Passiflora Blue Bouquet

Phelan, CA(Zone 8b)

I am new to Passifloras. I grow many other types of tropicals indoors, and would like to add a Passiflora. Since I'm a beginner Passie grower, is Blue Bouquet a good choice? I've heard Lady Margaret is a good beginner plant, and blooms well. I'm also interested in trying a Lutea. What passies would you say would be easiest for an indoor plant that doesn't grow to a monster size? Thanks in advance!


Southern Dutchess Co, NY(Zone 5b)

There is a Passifloras forum here on DG. Those who grow them would be better able to advise you!

Phelan, CA(Zone 8b)

Thank you--I will visit the passiflora forum.

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