This popped up in my driveway....

Marietta, OH(Zone 6a)

I moved here over 3 yrs ago, and this is the first year that this came up. There are 2 plants, both about the same size. Normally I spray weed killer along the garage every summer as we tend to find thistles growing when it gets really hot. I don't know what this is, they are roughly 4-5" high and currently about 18" across, with tiny white flower buds (which don't last long). I'm guessing that wind or birds brought it here, or maybe my local squirrel population wanted to decorate outside the garage on the north side... LOL

Anyone have an idea just what this is? If it's a week, it will be pulled asap.....

Thanks, and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

It's a weedy geranium

Marietta, OH(Zone 6a)

a 'weedy' geranium???? LOL so it's definitely a weed, right?

Edited: I did a google on the term, looks like there are quite a few 'native' type geraniums that look similar. I'm wondering if I leave it there, will it spread and choke out any other weeds that may be lurking in there?

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

If it is anything like the weedy gerarniums here, yes it will spread and choke out some things around it...but, it will spread...and spread and not just in that will start cropping up in various places in your yard and flower beds.

Marietta, OH(Zone 6a)

lovely........ it does have some neat looking leaves, but I don't want it to become invasive even tho it's growing on the other side of the garage at the moment... oh well, I have enough to take care of around here without adding to the weeding problems!

Thanks to all for the input!! I knew I could find an answer here!

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