Sound issue with LCD TV

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

I bought a used LCD TV - a Westinghouse SK26H520S. The TV is great. I love it. But the sound is a little off. There's just a slight delay between what the actors say and when it actually comes out of the speakers. So the sound isn't "aligned" if that's the right word. I don't have a manual to the TV and I've never had an LCD TV before (just those old CRT TVs). So I'm sure that I just don't have some of the settings right.

Can someone help me get the sound "in sync" so it actually sounds when the people say it? I have cable. I don't subscribe to High Def. So what settings do I need for the sound?

Thanks for any help!!


Mary Esther, FL

"The issue is related to the firmware on the TV, which can be updated by the user from the comfort of their own home. Go to the Westinghouse Website and enter your serial number to get the newest firmware and follow the instructions to update (you may need to register your product first). It is as simple as loading the firmware onto a flash drive and plugging it into the TV."
Found this here
A. Gamarra posted this about half way down.

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