal Center, PA(Zone 6a)

A lot of 'Cleopatra' stock is virused. It may not have been anything you did.
It may have just not made it.

'Kansas City' has been diseased. You are not missing anything not having it.

My current 'Cleopatra' is clean, but does not have much variegation in the leaves right now.
Her flowers are bi-coloured though, so I am hoping leaf variegation will get better as she grows.

At the bottom of each thread there is a 'post a reply'. There is a 'browse' button there, also.
Use that to upload your photos. Looking forward to seeing them :)

Victoria, TX(Zone 9a)

scalplantmaniac............... I have quite a few Cleopatra Cannas with very nice leaf varigation. Some of the leaves are actually Half Purple and half green VERY COOL indeed. Mine are virus free. They died back during a freeze in this past winter but came back stronger than ever. Mine have been on this lot for years according to the neighbors. I may offer some up for sale if there are enough people interested since so many people are having virus problems.... However, I have never dug any of them up for mailing, so I will need to investigate how to do it properly. If I decided to move forward with this I will start a thread about it, so keep an eye out. Good Luck to You.

Coal Center, PA(Zone 6a)

I will try your variegated Cleo .. if you decide to sell.

Snellville, GA(Zone 8a)

I would also be interested if you decide to sell them.

Vista, CA

And I would like to get Cleopatra from you, too. Jerry

Victoria, TX(Zone 9a)

Ok guys and gals. I have several request for Cleo. I have decided to oblige those of you requesting here. I am already committed to a DG member for some of them.
I have a supply that will allow for a couple more small swaps or sells. These will be the only requests honored at this time. I will need to let them multiply again for future swaps etc.
I acknowledge...Abutilon, cjcjmass, and scalplantmaniac.

If cjcjmass and scalplantmaniac could D-Mail me we will work out the terms. I have already heard from Abutilon regarding this matter.

Happy Gardening~~~~ :)

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