proper fertilizer for trees at 6,500 feet

Seattle, WA


I have planted three tree lines the length of my property. I added amendments when planting and have lovingly supplied them with water. At this altitude ( 6,500) my more mature oaks ( majority of the trees I have planted) are just now exhibiting some growth characteristics.

With the limited growing season here ( 5a) at this altitude is there some type of fertilizer which will cause these trees to grow faster? I appreciate the fact that most survived the -27 degree cold snap which set some records here last winter. Is anyone aware of the exact formulation for some of the more popular fertilizers commonly available?

Thanks in advance,

Gene So

Glenwood Springs, CO(Zone 5b)


I like using Dr.Earth or Fox Farms organic fertilizers because they contain both soil bacteria & michorazae. I also use Nutri-paks from green as it gets, This combo has worked well for my trees in western Colorado at 5900'.

You might also try throwing coffee grounds around your trees as the earth worms LOVE coffee grounds!


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