June 2011- Heat, Sunshine and Rain

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

FYI, I had lots of mosquito bites about 3 weeks ago. They lasted five days. Maybe, it will be the same for the chiggers. Again, I think they're worse than mosquito bites. Are you taking Benydryl? That will help a little. For me, itching brings relief if I scratch them enough. To me, there's nothing worse than the chigger itch.

My HS girlfriend and husband are coming to see me tomorrow. I am excited. We haven't seen each other in eleven years. I used to see her when I would go home to see my folks, but they're gone now. So, it's been awhile since I have seen her. I should have company more often! We've been busy sprucing things up!

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Yeah, mosquitoes are a scourge! I have this fear that they're going to drain all my blood out in my sleep! I have 3 bottles of Off! at the ready! I need a bed with mosquito netting!
I hope it's 5 days, it's already been 3. Benadryl eh? I'll see if we have some.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Benedryl helps me, it tends to dull the itch a little. I take it every 3.5 hours or so. I sure hope it helps you.

Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

My ex SIL use to 'shave' the chiggers off her legs, literally! lol I guess it worked.

This is my lily Conca d'or that was blooming when I got home last night. It smelled so heavenly, the fragrence was all in the air! I couldn't stand it being outside for no one to enjoy, so I cut it and brought it in the house. The house smells GREAT!!!! The bloom is larger than my hand and I love the pasel yellow!

Thumbnail by Crit
Jasper Co., MO(Zone 6b)

Today on the new tv said "There is 156 dead" in Joplin, MO...

Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

Oh gosh. You know it is going to keep rising as they get things cleared away. I hope it stops soon.

Jasper Co., MO(Zone 6b)

No, it never stop and still keep going and still help them for clean up...

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Will, nice video. It makes me want to work there :o)

Huge smile over the garden hose! I would have thought the same thing, not being very ladylike!

I think the job will get better, unless you just don't enjoy sorting. Not everyone does, but I'm a ''place for everything and everything in it's place'' person, so I think I could do it. I would need time to adjust to working as fast as they expect you to tho.

Love Seinfeld shows! They are quintessial!

Envy is right! But then I would need wall space and a longer room so I didn't go blind watching it, LOL!

The lily looks great! Was that from Michigan Bulb?

Pepper, shame on me. I've forgottten what the wood and packing is for.

Birder, every year people say ''dab ammonia on itchy mosquito bites.'' I have yet to try it, but it must work.

How wonderful!! I am laughing over having company and sprucing up. It's the best way to be forced into cleaning!

Crit, yowza!! That is gorgeous! I wish I could smell it. My Formosa lilies are opening, but they almost stink up close.

I'm going to remember that name for my future ''want list.''

Rusty, I feel so bad for those who lost someone. I am so glad you weren't one of the dead!

We get the boys tomorrow. I miss them, so it's time. They've bugged their Mom long enough :o)

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Rusty, it is scary about the fungus that they have found there! I thought I heard on the news that some of the new deaths were from people who got the fungus in their original wounds and died with complications from that. So glad you are safe and sound.

What beautiful weather we have been having...omg. I get out of the car walk to the garden and don't even go in until time to go to bed. The other night DH stuck his head out and said you do know it is 11pm? Wish I was off this week!

The river is rising in leaps and bounds. So odd to see so much water raise so quickly, that is alot of water.

I have lots in bloom right now.

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Don't get all mesmerized by they're video, billyp! I can just see you with Kaleidoscope eyes watching the video! Thanks Sally, the Purple Prince Lily Tree bulbs came from Breck's.
Yeah, that Fedex job might be okay for awhile! Well, until I pass out or start getting limbs smashed! I don't intend to leave it unless I get entirely fed up with something, (which is possible at this rate)! I think they're surprised that I'm still there, most new hires work about 1 day, prolly. If you're serious about working there Sally, they say they have places everywhere.
Anybody want to see my Craigslist ad, I am selling my truck, anybody want a truck?!

Yeah Rusty, what a disaster, glad you're okay, theres so much work and cleanup to do there.
I drive over the Missouri River everyday for work, boy it looks high, but pretty soon it will be real high.


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Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

Will ... if you had envy over that TV, you should see our setup. We have a living room that is 20x22 and on one wall we have 110" screen and projection tv. It is so terrific!!!!! Especially for football, you can see every blade of grass!!!! We love it. You can stand right up against it to the side and still see it, not like some of the big screens. Never a bad seat in the room.

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Happ, to me the fungus adds insult to injury. What a horrible way to die.

Now THAT is wonderful weather!!

Scary water.

So beautiful!! They are lit from within!

Will, LOL! I am smart enough to know there is no pauses in getting that box and putting it in the right plae. Keeping up would be tough!

Yes, Brecks! My memory is going!

There is such a high turnover these days because kids decide they don't like to work. They want it easy, so they work a couple of weeks to get the paycheck and quit.

I'm very impresses with your description of the truck. I think with your honesty and having parts and reciepts, someone will want it.

The video was good. It;s a shame the wind drowned out some of it.

Crit, awesome TV!! I am so jealous!

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Guys did I tell you about the run in with a snake this spring when I piled up pine needles and he had curled up inside to get warm and I picked up the pile and he moved and got thrown 1/2 way across our 3 acres? WELL.....last night I go out and grab the water can and it felt heavy (oh yeah) so I shake it to see how much water I left in it and it didn't shake like water, so I looked down and there is that snake in my watering can getting warm, so again he goes flying about 1/2 way across our 3 acres! Goood grief! He must like the wild rides at my house is all I can figure out! Look closely at the opening in the watering can you can see his little smiling face as he snickers about scaring the beegeeus out of me AGAIN.

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Yeow Crit, that would be sweet, I've seen those new projection setups for sale. That would be like the movies!

Thanks billyp, yeah keeping up at Fedex is difficult, you want to keep up with the others. The pace is overwhelming many times, I mean boxes falling off the conveyor belt. They sometimes don't even have time to put a label on the boxes, they come so fast. They come down these chutes like when you exit a water slide at a waterpark, they're here in about 1 second! It's not just me, it's everybody. Swamping is just the job, nobody gets chewed out because they know it's difficult work. I think people work so fast, that errors are pretty likely. It's kinda Fedex's own fault, slow things down so people have time to think and get water to drink for Petes Sake! Working with a mouth that feels like it's full of cottonballs can't be good for anybody!

I'd like to sell that truck, but it won't be the end of the world if I don't. I bet if I didn't mention the oil leak I'd already have lots of calls, I haven't even had a call yet.
The wind was atrocious wasn't it?! I didn't realize that until I saw the video! I played back the video in the truck and didn't hear any audio, I'm glad there was some in a quieter environment, I wanted to describe stuff, not just go around my truck. I wanted to keep going with the video, but it stopped on it's own or something.
Thanks Sally, I hope I gave enuff details to please somebody enuff to buy it. Haha! One part that was drowned out by the wind I was just saying, "this is what working at Fedex will do to you're arms, bruise them up real nice!". Thats a major interstate in the background, I-70, very noisy.

Ohh.. happ is afraid of snakes! I think thats one of those venomous serpents that inhabit water-cans! Remember that, generally, I think if the head of a snake is not wider than it's body it isn't poisonous. Snakes are good though, they eat rodents and other vermin. My thing is the Brown Recluse Spider. That would be alarming tho! A snake in a water-can..hehe! I see it looking out, it's prolly in a daze!

The Water Irises are green and looking real nice, one is being hugged by a Cardinal Plant! How about those Johnny-Jump Ups in the fore ground from a seed packet this Spring already blooming odd little multi-colored flowers?! They're all in the photo below. I am very lucky to have so many quality plants to plant, this yard is gonna look like a million bucks this year!

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Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

Very nice looking plants there will. I just got a bunch more in trade that I need to get worked up and planted. We are going to have 4 out of 5 days next week that will be in the triple digets


UGH!!!! We don't usually get this kind of heat until the end of July and August.

LOL happ..... I see your little gardening buddies face now!

Blooming today Robina. The blooms are much larger in this bed and very fragrent. The one that bloomed in the other bed was small and no fragrence. May not be getting enough sun back there.

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suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Thanks Crit. It's not nearly that hot here. It's only 81 F right now weather.com says - http://www.weather.com/weather/today/64054:4:US But, 90 F tomorrow they say, it's warming up to July I think. Boy, it's getting hot in the states around TX.! and West of there I'm sure too. Nice Robina there, Crit, very pretty.
I just got through watering outside, oh joy! My 3 Purple Prince Lily Trees are shooting for the sky! In the photo was yesterday, they are a little taller today. The soil in they're pots isn't very deep, I need to get them planted before they're like 3 feet tall! Those TropiCannas from Pepper are starting to come alive too.


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Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

Blooming today: gladiola

I had a box of canna roots that I thought hadn't survived the winter and I set out the back door. I saw starts on a few of them today. Most of the tubers are still solid, so I guess I'll plant them and see what happens.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Well, company's gone. She is a high school girlfriend. I hadn't seen her in eleven years. We had a nice visit. And, things got done around here that had been needing attention! We had great weather here: low humidity, nice breeze. We sat outside and watched the purple martins and visited a lot. I always think conversation flows better when you're outside.
Haven't read anymore about the chiggers? Maybe the worst is over.
I had President Cannas for years. I got them from my folks. Then, my husband was in the hospital around the time they were supposed to be lifted and we lost them. There was so much going on with him in the hospital, I just didn't even think of the Cannas.
I have a Casa Blanca lily that the deer are eating off all the blooms. It's right next to my house, but I guess that doesn't bother them.
Today, the humidity and heat are coming back.
Mississippi River is really high also. We have the flood gates up and they're leaking a little around the bottom.
Japanese Beetles are eating my rose blooms before they even open. I will have 25 on one bloom. Yuk! I hope someone figures out a way to get rid of them. I have milky spoor on my lawn.

Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

birdie, have you tried putting hair clippings around your lilies to keep the deer and other critters away? They don't like the smell of 'human' and tend to avoid the area. I've done that for a long time and it really helps. You can put it around tulips or anything that critters might nibble on. I was late getting it out this spring but haven't had any problems since I did.

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Wow Birder, it sounds like you have all the bad stuff from varments, flood, pessilants....omg....
Hotter than you know here today! Humidity is horrible, but at least a breeze! Thank goodness.
Will your plants are looking great. How is the planter box doing? Is it air conditioned where you work? I am guessing not because of the dock doors. Heck once you get use to the work nothing will bother you....it will all seem easy! Waiting for the sun to go down so I can water and get some more plants ready for a trade. Was in hopes to have it done by now, but.....that didn't happen. I have had company this entire day from10 to about 5:30...I am exhausted. Tried to take a nap but no one was gonna let me do that...rofl.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Thanks happ, I'll get those plants planted eventually. Yeah, it heated up here too today, the temperature isn't really up there, only 92 or so but something is awful, it must be the humidity from heavy rains 3 or 4 days ago. I was outside for a little while and sweat was all in my eyes!
The planter box is doing good, but stuff is getting leggy and tall, it must be the lack of sunlight, I need to prune some of that stuff. Here it is in the photo, today.
AC at Fedex, no. But, it isn't very bad temperatures in the overnite hours. I don't even sweat until the workload gets up there about 3 minutes after opening bell!

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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Just got back home from float trip a few hours ago. Had a great time and am tired!! LOL. Still have unpacking to do but I will do that slowly. Am planning on another one here in a few weeks so some of the stuff will stay packed.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Good weather for a float trip. I've floated 3 rivers, the Current, the Osage, and the Merimac. The Current River was the only one that provided a thrill out of the 3. My Sister and her then BF capsized in it and everything in the canoe went down the river. They submerged they're new video camera, they took it back to Walmart and got they're money back..lol My other Sister and I just got pinned up against a submerged tree rootball with rushing water all around, we barely got out of that, the canoe was nearly on it's side but it never capsized! The Osage and the Merimac are slow rivers, we had little kids with us then. I remember on the Current we visited the spring as close as we could get to it. We walked thru the water where the spring branch part emptied into the river and you could barely stand up! It was refreshing though, the air temperature was like 90 something but the spring water (in the spring's branch) was 60 something, very refreshing! The actual spring is much too treacherous to be in, it was very deep and it was roiling way too much for people! We looked at it from the side! Spring-fed rivers are neat, they are crystal clear and they are much cooler.
Hope you remembered you're sun-screen, Pepper!

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Yes, we have our share of "wildlife"! We have had groundhogs, deer, squirrell, and coons. The groundhogs were the most destructive. They stripped the leaves off of our squash and bean plants last summer. We were determined to get rid of him this year. We caught him in a trap and hauled him to Trail of Tears State Park-about 20 miles from us. The very next day we had another one-got rid of him too. So, our garden looks much better this summer. Our back yard is forest, so we can expect some critters!
No, I have not used human hair. I need to cut my husbands hair so, I am taking the hair out to the lily. Thanks for the tip.
We often take a canoe trip down the Current River in the fall. The trees have their glorious fall colors that reflect in the water. The water is slow and calm. And, there's very few people on the river. We have it almost to ourselves. I recommend it!

Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

You can ask your hairdresser, or any hairdresser for that matter, to save you some clippings. Or you can just clean out your hairbrush everyday and put it in a plastic bag. I've done both! ^_^ Works.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Hey, good idea re: hairdresser! Thanks.

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Happ, ROTFL&L&L&L&L!!! That is so funny! I would have reacted the same way, but picturing you doing it is priceless!

I DO see him!!

Will, exactly!! Fed-ex should slow the pace a bit. There's no good reason to keep people running like that.

It will take people time to decide if they want to fix the problems with the truck. Someone will think it's a good deal.

Yeah, I learned long ago how little wind it takes to blow into the speaker. Oh well, you got the main things across!

Nice plants to look forward to!

Crit, too hot!!

Robina is gorgeous!! I wonder if it's hardy here. I've never tried the ''pets'' and neither has my neighbor. Speaking of, I can smell my Orientals on the breeze. Lovely! This is one that was positively root bound! I hope to dig the chunk up and separate this year.

Will, you're lucky if you can just pop the lilies out, dirt and all and plant them. I would do it after they bloom, if they will bloom this year.

Crit, my glads are up but not blooming yet.

Laughing, I still have calla lilies in a sack. My SIL said she would take them.

Birder17, it sounds like a wonderful time with your friend. I agree. Out-door conversations are the best. So relaxed.

Pretty brave or hungry deer :o(

I'm 20 miles from the Missisissippi, but we aren't flooding. Maybe we're sending it to you!

I haven't seen the Japanese beetles yet either. Knock them into soapy water!!

Happ, we've been cold and are going to get a perfect day today. Then it warms up for the next three days, but not terrible like you guys down there.

You and me both, potting plants for different reasons. I'm waiting for the dirt to dry out again.

Will, the planter box looks good. Just nip the coleous some and it will put out side branches. I don't know if you can nip the rest.

Pepper, awesome! I'd leave what I could, packed too. How did your tent do?

Will, THAT was pretty exciting!! Spring fed are neat!

Birder, laughing over the groundhog. I'd go 20 miles out too! We have a live trap in the front yard waiting to get the racoons who keep ''dumping'' in the same spot in the yard.

I'm glad you saved your garden!

Canoeing, awesome!

I'm hoping to get a load of mulch for the grapes and hostas. I'd like to try the black mulch under the hostas. I know it won't stay dark black, but will look like dirt and keeping down the weeds is the plan!

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

billyp, I got the black mulch for the hosta's and it makes them pop! I have noticed that it is kind of like black pants with a white cat....rofl. You do see every little leaf that falls from the tree or whatever...rofl. It isn't bad, but I am so use to brown mulch which kind of hides everything. Juries out on it I guess, like the pop, but after 3 months? Glad you are not flooding, boy the Missouri river is just jumping up almost everyday.

Well for my birthday, my DH gave me 4 huge poles to start my pergola with! YES! He first told them cedar then when it was $300.00 he said never mind and got treated...rofl. He is going to set them for me, and then I am going to build the rest of it.....I am so excited. I have several plans I like This is my NO NEW PROJECT THIS YEAR.....rofl.

Pepper sounds like you had a great time! We will all wish we were on the rivers this weekend. Suppose to be warm...

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

I edited out the link to my truck ad, unbeknownst to me it wasn't published to Craigslist then. I took out the Youtube video and it published to Craigslist, I'm not sure how long the link here was going to work. Since I published it new I know it's working because a guy called and asked if it had rust, (which the video showed..lol). Craigslist may not allow links in the ads or something.
My honesty I'm pretty sure will be a detriment. You know, I think every vehicle I've ever had I got burned in some way or another, thats how people sell, they're wallet is number one, you really have to be cautious when buying a vehicle. I'm not going to be dishonest though, not that desperate, it actually saves grief and time for me. I don't want to be burned and I don't want to burn anyone.

Yes, I agree too, they should slow down the pace a bit at Fedex. You know around Christmas and Mother's Day, they really run people ragged I heard! On those days, I think they'd work somebody until an ambulance came and got them! I'm out of the, "remember how to do this" stage and into the, "blame the new guy" stage! Thanks, I'm gonna get my Fiskars on them soon!
Happy belated birthday, happ!

Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

Happ... I thought Debra or someone said the black mulch would cook the roots on plants. Hope that doesn't happen to yours.

Have lilies blooming. Stargazer, Conca d'or and Robina . Boy do they smell good!!! I'm going to get some more and plant closer to the deck, or in big pots!

We broke a record for high temp yesterday. Old record was 102*, yesterday was 106*. Cool front came in and this morning was a lovely 71*. Only got up to about 93* today. Back into triple digets the next 3 days! UGH!

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Well, it appears now that water is over the water wells for Odessa and they will soon lose water service if the water goes any higher. That means no showers, bathrooms, nada. I heard that one of the local news had a story on it but I can't find it. Oh well. lol

Today was decent but tomorrow will be a hot one!! Then after that temps in the low 100s. YIKES!! Summer has really arrived for sure now!!

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Happ, I got the black and love it! I did the Hostas, around the butterfly bush and the Monkshood. I hope it doesn't fade for a while. I used to use the beautiful brown, but it really faded.

I can't believe the Missouri river. When does it end???

LOL! We go treated too. It will look just fine. Second, yippeeee on the pergola!! How exciting!! Wow, build it yourself. I am impressed!!

Will, honesty is always the best policy and you didn't waste that guy's time. Be true to yourself!

Blame the new guy stage, ROTFL!!

Crit, all my beds are in the shade so I don't think mine will cook, but good point! It might work well for plants that like it hot.

One smell of the lilies and I too plan on putting them all over the place!!

Isn't that heat something? Even more so, the fact that it comes and goes so fast.

Pepper, I'm glad you will have water. I am so glad we weren't forced into river water. That's what they want us to do. Thankfully our town is too poor to have city water!

I wonder how long before my temps go up? It was hot in the sun yesterday but perfect in the shade.

Kansas City (Joyce), MO(Zone 5a)

Crit after I put the mulch in the shade garden I did think about how hot it could be if I were to use it in the sun gardens, but my shade garden is really really shady, but for the rest of the gardens I used the. In our MG program we plant the "barrels" around the city and they are black and it is a problem when it gets hot, course they cook on all sides.

Thank you for the birthday wish. I think I will try to line out the poles but the last time I tried to square something up I was off, can't afford to do that with the pergola. So i will start it and then have DH check it, just to be safe....taking a few days off to start on it. Course on the west side of the house it will only be a morning project in the weather they are predicting.

Every morning the river is higher, it is amazing to see it raise that fast. Thinking of the volume of water that it needs to jump that high every day just boggles my mind. Flooding here, drought south, fires west, heavens.....

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Robina is quite pretty and fragrant too--what a bonus! I really like flowers that are fragrant. I used to try to really put in a lot of them, but a lot of the "fragrant' flowers are only fragrant if your nose is in them. So, I kind of quit investing in "fragrant' flowers. I noticed today, when we were sipping our coffee and watching the Purple Martins fledge and do their acrobatic moves in the sky, the Allyssum were quite enjoyably fragrant. I direct sowed a bunch of seed, and it has been rewarding.

Lillies are a fun plant to have. They ask little of you and are quite pretty and the Orientals are fragrant. I guess I should purchase and plant more of them.

I stopped by my hairdresser with a sack to collect some hair today.

I need to finish mulching my gardens. I am reluctant to put mulch where the poppies and foxglove are. I want them to re-seed. It's been a little less humid today--time to get out there and work in the gardens. Tomorrow, won't be so great and the weekend sounds horrible.

So, what's everybody doing for the 4th?

Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

billy ..... our heat came fast, but it sure isn't going fast!!!!!!!! It is too early for us to be in the triple digets!

Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

birdie ..... I was standing on the opposite side of the yard from my lilies and smelled a wonderful fragrent smell...... it was the Conca d'or lily that is blooming. Has 3 blooms on it. I brought one in the house that only had 1 bud on it, and it smelled the whole house, and I have a fairly large house! I absolutely ador that one. Wish it were more colorful, but the pale yellow and white is pretty.

Just heard forecast for the week.

Th, Fr --- 103*
Sa, Su, Mo, Tu --- 100*
Wed, Thur 99*

Heat index to 110*


suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Yeow, that is HOT in OK.! It's warming up here too, they say 97 F tomorrow and the next day, hot days coming up here. One weather forecast said 102 someday soon, but not sure that'll happen, we'll see. I photographed a Soapwort today with a little flower on it! How about my Kerr canning jar with a couple Hens and Chicks in it?! It doesn't have drain holes so I put River Rock in the bottom of it.
I tell you, I'm blaming the new guy stage for all it's worth. Everybody helps each other usually there, so not sure who's doing it, it could really be me! I saw it again last nite, somebody is mistaking the number 7 for a number 1 and it's making me look bad, I've been informed of "my" error! The wrong number like that can mean a delayed delivery, and not liking me much!
Isn't the Missouri River high?! I drive over it everyday to work and back and I'm waiting for it to wash the bridge away! Haha! No chance of that I suppose, but boy is it ever up there! Where we had the Fall RU 09' they say is going under water right now, in Parkville, MO. at English Landing Park. It's going under water pretty fast, I saw it on the news.
That is some project, happ. Be sure and take photos! I like Lilies too, altho I only have Ditchlilies, Red Lilies and 3 Purple Prince Lily Trees.
A friend of mine lives in Odessa, I'll have to ask him where he plans to use the bathroom! Thats not funny I suppose, but we kid each other!
A guy is coming to look at the truck tomorrow, and he got the bottom dollar out of me, I hope he buys it!
Treated wood has always worked for me, and believe me I like saving a dollar too! For the 4th? Prolly nothing. Moving our cars likely, last year they were covered with spent fireworks and trash! I heard an ad for a place that gave a "no dud guarantee", how is that? The prices of fireworks in general have me turned away. I sometimes go to public displays, you don't have to break the law to see them either.


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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Happy Late, ahem, Belated Birthday Happ!! LOL.

Will, buy fireworks on the 4th, especially later in the day and they will practically give them to you for free. We get alot of good deals by waiting til the last minute. lol

I have a Red Dutch Lily blooming now. Hope I got a pic of it. Have tons of new pics to download but keep forgetting. lol

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Crit: I am going to look up your lily. It sounds (smells?) heavenly. I think it's a good idea to plant more lilies around the deck. I think I will do that. I have one garden at the bottom of the steps I could plant some in. However, drainage is kind of bad there. I could try. Lilies are pretty tolerant. Has anyone had any experience planting lilies in pots? If so, what do you do with them in the winter?

Any special places you recommend for purchasing Lilies?

Pepper: I am going to look up the Red Dutch Lily too. I rec'd some kind of red lily in a trade this year. I will have to look back and see what I planted! I think it's suppose to multiply.

My high school friend that came to visit is from Okla. She said the weather has been in the 100's. It sounds awful. Even when she waters, the plants are not doing well. When she was here, we had perfect weather: cool temps, breeze, and low humidity.

Sand Springs (Tulsa), OK(Zone 7a)

birdie, where in OK is your friend from?

I've not planted lilies in pots, but thought about doing that also. I did that with some of my tuberose. I got my lilies from a bulb co-op here on DG this spring. I think I got them from "Touch of Nature" if memory serves me. They have all come up and done very well. I was surprised to get such great blooms this year!

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