Replacing our lawn with DG in SoCal

North Hollywood, CA

We are replacing our front and back yards of about 2000 sq. ft. of misc. grass and weeds with decomposed granite. The workers mechanically removed the grass and tilled what was left. They just left, and we are seeing lots of roots still in the soil. We intend to put about 2 -3 inches of DG on top combined with large pavers, cacti, succulents and dymondia in some areas for ground cover. Our property is completely flat with no erosion issues at all. The big QUESTION IS... How to keep the grass from comming back?
We had thought of using "Layout Board" (a thin non-corregated cardboard used in the film industry to protect floors when setting up sets and shots in sensitive locations) instead of weed barrier fabric. We've heard that weed barriers sterilize the soil underneath, which is not our intent in the slightest. The layout board will theorecically stifle the weeds in the interim, and then decompose over time while allowing water to drain into the water table while the DG gets stable. Any thoughts?...

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Saraland, AL(Zone 8b)

Round Up or the Spectracide version.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

You could also use a pre-emergent like Amaze or Preen to prevent any seeds in the soil from sprouting.

North Hollywood, CA

Thanks for asking. Our project turned out very well initially. We're glad we used the layout boards which worked out well in most places. We kind of ran out of material (i.e. 4x8 sheets) and used bits of scrap that we had cut to make other sheets fit.
WELL...unfortunately, those areas were we were using the scrap pieces has clover coming up. Also, the areas where we planted the Dymondia between our pavers is also overrun with clover. Everywhere we had planted plants in the DG has clover growing in vital abundance. Not what we envisioned for our landscaping project.. There is one area where we didn't overlap the 4x8 sheets of layout board where the clover is sprouting up in "nice" straight and right angle lines.
Overall. I'd say the layout board works well. Just be sure that they ovelap, with NO open areas to the base dirt. Literally, any crack in the barrier (layout board) weeds can grow, they will.
Our Dymondia is being outgrown by the clover, and hence shadowed. The clover has beat out the Dymondia in a few areas. It takes vigilance to keep the clover at bay to let the other ground covers to exist, let alone flourish.
Right now (mid November) the clover is our main concern. We'll start a new thread dedicated to dealing with clover. Now that we have no "lawn" comprised of many different kinds of plant (weeds), the clover has no competition and has the opportunity to run amok.
Any suggestions from anyone?

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