Propagating/Pruning "Art Hodes"

Rochester, NY(Zone 5b)

My Art Hodes is pretty leggy from overwintering in the dining room with not enough light. It is a very big plant; the size of a small shrub. I need to cut it back and am wondering if I can propagate with a stem cutting and if it will work in water or should it be in a potting medium? I know it is rhizomatous but there is no visible rhizome on this variety. I did propagate some by leaf wedge last fall and they took forever but eventually it worked. I thought if I could do it by a stem cutting it might be faster (since it's spring that may help too) and it would give me a bigger plant sooner.
Also, it really needs some heavy pruning, will it survive this? I know the stem of some varieties will die down when pruned. It was beautiful last year and I am hoping with some help I can bring it back to its former glory. Thanks for any advice.

Columbus, OH

I prune/propagate by rooting stems in soil, but I'm sure water would work, I just like soil better. I've pruned mine quite heavily before, it's a pretty tough customer.

Rochester, NY(Zone 5b)

Thank you for the advice. I was hoping someone could offer some help before I get out the pruners this weekend!

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