Louisiana Iris 'Spicy Cajun' for trade

West Plains, MO(Zone 6b)

Hi! I have quite a lot of Louisiana iris 'Spicy Cajun' that I would like to trade for any variegated irises, any rebloomers, or any dwarf bearded irises. The Louisiana Irises love full sun and moist soil. Please let me know if you are interested!

Thumbnail by ericabelle
Pittsburgh, PA(Zone 5b)

I just stumbled upon this and I am definitely interested - IF you have any left....

Taylorsville, KY

Hey, I would love to trade for some SDB's -- I have "Pinkster", "Cache of Gold", "Flirting Again", "Canadian Kisses" that I could trade. Is the LA iris really that pink?

Sue - Taylorsville, KY

West Plains, MO(Zone 6b)

Hi! Well, the iris is a very bright purple with hints of pink. I call it an "electric purple". Definitely different! I would love to trade with you, MissIrisbert, (I have already emailed nilly). I'm especially interested in 'Flirting Again' since it is a rebloomer and a color I don't have.

Taylorsville, KY

I can do that! I'm sending you a dmail with my address -- let me have yours and we can make a deal!


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