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My queen died! New beekeeper is panicking!

Pleasant Hill, CA(Zone 9b)


I think I've done everything right (but clearly I did something wrong)...

I have a langstrom hive, installed a new colony of bees April 30th. That queen died, so I put a new queen in the hive on 5/7.
I checked her on the 10th, and she was out of her cage and doing great.
I checked the hive on the 20th, found lots of larvae, and about 1/2 the frames had been drawn.
I checked the hive yesterday -- no larvae, no eggs, but lots of capped brood and two supercedure cells are now empty.

I'm pretty sure she died (probably because I squished her between frames on the 20th), but has the hive already solved the problem? How long until I need to find and purchase a new queen?

What do I do? My beekeepers association doesn't meet until next week...

Mansehra, Pakistan(Zone 10a)

if you can, wait for a week, during this time queen will mate with drones and start laying eggs if one is in there, usually it takes 5,6 days so if you can be patient observe your hive after a week for eggs laid by the queen. If queen is not there at all, then u can order a queen after a week, i think shipment will take 1,2 days. until then ur bees are okay. no need to panic. Hope this helps.

Pleasant Hill, CA(Zone 9b)

yes, thank you!

I like that we can talk bees from California to Pakistan!

Wakefield, United Kingdom

I lost my Queen recently, thanks to the pesky wasps. I had, however a small swarm & I've united them.

There was a bit of fighting, but they have now settled. I am 1 happy bunny! :-)

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