Ferry Morse Seed Co 72 Cell Seed Starter kit not working

Buffalo, NY

Hi All,

I live in Buffalo, NY which is zone 6. I have seeded my plants in the starter kit. It is almost a month now. Only 2 or 3 plants have shown up. It is such a failure for me.

I have planted tomatoes, cucumber, eggplant, okra, basil, parsley, two types of chives, oregano, zinnia, dahlia, primrose, sunflower, marigold, cosmos, and carnations.

Out of all the sunflower, eggplant, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, okra, and 2-3 strings of chives are out. Rest other seeds have not germinated yet.

What should I do. I gave all these seeds to a friend and she is using JIFFY STRIPS 'N TRAYS 32 greenhouse. To my strange hers is working well.

I was so frustrated that I have opened the lid and I have kept my greenhouse out. I wonder how to get the plants germinate. Please guide me through.

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Calgary, Canada

Don't take this as a personal failure.
Take it as a learning opportunity.
Either the soil, moisture or temperatures have not been good for germination.
If your friend is seeing germination , then the seeds must be good.
We have all had such experiences.

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