Whats wrong with these lillies?

Nashville, TN(Zone 6a)

Last fall, this bed was reset, fresh dirt added along with a mild organic fertilizer. Some lillies look great but there should be more lillies, not sure what happened, maybe rabbits got them?

In the picture, you will see some plants look great while others are turning yellow and withering away. The one in the center of this photo hasn't even finished blooming but its truning yellow.

No signs of any bugs or spots that look like disease. It just looks like they dried out but the plants next to them look fine.

Any suggestions?

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Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

Had lots of rain? It could be botrytis. Try a fungal spray on the stems and soil and hopefully other lilies won't go bad.

Nashville, TN(Zone 6a)

I searched google for photos of botrytis. This could be the problem. There were two fungus products in the shed - Bayer Advanced All-in-one and Ortho Rose Pride.

The website for these products doesn't mention lilies. Will these products work on a lily fungus and be safe for lilies?

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

Yep, fungicide for roses will work.

Nashville, TN(Zone 6a)

Thanks for the info about the lillies. I have more fungus treatment chemicals if the problem shows up again.

Landisburg, PA(Zone 6a)

when I find this happening for mine I find I have borer in them and this year the borer is terrable....You should be able to see white droppings down along the leaaves where the borer droppings have came out the hole that the borer got in...Don't know how to cure the borer.Have tried for years and still have them....

Duluth, GA(Zone 7b)

Bluepoppy, try a product with Imidacloprid, which has to be applied early in the growing season to get the borers. I was plagued by iris borers last year, and I used the product earlier this spring and no borers so far. Now I just have to stay on top of the rabbits.

Landisburg, PA(Zone 6a)

would you know the name of a product with that in??

McGregor, IA(Zone 4b)

I would guess that it is Bayer Long season Grub Control with Merit, which is what I rely on for iris borers. Evidently there are a lot of borers, like corn borers, etc. For irises you have to put it on very early in the season for it to work - don't know about lilies, but I did have this problem with mine once and didn't know what to do.

Duluth, GA(Zone 7b)

The product that I used on the irises is called Bonide Systemic Granules Insect Control. I used it as soon as the weather turned warmer twice this spring, and thank goodness no borers.

FU, United States(Zone 9b)

Gee, whenever I mention "Bayer Advanced All-in-one" for plants, I get yelled at on here. So I no longer post anything on here anymore.

Agawam, MA(Zone 6a)

LoveForests, Please don't feel that way I also periodicaly use the Bayer product and it does work on the red lily beetles. Each gardener has their own ways of doing things.

Lincoln, NE(Zone 5b)

Bayer season-long with Imidacloprid has gotten a bad rap as being the cause of bee colony collapse ~ which has been proven that it is not. I've used it for years and my garden has always been loaded with bees, from honey bees to big bumbles.

(Mary) Anchorage, AK(Zone 4b)

If I didn't use it on my shrubs I wouldn't have any. In fact, I delayed on my siberian pea hedge and it is all twigs and no leaves now. Hopefully it will return next year, but the aphids destroyed it. And leaf curlers are awful here and the bayer keeps them down to not much bother.

Hanceville, AL(Zone 7a)

Loveforests, Your yard, Your spraying, Your business. Period. Don't be so outer directed. Good gardening. Luciee {;0)

FU, United States(Zone 9b)

Thanks guys :]
Hope things start going better for your plants soon.
Take care y'all :]

Duluth, GA(Zone 7b)

Loveforests, I've not had any problems with killing off bees or other insects either, the birds, bees wasps etc are very active in my garden this year as in any other year that I didn't use the Bonide. What I do have this year are much happier irises and NO borers yippeee!!!! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and shouldn't let others feel bad about posting something that works for them ;-). Annette

Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

I use Bayer 12 month Tree and Shrub for both Iris ( first year I tried it ) and Lilies.
When lilies emerge so you can just see the red tips and when iris leaves are 2 inches I drench the soil around them.This is my first year for Bayer product. It has worked on lilies this year.Imidicloprid is the main ing.in all Bayer products.
In the past 2 years I used Sevin. I have very little beetle activity, practically none,earwigs are another matter.
Early spring drench is necessary to kill the beetle larve. This pest is wide spread in NewEngland and spotty other eastcoast states.

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Hannibal, NY(Zone 6a)

I second what Luciee said!

I have a business and have to use something, so I use the Bayer, like Jo does. If you could see all the different bees here, snakes, butterflies, frogs, and whatever, you would certainly never know I used any chemicals at all. Right now my hydrangea paniculatas are just covered with bees.

Of course we all need to use chemicals responsibly, but respect what others do, and do what you need to do.

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