Is the lighting for my desert terrarium enuff?

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

I finished this former 10 gallon fish aquarium, desert terrarium yesterday and I'm not sure if it's gonna get enuff light. The light that I put on it is a single bulb, 20" plant bulb fixture. I have a regular 48" shoplite with plant bulbs in it to use if I must. I am a newbie at this and I'd like to get it close to right before the plants die. I'm trying to really batten down the top for fear of the cats here taking a liking to the contents.
I have all the duct tape and twine and stuff on it now to close it up, it's pretty ugly the way it is early. I've already been told that, "it's four legs first". Thats fine, I am trying to get all this figured out. I like cats too, they are great company, I just don't think I'd like them laying in my desert terrarium. Anybody have any advice?
Thanks, Will

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