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Favorite English and Antique Roses

Mansfield, MO(Zone 6b)

I have just read 2 books on English and Antique Roses, and was wondering which varieties do well, and would make good plants to display out in front our Store?

Any Favorites?


Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

I can only talk about what I have, and warn you that I'm not a fanatic about blackspot, aphids or other minor ailments. I have a most incredible rugosa that has double deep rose blossoms almost constantly through the summer; a Harison's yellow that blooms early and once, but is VERY sweet; a pimpenellifolia (Sctch briar or Burnet) that has
beauriful little pink blossoms very early that turn grey (not gray) in a couple of days; 4 R. gallicas: Apothecary, Versicolor, Tuscany and a dark pink; an alba with a tink of peach; a couple of old teas; FJ Grootendorst and it's pink sister - prolific all season bloomers; a centifolia that's there and gone; Seven Sisters, or one of the impersonators thereof; a spinossisma ( another Scotch relative); one we call the blasted rose, because that's what most of the buds do; Davis Austin's Othello and Graham Thomas; a floribunda named America's Choice; a red rambler, a pink ramble, a white climber, a pink climber and a couple of others that slip my mind.
Favorites?? The gallicas do suffer blackspot profusely, but bloom like they mean it for two or three weeeks. The rugosa and Grootendorst are reliable and sometimes give me buds at Thanksgiving - no mean trick up here. The David Austins are ok, pretty and prolific, but a little fussy. I love the Harison's and the pink Scotch briar, the spinosissima that we call Buttercream - even the blasted rose because when she blooms, it is a sight to behold. I guess that would be a no - no favorites!

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