Kentucky Rambler will not defeat me!!

Saluda, SC(Zone 8a)

I have been trying for almost 2 years to get a single bloom on a Ky Rambler plant--nothing.
Now I have this gorgeous variegated plant, almost willing to forgive it for not blooming.
Can anybody suggest something that might make it flower?

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Whitsett, NC(Zone 8a)

What size pot is it in? Has it been potted up lately? Don't forget that AV's like to be rootbound, and generally will not start to bloom until the roots start touching the sides of the pot. I am having the same sort of issues with a Rob's Sticky Wicket. I've had it in a 7" pan pot (not really a pot, but it is a shallow 7" dish that I put holes in), but it has not bloomed for over a year. Driving me nuts!

Saluda, SC(Zone 8a)

This plant is in a 4' azalea pot. When I have tried to use anything smaller or more shallow I have lost the plant. I am aware of the need for bound roots; am debating cutting the lower part of the rootball off to give some new mix in same pot, but wonder if that would not work against blooms since roots would need to grow into new mix.

Ann Arbor, MI

Gorgeous variegation. Have you tried threatening it? :)

Ann Arbor, MI

Actually that was a joke, but after I pushed send it got me thinking ... I have no idea if this applies to violets, but I do know that other types of plant that I grow will sometimes bloom when they are stressed. Is it possible that life is a bit too good for this beauty? I'm betting that you take absolutely meticulous care of it.

Come to think of it, isn't this precisely what's going on when a plant is rootbound (i.e. a form of stress) ?


Miami, FL(Zone 10b)

I absolutely love your plant wether it has blooms or not. What color are the blooms supposed to be??? I bet that once it blooms it will be a show stopper.

Whitsett, NC(Zone 8a)

"stressing" a plant has been known to work . . . some people thump the sides of the pot, others let it drop a few inches onto a table . . . something that will put it into survival mode - if it feels it's life is threatened, it will attempt to reproduce in order to keep the species alive.

Hanceville, AL(Zone 7a)

I agree with Jan. Try ignoring it. Luciee

Saluda, SC(Zone 8a)


I subscribe to the threatening theory!

I have tried growing this variety (multiple plants) under many conditions.

I have starved it; let it nearly die from lack of water, thumped the pot, dropped the pot. I have even made it watch as I dumped its sibling into the trash; giving it a stern warning that I was tired of its misbehavior and it was going to be next.

Want to know what it said?

"Yeah, right, okay." then went about its own business, putting on plenty suckers but absolutely no blooms. (They are a single pink/lavender, I think)

(Seriously, a grower on another forum says she has successfully gotten blooms on the Kentucky variegates by growing under extra humid conditions, low light . I am going to try that for a few weeks. I fully expect to loose variegation as the heat of summer comes on--we'll see and I'll keep you posted.)


BTW, Jan, down here we whip fruit trees to make them produce!!!

We are one mean bunch of rednecked get the picture!

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Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

beautiful plant, worth keeping. try orchid food.or beastie bloomz (people will condemn me for this suggestion) but it works.

Saluda, SC(Zone 8a)

Helene, I constant water with orchid fert and occasionally with fish emulsion fert.

Chicago, IL(Zone 6a)

I know what you mean, Helene. I sometimes use Schultz Bloom Boost 10-54-10 (!) on stubborn plants and MiracleGro Tomato Fertilizer 10-12-10 (I believe) most of the time. Of course 1/4 strength on constant feed. Using Bloom Boost with its insanely high Phosphorous content has raised quite a few eyebrows but it works for me - on all my plants, even on the 2 Orchids that I'm growing...

Longboat Key, FL(Zone 9b)

I dont use it but my daughter step son puts it on her plants whenever he comes and boy do they bloom he sneaks this action because he knows she doesn't like it. Mine are in such a good sun position that I hardly use anything. Oh the other thing would be to try superthrieve

Chicago, IL(Zone 6a)

I have never used Superthrive but lateley I've been hearing a lot of success stories concerning it. I'll have to try it myself, I guess...

Hanceville, AL(Zone 7a)

gessie, are you sure it is an AV and not a cat?

Thumbnail by luciee
Saluda, SC(Zone 8a)


I guess you have reference to my conversation with the plant.

How did you know I also talk to my cat, Sugarbritches. She also answers "Yeah, right, okay." then goes about her own business

In fact, she belly laughs at my weak position. I had just threatened her when this photo was shot..

Thumbnail by gessieviolet
Hanceville, AL(Zone 7a)

Pretty cat, my dau. used to have a big orange. Looked somewhat like this one. Luciee {;^)

Peoria, IL(Zone 5a)

I am curious to find out if this plant ever bloomed and if so what you did to make it happen.

Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

Me too! The leaves are gorgeous. Maybe you could find some artificial flowers that are small, and stick a few in the plant. It may get jealous and send up some buds. LOL

Saluda, SC(Zone 8a)

Nope! the stubborn thing just continues to do its own thing--which is fill a pot with runners and not one bloom bud!

I have had recent surgery which has prevented my caring for plants as usual, so it is looking puny all way round at the moment.

Montgomery, AL

The plant is gorgeous even without flowers. You've probably tried bloom boosting fertilizer? I hope all is well after surgery for you.

Big Flats, NY(Zone 5b)

On Super Thrive, I don't use it on A.V.'s and I know three other enthusiasts who also seem to see a tightening of centers that didn't seem to be Mites as simply drenching with water seemed to be adequate. I do not mean to imply non use, just start small! Good luck to everyone!Lee Sherwood McDonald.

(Lynn) Omaha, NE(Zone 5a)

Good information Lee.

Prattville, AL(Zone 8a)

Love the laughing cat! I have one with an attitude. Gessie, did it ever bloom? Did the stress of your unintentional neglect prove out the "torture your non-blooming violet" theory and it bloomed like gangbusters? Inquiring minds want to know! :)

Even my cat Mouse wants to know (yeah right)!

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Saluda, SC(Zone 8a)


This year half the plant suddenly turned to mush! I didn't want to throw it away so doused it with cinnamon powder and stuck it back in the covered tray. I took the basic approach of what have I got to lose, not really expecting anything.

Guess what? New growth, beautiful variegation, but no bloom!

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MSU, MS(Zone 8a)

Maybe it it a philodendron:)

Saluda, SC(Zone 8a)

Here's a quick camera shot just taken. The whole front side was gone but is now coming back.

Thumbnail by gessieviolet
Prattville, AL(Zone 8a)

Well, you have to say one thing for this little guy---he's stubborn!! Maybe instead of torture, it needs some romancing....hmmm.. :)

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