How much sun...

North Augusta, ON

can Coleus handle?

The local garden centre had some really nice ones that I could not leave behind. I'm thinking they'd look great in planters down my front steps. They'd get about 5 hours of afternoon/evening sun (Canadian sun). Would that be too much? If so I could always put them on my back steps, which get morning sun up until about 1pm.

Mount Laurel, NJ

There are so many different kinds of coleus, and some tolerate sun better than others. Here is a list of the ones I have and some comments on their light requirements:

'sedona' is the one I have that wants the most sun, at least a half day. 'twist n twirl', 'freckles' (the yellow/orange one), and 'rustic orange' also do well in sun. The one in the picture is 'rustic orange', sometimes called 'klondike'.

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Northern Michigan, MI(Zone 5a)

Wow, that rustic orange is very nice!!!!!!!!

Mount Laurel, NJ

I liked the 'rustic orange' last year. It also goes by the name 'klondike'. So far this year it is not as red. It gets quite big!

Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

I have Sedona ,an orange-copper .It doesnt get full color until its a bigger plant in July.
I am trying RosyDawn's Red Coat .I like it so far.All of 2 weeks.
Thats RedCoat top right.
Its really red.This porch gets full sun from eleven o'clock to sunset.

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Mount Laurel, NJ

That's a beautiful arrangement ge1836. Let us know how it continues to do with that much sun! 'red coat', 'brilliancy' and 'defiance' sure are all similar. It's hard to tell them apart. Of course, maybe they are really all the same plant and some nursery's have given them other names. This 'sedona' got sun morning and afternoon, but was shaded for about an hour and a half around noon. It did quite well, even during the many heat waves we had last year. I think it is definetly a sun lover.

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