How does this combination sound?

Statesville, NC

Hey again,

Here's the varieties of daylilies that I've started with this year; let me know if you think I got a good combo for a 'beginner'.

Pink Attraction
Orange Vols
Pandora's Box
Chicago Apache
Blushing Summer Valentine
Country Fair Winds
Gordon Biggs
Joan Senior
Prairie Blue Eyes
Woodside Amethyst
Rune Mark
Ebony Jewel
Wild Horses
Polynesian Love Song
Crimean Crimson

There were some 'Wisest of Wizards' at Home Depot the other day; I might have to go grab a couple of them before they're gone!

Victoria, TX(Zone 9a)

In my opinion any DL is a good combo for a beginner..... However... The TRIED and true are most of the older heirloom varieties and you ever lovin' easy as pie ...... "Stella D'Oro"
They come in Yellow and Red and Dwarf varieties that I know of for sure. They multiply fast, and bloom profusely after established. And they seem to do well in drought.. A huge plus for those in the Deep South.

P.S. I looked at your list.. I recognize most of those and don't know of any "Special Needs" for any of them and you should do well.
However one of the experts around here will be in before long, I am sure and help out.
Have Fun!

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Hustisford, WI(Zone 5a)

I have both Wild Horses - just got it this year on the LA, and everyone that continues to post pictures of it make me VERY happy I also have it; and I also have Chicago Apache, which I hope blooms this year, it was planted late summer last year.

I too am pretty new at this, but it seems you have a pretty nice combination there, it's a good place to start. Welcome to the addiction! ~j

Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

Looks good. I echo that most daylilies are easy to grow in any combination. I just hope that you made sure that you kept track of season (when they bloom) and heights, so that when you planted them you8 did not have taller ones in the front that will obscure any shorter ones behind. Also hope that you labeled them when you planted them.

That is a common mistake. I made it when I first started. The "I will remember what they are because there are only a few" syndrome. LOL Then you get more and more and you realize that you have not a clue. In a way it was a good thing for me as it led me here to Dave's in a quest to get pictures to ID the ones I had not labeled. One of the best things that happened to me in my daylily life!

Good luck with the ones that you have.

I too have Wild Horses. I think that you will love it.

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Hustisford, WI(Zone 5a)


Statesville, NC

Hey everybody, thanks for your help.

Yes, DitchLily, I've kept their tags, and wrapped them around one of the fans in the clump (from Oakes:) until I can make up my charts. I made the same mistake as you but with irises and not daylilies. I thought I could remember all my iris beauties, but found I couldn't and had to wait for bloom time (this year AND last) to make ID tags for them. On top of that, I made charts (for my irises & daylilies) so that just in case a tag fades or gets lost, I can easily go in the house, grab up my chart collection and be positive that I can correctly ID my babies. I'm in the process of doing the charts for my daylilies now.

Philljm: I think your Chicago Apaches will bloom this year, since it's been in the ground for almost a full year. I, however, don't know if mine will, since I planted them about 3 weeks ago. It may be too late for them, but then again, it is a mid-summer bloomer, so it has a few weeks to go before I'll know for certain if it will or not.

Thanks again everyone; I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you:)

Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

Something I have used for markers is plastic knives. I write on them with the paint pens because the regular sharpies do not last. It helps to keep them ID'ed. A chart/bed map is a great idea. I have ones for all of my beds and it is a real help.

I keep on meaning to make more permanent markers, but keep getting sidetracked by ordering (and planting) more daylilies. Perhaps next year.

Welcome again and I look froward to seeing your blooms. Feel free to post some of your irises. The forum says Daylilies, but we love all garden flowers.

Hustisford, WI(Zone 5a)

Maps work great, UNTIL bunnies or dogs or something dig in your bed, and things get 'moved'..... I Have a couple that are waaay to close together right now - I didn't plant them that way, and I am not sure which is which. Sure hope they bloom this year! ~Jan

Statesville, NC

Ok, as soon as some of my babies start bloomin', I'll post some pics. I have a Gordon Biggs that I picked up from Wal-Mart the other day that's blooming. I wish we could post several pictures in one box with their names above them, that would be nice

Statesville, NC

I forgot to put 'Dominic' on my list

Statesville, NC

Gordon Biggs

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Hustisford, WI(Zone 5a)

Gordon Biggs is pretty! ~j

Victoria, TX(Zone 9a)

Love that one.. wild horses also. The colors on Gordon blend so nicely.

Statesville, NC

Jan: I've been growing irises for about 4 years now & haven't had any problems with dogs or bunnies yet; hopefully I won't. There's only 1 dog in the neighborhood, and she's kept on a leash. Anyway, so far the only problem with my iris beds as far as animals are concerned are my cats. They love to hide and sleep in there, and every once in a while they knock a bud off or break a stalk. Luckily that hasn't happened too often.

And I don't know what's going on with one of my 'unidentified' daylilies; at least one of them was putting out 2 good-sized scapes, but the flower buds were very small and looked deformed. It may have something to do with that fact that, being a daylily newbie who didn't know any better, I kept it in a container for the first 2 years I had it, but I don't know. Has that ever happened with any of y'all's before?

Hustisford, WI(Zone 5a)

I wouldn't think container growing would affect daylillies, but since I too, and a newbie, I don't know for sure ~j

Victoria, TX(Zone 9a)

Quote from liliesandme :
I forgot to put 'Dominic' on my list

Soon enough EVERYTHING will be on your list.....................(winks* and skips off humming)............What? I did not say a word!!!

Hee Heehhhhhhhhhhhh

Statesville, NC

LOL! I don't think I have enough space to have everything.....hmmm....maybe that's a goal I should work toward, so I don't have to mow any more!

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