Chickens keeping pets

Williamsburg, MI(Zone 4b)

I need to have a serious talk with my ladies. I went out to the coop last night for something after dark. when I turned on the light , there were two fat field mice sitting in the feeder. I pointed them out to the girls and they pretended to be surprised. They weren't fooling me. I know full well that in the daytime, if a mouse shows up they fight each other for it. These must be personal pets and they have been hiding them from me. We definitely need to go over the "No PETS" clause in their lease!

Ferndale, WA

Thats just to funny JYL. Mine won't touch a mouse, but my cat loves to hang out in the hen house and catch the mice or rats...Hay

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

Funny, I saw one last night too. And two rats, which was more disconcerting. I was looking for a little roo who hadn't come in (didn't find him, sadly) and looked in places I usually don't. The mouse was in a cabinet I don't use any more, and looked quite surprised to see me. The rats were under the pre-release cage, and stuck their tongues out at me, I swear. Now I know why Alien (a cat) hangs out in there at night. I'll eliminate their access today....

Mint Hill, NC(Zone 7b)

You guys are too funny!

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

ROFL!!! Mine won't touch them in the dark either and they have a light

Bridgewater, ME

Mine love mice,they play chase when I throw a dead one in for them that I have caught in a trap

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