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2011 - 'Spring Secret Hosta Swap' - Sign-Up Below.

Willamette Valley-OS, OR(Zone 8a)

The Sign-up Period for the Hosta Swap is Now........CLOSED.
All Hosta Boxes Received by July 1st..."Thank You All"!

Ask and You Shall Receive...
It is that Time of Year...Time for Another Fun and Exciting Hosta Swap...
So that Means it's Time for...the...
2011 - Spring 'Secret Hosta Swap'!

The 2011 Spring 'Secret Hosta Swap' is Open to...
All Dave's Garden Subscribing Members Residing with an Address in the United States or Canada.
Canadian Subscribing Members are Welcome as Well.

(Just as Long as...
I Get at Least Two(2) Canadian Subscribing Members to Sign-Up for Match-Ups)

2011 Spring 'Secret Hosta Swap' Rules

If You Wish to Participate in the 2011 Spring 'Secret Hosta Swap'...
You Need to Sign-Up by Friday, June 10th, 2011 at 11:59 PM.
(Just Before the Stroke of Midnight)
To Participate You Also Must D-Mail Me All Your Information Before the Closing Date/Time.

I Will be D-Mailing the Name of Your 'Secret Hosta Swap' Participants Name that You Will be Sending Your Hosta(s) to...Saturday, June 11th, 2011.

This 'Secret Hosta Swap' is for Sending... Least One(1) Named Hosta Plant.
(You are Allowed to Send More if you Choose but...You Must Send at Least One(1) Healthy, Disease Free, Named Variety of Hosta, with at Least One(1) Eye and Sufficient Roots for Planting).

There has been Much Discussion Here and Other Forum Sites on HVX and Foliar Nematodes. If You are Suspicious of Any Hostas You Have...Please Do Not Share those in Question with Your Fellow Hosta Friends. Please Only Send a Hosta(s) that You Would be Happy to Receive and Plant in Your Garden.

All 'Secret Hosta Swap' Packages Must be Mailed/Sent out by Monday, June 20th, 2011.
If there is Any Problems Getting Your Package Shipped Out on Time...
Please D-Mail Me so I can Contact Your Secret Hosta Swap Mail Recipient/Partner.
This 'Secret Hosta Swap' is Set-Up so that No One Knows Who is Mailing to Who.

All Secret Hosta Swap Packages Must be Mailed by USPS Priority Mail, FedEx, or UPS with a Delivery Confirmation(DC) or Tracking Number.
Once You Have Mailed Your Package...Please D-Mail Me with Your DC or Tracking Number.
This Will be Used to Track the Package if there is Any Problems with the Delivery.

Please Remember to Send Me that D-Mail with Your Information for Mailing...So You May Participate in this Spring 'Secret Hosta Swap'.
Make Your D-Mail Subject Line...'Secret Hosta Swap' and Include the Following Information:

Your Full Name (First and Last).
Your Full Mailing Address (Including Zip Code)
Your Dave's Garden 'Screen Name/User's Name'.
Your Personal E-Mail Address.

I Will D-Mail You with a 'Confirmation D-Mail' that You are a Participant of the 2011 Spring 'Secret Hosta Swap'.
I Will also be Posting Below the Participant's 'Screen Names' as They Sign-Up. If Your Name Does Not Show Up on the List Below...Please D-Mail Me to Get this Corrected.

A Very Important Sideline Note...
Hosta Secret Swaps are Always a lot of Fun and We Can Avoid Disappointment by Making Sure that those who Sign-Up for this Secret Hosta Swap are Committed to Following through and Mailing out their Packages on Time. Please...
Do Not Sign-Up if You Can Not Complete Your Obligation.

NOW...Everyone...If You Wish...
Post or Link Your List of Hosta(s) that You Have Currently in Your Garden Below When You Post to Participate. 'Wish Lists' May be Added to Your Post Below Also.
(This Does Not Mean that Your Trader Has to Send You a Hosta(s) from Your 'Wish List'. It is Just a Guideline so People Will Know what Hosta(s) You Have Currently in Your Garden and what Hosta(s) You May be Looking for.
Any Hosta(s) that are Sent...are Totally Up to the Individual Who is Sending.
This 'Hosta Secret Swap' is as All 'Secret Swaps' are...For Fun!

So Let's All Have a Good Time!
If You Have Any Questions or Concerns...Just D-Mail Me.


Following are Links from the
(A Wonderful Source and a Wealth of Information)

Simple Instructions for Dividing Hosta.

Simple Instructions for Shipping Hosta:

Hosta Virus X - (HVX )

Another Very Good Source with Visuals for:
Digging-Dividing and Shipping Hosta.


2011 Spring 'Secret Hosta Swap' Participant Listing

(Here is a Chart of What the Standings Currently are.)
We Have...18 Participants

'50glee (NC)'- Hosta Box Sent- 6/23
6/17~Hosta Box Received from Mittsy(mittsy) in New York.

'beaux' (PA)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/15
6/20~Hosta Box Received from Joyce/(joycet) in Ohio.

'bentleygardens' (GA)'- Hosta Box Sent- 6/16
6/16~Hosta Box Received from Frank(franknjim) in Illinois.

'Crit' (OK)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/23
6/23~Hosta Box Received from Helen(HelenVT) in Vermont .

'Eleven' (MI)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/22
6/25~Hosta Box Received from Marna(Mrs_Ed) in Illinois.

'franknjim' (IL)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/14
6/18~Hosta Box Received from Ed(bentleygardens) in Georgia.

'gardenlady123' (MI) - Hosta Box Sent- 6/20
6/20~Hosta Box Received from Lelan(ZZTOPSOIL) in Oregon.

'gardenmart' (MA)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/21
6/25~Hosta Box Received from Patti(Crit) in Oklahoma.

'happgarden' (MO)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/29
7/1~Hosta Box Received from Maureen(maureenpm00) in New York.

'HelenVT' (VT)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/20
6/24~Hosta Box Received from Beverly(50glee) in North Carolina.

'hostaluver84' (WI)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/21
6/23~Hosta Box Received from Rose(Rose1656) in Illinois.

'joycet' (OH)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/17
6/21~Hosta Box Received from Ronna(gardenlady123) in Michigan.

'maureenpm00' (NY)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/27
6/23~Hosta Box Received from Martha(gardenmart) in Massachutes.

'mittsy' (NY)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/20
6/17~Hosta Box Received from Betsy(beaux) in PA.

'Mrs_Ed' (IL)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/23
6/30~Hosta Box Received from Joyce(happgarden) in Missouri.

'plantnutz' (GA)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/18
6/24~Hosta Box Received from Shawna(Eleven) in Michigan.

'Rose1656' (IL)- Hosta Box Sent- 6/20
6/21~Hosta Box Received from Brenda(plantnutz) in Georgia.

'ZZTOPSOIL' - OR- Hosta Box Sent- 6/18
6/24~Hosta Box Received from Bobbi(hostaluver84) in Wisconsin .

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Oquawka, IL(Zone 5a)

Well you must have known we were talking about you :-) I'm in!


I lost 'Spring Fling' this year, so I guess that one is on my wish list

Here's my list

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Willamette Valley-OS, OR(Zone 8a)

You are Quick My Dear Hostaholic..
And Yes...My Ears Have Been Burning for a Week Now.

Huntersville, NC

Oh I did say I was busy. But as I sit in my daughters kitchen (600 miles from home & one glass of dinner wine . . .before dinner)
- I cannot resist.

YES!! Sign me up.
. . . well maybe, just maybe I have a slight habitual tendency towards Hosta Swaps.
And its a "Good Thing"!!

Sign Me Up!

Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

Count me in too! Dmail officially sent!!

I currently have maybe 85 hostas and keep my journal on DG up-to-date:

I already have divisions of these ready:
Allegan Fog
Golden Tiara
Lemon Lime
Maraschino Cherry
Night Before Christmas
Royal Standard
Sum and Substance

I would love anything new, especially any of the following from my wish list =)
Blue Shadows
Cracker Crumbs
Deja Blue
Fragrant Queen
Purple Haze
Red Dragon

Just edited to add hosta divisions ready.

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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

I asked a question on your other thread about a swap and last I looked it hadn't been answered. What about hostas that are patented? Do we divide them or not? It's quite a long list -
'American Icon' PP #17441
'Anne' PP #10661
'Aristocrat' PP #11286
'Atlantis' PP #17093
'Beckoning' PP #18371
'Bersun' PPAF
'Blue Cups' PPAF
'Blue Ivory' PP #19623
'Cat and Mouse' PPAF
'Cathedral Windows' PP #17295
'Christmas Candy' PPAF
'Clifford's Stingray' PP #17279
'Clovelly' PPAF
'Dancing in the Rain' PP #15977
'El Nino' PP #14632
'Eskimo Pie' PP #16290
'Eye Declare' PP #18466
'Final Summation' PPAF
'Fireworks' PP #16062
'Forest Fire' PP #17644
'Fragrant Queen' PP #19508
'Golden Meadows' PPAF
'Goldrush' PPAF
'Grand Marquee' PP #15961
'Great Escape' PP #19003
'Hanky Panky' PP #16217
'High Society' PP #17313
'Hollywood Lights' PP #17296
'Independence' PP #17044
'Jerry Landwehr' PPAF
'Journey's End' PP #16895
'June Fever' PP #15340
'Karin' PP #12663
'Lady Guinevere' PP #15591
'Liberty' PP #12531
'Little Jay' PP #19539
'Lonesome Dove' PP #17294
'Magic Fire' PP #17524
'Morning Light' PPAF
'Mourning Dove' PP #17311
'Neptune' PP #19674
'Old Glory' PP #12503
'Orange Marmalade' PP #16742
'Paradise Joyce' PP #12119
'Paradise Power' PP #12117
'Pineapple Punch' PP #18318
plantaginea (Gold Margin) PP #8016
plantaginea (White Margin) PP #8015
'Prairie Sky' PP #17309
'Rainbow's End' PP #17251
'Regal Supreme' PP #19818
'Revolution' PPAF
'Roy Klehm' PP #19647
'Royal Standard' PP #2467
'Secret Ambition' PP #19507
'Silk Road' PP #19835
'Singing in the Rain' PP #19565
'Solar Flare' PP #7046
'Stitch in Time' PP #18061
'Tattoo' PP #11603
'Thunderbolt' PP #14232
'Time Tunnel' PP #16435
'Titanic' PP #12402
'Touch of Class' PP #13080
'Twilight' PP #14040
'White Triumphator' PP #12662


Lindenhurst, NY

HI, I am in.

I only have a few named hostas which are:

SUM AND SUBSTANCE (new-not big enough to trade yet)

i also have several MINIS THAT I LOST THEIR NAMES.

Mainly i only want small hostas, but also like:

CRACKER CRUMBS**** really want this one
TEENY WEENY BIKINI***********really really want this one

I keep editing because my wants keep changing:-)

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Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

I would like to be in the swap. I only have 2 hosta varieties right now. Sum and Subtance and another one I'm drawing a blank on and will have to go look.

I would like any other hostas that I don't have!


All the package says is varigated. The leaves are green on the edges with serated edges of white in the center. Kind of like lightening on the edge of the white, then the full center is white. Maybe I can get a pic and someone can ID for me.

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Charlotte, VT

Count me in!!

Francis Williams
Abiqua Drinking Gourd

Sun Power
Brother Stefan

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Liberty is PATENTED! I hate to be a wet blanket, but I feel that if people go to the trouble of patenting a hosta, we should respect that.

Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

Ann, people can also go out and buy a hosta if they want. I know I did it last year for my swap partner, and I wasn't the only one to do so. The wants help show what kind of hostas people like. There is no obligation to send a specific hosta from someone's list.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

OK Must admit I was thinking more in terms of dividing hostas already in one's garden.

Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

My garden is fairly new. Lots of my new plants are still babies to me that I don't want to be hacking at with a shovel or knife =) But yeah, the general idea is to swap plants. Sometimes it's just not an option, for whatever reason (new plants, nematodes someone doesn't want to spread, patented plants, etc.)

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Plse I am waving my hand, I want it....yeah!

Love the ones that stand up tall on tall stalks,
Love the minis
Love the giants
Hosta Orange Marmalade looks really interesting
Course would love to have Hosta Empress Wu
Have lots of shade

Edited to put my have list out, please ignore the numbers:
_________Blue Umbrellas
(310303) - Chartreuse Wiggles
(310304) - Cracker Crumb
(309755) - Day After Christmas
................ - Earth Angel
(309777) - Elegans
(309775) - Elegans (Blue Giant)
(309763) - Elvis Lives
(309529) - Fire & Ice
(309768) - Francee
(309769) - Frances Williams
(309773) - Gold Edge Aureomarginata
(309759) - Gold Standard
(309770) - Golden Tiara
(310295) - June
(310294) - Lemon Lime
(309766) - Leola Fraim
(309774) - Medio Varigata
(309765) - Night Before Christmas
(309771) - Pacific Blue Edger
---------------Razor's Edge
(311901) - Regal Splendor
(309754) - September Sun
(309762) - Strip Tease
(309761) - Sum and Substance
(309767) - Twilight
---------------Pineapple Upside Down Cake

(310293) - whoopee

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Whiteside County, IL(Zone 5a)

I'm in Ö


Basically anything I don't have. I DID find an old wish list of mine from 2009. On it was:
Blue Ivory
Fragrant Blue
Blue Mouse Ears
Brim Cup
Hanky Panky

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Franklin, OH(Zone 6a) KNOW I can't resist this. I'm having a lot of family issues with my parents right now... (Mom has cancer, Dad has the beginning of dementia) but I'll MAKE the time for this!

I'll try to get back later with my lists. I love em all!

Austell, GA(Zone 7a)

Okay, Lelan, sign me up! I'll come up with a list later...

Here's my list from last year and I may have lost some of them and for sure added some which I will edit later..

August Moon
Blue Angel
Blue Ivory
Blue Mouse ears
Captain Kirk
Christmas Tree
Dark Star
Diana Remembered
Dust Devil
Earth Angel
El Capitan
Emerald Ruff Cut
Fire and Ice
Fire Island
First Frost
Fortunei Alba Picta
Fortunei Aureomarginata
Fragrant Blue
Fragrant Bouquet
Frances Williams
Fried Green Tomatoes
Georgia Sweetheart
Golden Tiara
Great Expectation
Guardian Angel
Honey Bells
Ice Age Trail
Inspired Greatness
Iron Gate Dellight
Island Charm
Katsuragawa Beni
Krossa Regal
Lakeside Black Satin
Lakeside Blue Jeans
Lakeside Cindy Cee
Lakeside Coal Miner
Lakeside Cranberry Relish
Lakeside Dot Com
Lakeside Dragonfly
Lakeside Hula Hoop
Lakeside Kaleidoscope
Lakeside Knickknack
Lakeside Looking Glass
Lakeside Love Affair
Lakeside Masterpiece
Lakeside Mom
Lakeside Party Dress
Lakeside Rhapsody
Lakeside Ripples
Lakeside Sapphire Pleatls
Lakeside Surf Rider
Maraschino Cherry
Marbled Cream
Midwest Magic
Night Before Christmas
Patriot Reversed
Paulís Glory
Piecrust Power
Powder Blue
Praying Hands
Rainforest Sunrise
Red October
Regal Splendor
Roller Coaster Ride
Royal standard
Savannah Supreme
Sea Prize
Silver Threads and Golden Needles
Spilt Milk
Stained Glass
Streaking in Nebraska
Sum and Substance
Sun Power
Touch of Class
Undulata Albomarginata
Undulata Erromena
Undulata Univitatta
William Lachman
Winter Snow
Yellow Splash Rim

Still loving the yellows and blues and always the streakers and red petioles and.piecrust ruffles and.....

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Peoria, IL(Zone 5a)

Sign me up. It was fun last year. Now all I have to do is update my lists and get them posted.

My have and want lists.

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Plainwell, MI(Zone 5b)

Okay I will participate this year also! All my hostas are giant this year due to all the rain we have had. So far I have:
solar eclipse
marilyn monroe
honey belles
halcyon (sp)
many other I am having a senior moment right now.
will ad more later. lol

Norristown, PA(Zone 6b)

I am in. Here are my lists:
I have more in the gardens, but these I am getting ready to plant, move, or divide, so I know I will have these to trade definitely:
Emerald Ruff Cut
Fried Bananas
Gold Standard
Hadspen Blue
Lakeside Ripples
Stained Glass
Sweet Home Chicago

I love all hostas, but especially want this year:
Allegan Fog
Blue Wedgwood
Cookie Crumbs
Jimmy Crack Corn
Komodo Dragon
Krossa Regal
Lady Isobel Barnet
Love Pat
Northern Lights
Queen of the Seas
Regal Spendor
Spring Fling
Tokudama Flav
War Party
...or anything blue

Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

WOW .... never realized there were so many different hosta!!!!!!

Willamette Valley-OS, OR(Zone 8a)

I Have Been Shaking All the Hosta Leaves in Everyone's Gardens to Drum Up Participants...and...
Just Letting Everyone Know...


So Spread the Word and Tell Your Friends Here at Dave's About the Swap.


Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

Just wanted to add another 2 cents worth to mine. It looks like I have 3 kinds of Hosta, but only know the name of one. (I have already bought a hosta for my swap buddy) I have:

Sum and Substance
Green leaves with yellow edges
Green leaves with serated looking edges of the white that is all through the middle. Edge of the white looks kinda like lightening.

If anyone has an idea by my description, please let me know what they are.

I would love any type of hosta other than these 3. I'm excited about this swap. I love hosta's and have lots of shade/part shade.

Thanks to everyone in the swap. This will be fun!

Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

The 2 kind of look like the 2 at the top of this page

Oviedo, FL(Zone 9b)

I have H. venusta, very teensy, H. rohdeifolia, the Banana Leaf hosta, H. 'Lakeside Zinger', green and white mini with random variegations, H. 'Elvis Lives' and many others. My problem is with names. I have over 40 varieties but have lost the names on some and never had the names on others. I've gotten them from my Nana's garden, plant swaps at Roundups, church rummage sales, my in-law's downsizing of their living arrangement, swapped with my friends and neighbors, and, one of my favorites, a party favor at the opening gala of a Boston Flower Show. I do know that one's name,which is H. 'So Sweet'.
Whosoever may get my name, I love very small hosta and very large ones and I love variegated and golden varieties. Heck! I love 'em all!
I would like some 'Paul's Glory' but no 'Patriot' as this variety hates me and my garden. I have tried to grow it three separate times and it has refused to cooperate all three times by petering out and disappearing. I see other people's plants doing beautifully but here? fuggedabout it.

Plainwell, MI(Zone 5b)

Love it Gardenmart! lol.

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Well, I'm back with an updated list. Some of these are only one eyes, but I'm hoping they'll grow!

I have several noids, so if anyone I get is interested in them, I'll send some of them also.

Here goes!

1. Abby 44. Little Aurora
2. Albo Marginata 45. Little Red Rooster
3. Atlantis 46. Little Treasure
4. Aureomarginata 47. Montana Aureomarginata
5. Baby Bunting 48. Northern Exposure
6. Blue Angel 49. Orange Marmalade
7. Blue Cadet 50. Paradigm
8. Blue Mouse Ears 51. Paradise Joyce
9. Blue Wedgwood 52. Paulís Glory
10. Buckeye 53. Queen Josephine
11. Captain Kirk 54. Reversed Patriot
12. Cathedral Windows 55. Revolution
13. Chartreuse Wiggles 56. Roller Coaster Ride
14. Cheatin Heart 57. Royal Standard
15. Cherry Berry 58. Sagae
16. Chickadee 60. Stained Glass
17. Climax 61. Stiletto
18. Cracker Crumbs 62. Striptease
19. Crowned Imperial 63. Sum and Substance
20. Earth Angel 64. Thumbelina
21. Empress Wu 65. Thunderbolt
22. Eskimo Pie 66. Undulata Albomarginata
23. Faith 67. Undulata Univittata
24. Fire and Ice 68. Venusta
25. Fortunei Aureomarginata 69. Vulcan
26. Frances Williams 70. Whirlwind
27. Geisha
28. Gold Edger
29. Gold Standard
30. Golden Tiara
31. Great Expectations
32. Green With Envy
33. Guacamole
34. Guardian Angel
35. Hanky Panky
36. Island Charm
37. Ivory Coast
38. June
39. June Fever
40. Lakeside Masterpiece
41. Lakeside Tycoon
42. Lakeside Zesty Zeno
43. Lemon Lime

Huntersville, NC

Oh My! I was afraid I had forgotten to sign up. . . .'senior moments' morphing into Senior Realities! lol

Before I mention my desires, I've got a question: Many of my hosts leaves became tattered due to several of our recent storms. But the roots are fine, I think. Even many of my smaller plants got that 'weathered' look. Are these plants acceptable to swap?? :(

That said, my preferences are simple:
anything with red petioles,
mini hostas or
very large hostas or
any FAST growing variety
. . . ANY growing hosta! :)

However, I'd LOVE to get Pandora's Box. (My first one didn't survive winter. Next one will get moved to the garage or back porch with extra mulch, etc. In other words: PAMPERED! . . .promise! :)
More specifically, Paul's Glory, Orange Marmalade, Chery Tart, Dark Shadows
Oh and Boyz Toy, andDesigner Genes. These two have me drooling: they are Sooo cute CUTE!

Well, I hope this clarifies things! :)

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Thumbnail by 50glee
Oviedo, FL(Zone 9b)

I was asked to post a list, but I am in this swap for the SURPRISE! I don't want to request or to know what you are sending. Surprise me. This is my favorite part of birthdays and Christmas too. The surprise. Whatever Hosta you send will have a good home, pride of place and I will love it!
Thanks in advance,

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Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

I agree. ^_^

Willamette Valley-OS, OR(Zone 8a)

Just a Last Nudge Here to Participate.
Tomorrow Night(Friday) at Midnight is the Deadline to Sign-Up for this Swap.
Saturday During the Day Everyone Will Receive the Name of the Person that They will be Sending Hosta(s) to.

I'll be Seeing Everyone on the Computer Sometime Saturday. (smile)


Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

EXCITED!!! ^_^

Willamette Valley-OS, OR(Zone 8a)

This is it...The Countdown.
Today (Friday - 6/10) is the...Last Day to Sign-Up!


Please Get Your 'Have and Want' Lists Posted or Updated by Tonight.


Austell, GA(Zone 7a)

Excited here too!

Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

I'm excited and ready to go hosta shopping this weekend in case my swap recipient needs something extra! =)

Whiteside County, IL(Zone 5a)

Ha! Me too. But it's really just an excuse to buy a new hosta. :-D

Plainwell, MI(Zone 5b)

My wants is.... Yellows, Kimono Dragon, smalls, realy not to fussy would love anything! Thanks.

Willamette Valley-OS, OR(Zone 8a)

The Swap is Now Closed.
Names are Going Out Shortly.

"Thank You Everyone for Participating".


Lindenhurst, NY

I can't wait!~

Thanks Lelan.

Willamette Valley-OS, OR(Zone 8a)

To Everyone Participating...
I am Sorry but I Have an Emergency that has Just Come to be and I Have to Leave.
I Will be Back Later...It May be Tomorrow(Sunday).
Please be Patient.
I Will Get the Names Out Tomorrow(Sunday) or...
Monday by Noon at the Latest.
This was Totally Unexpected.

Everything is OK Here...Do Not Worry.
Life Happens.


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