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Hybrid Tea Rose 'Mr. Lincoln'

Overland Park-Kansas, KS

Hybrid Tea Rose 'Mr. Lincoln'

Thumbnail by SerenaSYH
Sea Cliff, NY

Quote from SerenaSYH :
Hybrid Tea Rose 'Mr. Lincoln'Rosa

This, in my opinion is the most beautiful of roses and I have not ben able to buy this plant because no one on long Island at least in Nassau County, Long Island, New York 11579 has it. Does anyone out there know where I can purchase this beautifull rose bush?

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Overland Park-Kansas, KS

Lynn52N, I am so sorry! I didn't see your comment here so I will try to PM about where to find Mr. Lincoln...I do believe for the fastest reward, the grafted from Jackson & Perkins works real great. I also love own-root, but own-roots need time and care to mature. I really love and trust J&P. I have always had good luck with bareroots from them. They are shipped to my house and had I seen your thread earlier, I would have said order from J&P so that you can get the Spring Sale as well. But I'm too late. I was just visiting Dave's Garden to upload a few photos of my antiques and caught the comment way too late. I sort of wish there was a way to get better notifications about comments and PMs with Dave's Garden....

Spring, TX(Zone 8b)

My late reply to Lynn52n, I was looking for further comments on Mr. Lincoln Tea Rose because I have one here in Houston, when I came across to this beautiful shot uploaded by SerenaSYH and her recommendation of Jackson & Perkins. I wish to add here that for quality of roses I will go to this nursery, but I thought I saw bare-root roses at Home Depot for less than $7.00 per plant early last month of February 2012 here in Houston. When I was still residing in Los Angeles some 10 years ago, I bought Princess Diana Tea Rose from Jackson & Perkins, and I was not disappointed for the quality and beauty of this rose. However, they are more expensive compared to the local nurseries around here in our area in Houston. I have Mr. Lincoln in my backyard here in north of Houston (USDA Zone 8b) left to us by the previous homeowner of this house, and it constantly gave us a thing of beauty and fragrance even during winter. I bloomed Jan. 13 and then took a rest for a while to bloom again this month of March 15, 2012. I will try to upload a few photos of the 1st and the 2nd bloom of this Mr. Lincoln tea rose here.

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Overland Park-Kansas, KS

Thanks so much BeeJay! When I decide to upload photos once in a blue moon, I am aghast to find comments that have passed on months too late! I'll have to ask Dave's Garden to change this somehow. I feel so bad when I don't answer people in time. At Help Me Find you can immediately see when people comment, but never Dave's Garden until it's too late!!! Again, many thanks Beejay. As for Cameras it's so sad that Lincolns are so difficult to photograph. I've lost hundreds of perfect bloom photos. Lincoln keeps its spirals for just a single day and the form can change within a span of 2 hours..... I sort of whined and complained about this at Help Me Find.....Also the time of day is very important when you photograph.... It has to be at the crack of dawn or when it's sunset to cut out the light factor. When I first started photographing Mr. Lincoln I also did not know how to force out to a lower light setting on my camera to cut out the glare and to capture how beautiful the reds truly are...Even now I'm still tweaking the light settings of my camera. but it's very tricky. Too low of a setting and the grain increases and if you have a breeze the rose will blur because the shutter is open for too it's a battle, but Lincoln will always be my absolute favorite rose because the fragrance is divine! BeeJay yes, Home Depot may be cheap, but often for the longevity of the rose (hardiness and health over a span of several years), I like to go with the really good private nurseries. True, they are more expensive but so worth it in the long run. They winter well against bad weather, etc.... I am hoping mine will bloom in April next year but Lincoln has always been an early May bloomer in our zone but at least it is always the last rose to bloom, lol! I've got a lot of roses.... How wonderful that yours blooms in March, Beejay! I am jealous!!!! My first bloom is Clementina Carboniera, April 3 which is a tea, a rose that is not supposed to bloom in our zone. Tea roses are not the same as hybrid teas....They are only supposed to survive in warm climates like South Carolina and Louisiana....Eek, I've blabbed for too long. I'm supposed to be uploading more of my roses, lol! Cheers to all!

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