Help identify, PLEASE!

Milwaukee, WI

Hello everyone,

Can anyone identify this plant. It grows wild in southeast Wisconsin. It grows to about 6 inches tall in sunny locations and will blanket an area. I've seen it growing in the shade also but not as profusley.

Thumbnail by Azzam
Cedarhome, WA(Zone 8b)

Looks like a violet to me.

Coon Rapids, MN(Zone 4b)

I believe it's Viola sororia (Common Blue Violet).

Cedarhome, WA(Zone 8b)

I have the western version of this all over my gardens, and generally let them be, unless they are infringing on some one else's real estate - then they get the boot. Sadly, I don't get any fragrance from mine. May be my sniffer, or may be the variety. Not sure.

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Milwaukee, WI

Thank you, one and all for the informative responses. They're really appreciated.

Titusville, FL

I am new this is my first post; Can someone ID this plant for me? I am in east central Florida. The plant is about five feet tall right now and it grows very fast.

Thumbnail by cecilstevens
Christiana, TN(Zone 6b)

You need to start a new thread in this forum with your picture. Each plant has its own separate thread from other plants.
It would also be a good idea to post a separate thread with the same picture in the 'Plant Identification' forum.

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Titusville, FL

How do I start a new thread?

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Royal Oak, MI(Zone 6a)

Click here:

Scroll down to the bottom where it says "Start a new topic" and fill out the information you want to post. Only 1 pic allowed per post, so add more posts to your own thread with close-up shots etc.

Titusville, FL

Thank you very much; I did what you said and it has been solved. It's a "Belly ache plant"

Cedarhome, WA(Zone 8b)

Sure is pretty for such a sour name.

Hanceville, AL(Zone 7a)

I thought it looked like a mole bean. Luciee

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